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Mighty No. 9 on Wii U !! Mighty No. 9 on Wii U !!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Trite animation, trite humour. I know memes are meant to express what's going on in the here and the now but man, overused much?

That intro took way too long as well. It would have done a lot better if the animation was more lifelike, the music didn't so much determine how that boy was clenching his fist and putting the game into the console. I mean, if you're excited about a game, you wouldn't take that long to clench your fist while seated down like that, for example.

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Inspired Inspired

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The video appeals to all of us who have submitted some content here worth something, indeed. Animation is fluid and gets the point across really well, and no voices were needed to convey it. Well done!

Music was a bit generic but to be fair, I think it *may* have been a good call doing so given the amount of musicians on here, I don't know.

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Stereotype: Irish Stereotype: Irish

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing animation, and I'm aware it's a stereotype. Rating it 5 anyway, knowing that the animation is "exactly what it says on the tin." The Dublin accent on some of the supporting characters is also fairly spot-on.

Though I can pretty much imagine why the Irish got so angry when your character in that animation said "I can't imagine why they left." The famine is still a very, VERY touchy subject to the Irish consciousness. Having an Irish fiancé makes me especially aware of it...

I think what would have been *more* stereotypical to start a riot is when you're a Green person or supporter in an Orange area. Probably just as tasteless, but more accurate.

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WooleyWorld responds:

Yeah people seem to be forgetting the title after clicking on it...
Glad you liked it. Thank you.

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Deterministic Dungeon Deterministic Dungeon

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Considering this is an RNG, I was wondering why there were no items to speed up and slow down the counters. Anyway.

The art was alright, and the gameplay got me sucked in during the first few levels. I think the trouble with this is that you'd be more likely to grind in the upper levels before going down. Tedium at its worst. I love the odd weapons in this game. A spork? Maybe a balloon animal? It'd be nice to include these in the field journal as well, to give us players a sense of accomplishment. And then have a New Game Plus feature so that if we're gunning for the 100%, we could have a few more tries on the gachapon machine.

The music is quite nice. Calming, in a lot of places. You wouldn't expect that of a dungeon, but it works.

The gameplay itself, on the other hand, raises questions like

1) How is it that the RNG moves four spaces once, and five spaces another when I time it to the precise second? This should NOT be happening. Unless you scrambled it instead of letting the selector move from top left to bottom right, this shouldn't be happening.

2) The skip function in making room layouts should be just as random as the making of the room itself. EVERY SINGLE TIME I skipped, the boss wasn't happy with his placement. There shouldn't be impossible scenarios like this every time the Skip button is pressed.

Alright game, I suppose.

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PestoForce responds:

There are buffs to slow down the chooser, keep playing! Also, every weapon is in the field journal, look in the "special" section tab on the left.

Authentic Octopus Game (Demo) Authentic Octopus Game (Demo)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and FINALLY got past the Doric / Ionic / Corinthian columns. Loved the humour as well, and just how smoothly the game played. I've supported this game on Greenlight -- all the very best!

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squidly responds:

If you're ever stuck on greek art history again, just look em' up :P

Find the pairs! Find the pairs!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

A few things:

For a game created in that amount of time, I think I've seen better transitions and graphics than this. This is plain. I like that the card art was drawn, but you don't credit anyone.

In fact, you didn't credit the artist, and you didn't credit the musician, which was @Phyrnna. That track was from Bullet Heaven. Low blow, eh? That counts as stealing.

There's a bit of a delay when it comes to getting wrong pairs etc.

Want a real challenge? Come up with a game in 72 hours. People have done it and won prizes for it. You can do a lot better than this.

GSquadron responds:

On the credits section you can see who did the cards and they are fully credited inside the game.
The song is CC0 and I do not have to credit the artist. Here you can read more about it
The delay can be upgraded in the shop. Second one.
People have done games in 72 hours but did use better engines than what I did. (Yet there is a difference in quality)
This is way beyond my skills considering I have made only two game engines so far.

Also remember, the 72 hours challenges are just prototypes and they had artists on their back. I had to do the gui all by myself and backgrounds.

Do you really believe that after 5 years of experience, I go and waste my reputation to steal others work? It would not be worth it and nobody would steal anything especially people who have been programming for years.

Anyway thanks for your comment! :)

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Psybot - Enhanced Psybot - Enhanced

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As far as genre is concerned, I have to agree with FirePowerX below me. It has all the makings of an electro house track. Now, onto the merits of the track itself.

It's really catchy. The melody is singable, which is a factor in how memorable it is. Also, the mixing is on point. I love those brittle-sounding pads in the background that come up every so often, no idea what they're called. Also, that piano. <3

There is a lot of buildup and a lot to keep the track interesting. Breakdowns are really nice and leave me anticipating more. If you were looking for a clear sound on this one, I think you've kinda nailed it; I'm at a loss for anything to suggest here, in the best way. It is that good.

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Bonetrousle (Mega fail remix) Bonetrousle (Mega fail remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's surprisingly good. Abrasive, but not ear rape. Certainly has more tonality than some of the so-called amazing songs I've come across. When it goes to that F minor thing, it sounds so nice. If it wasn't drum n bass, I'd have thought it hardstyle just by the sounds you use.

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Strong Force Strong Force

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Okay, for one, the song is NOT in A harmonic minor, because if it were, the bassline would actually reflect it. It's not even in the old or modern musical modes. It's F with a whole lot of dissonance.

That being said: you certainly did create a dramatic effect with this song. The dubstep was subtle, I guess, compared to other dubstep songs I've heard, but it's still there. And I like it. It's different somehow. I like it subtle, and not in-your-face, because it means that you have to listen carefully. There are no mixing issues, not to my ears anyway, which means everything is a matter of just listening and appreciating.

There is a general sinister feel to it, what with the consecutive 5ths you use. If the Matrix were made now, I could see this fitting right into the trailer.

Slight complaint, which doesn't otherwise gash from the enjoyment of the piece: percussion at 4:00 or thereabouts feels neither here nor there, but you manage to bring a sense of direction back with the rest of your piece.

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JordanKyser responds:

A Harmonic minor is the C scale with a G sharp. The bassline mostly reflects the scale. The main notes I used were B, C, F, and G sharp, but I also used the rest of the notes in the minor scale (mainly in the leads).

The percussion at 4:00 is supposed is sound like ship landing (first bang), loud blasts (rest of the bangs), and stomping on puddles (those sounds that sound like short crackling).

One problem I have had with my songs was that mixing issue, but this song seemed to not have it to exist.

I was actually inspired to create this when I was messing with one of my Touhou remakes that I am currently making (I put three random notes: F, then E, then G sharp).

The only thing that was bad was the first 5 seconds (the limiter did work, but the square-ish lead grinds your ears a bit). The limiter I used work well afterwards.

During the third drop, I split it into three parts: that part around 4:00 (the most cinematic feel in the whole song), the build-up, and the actual drop.

Anyways, I put the most effort into this song than any other song that I have made.

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'Empress of Tides' 'Empress of Tides'

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This entry is easily the best I've seen in this entire competition to date.

The proportions are on point, the shading is on point, and best of all, there's a beautiful contrast up the front that sets Ariel apart. That is easily the most striking part of the piece, the bit that draws me in. Don't get me wrong, everything else looks accomplished too -- but you've really got a hook in this piece, pardon the pun. (get it, hook, trident...?)

Just a stylistic choice I guess, one that doesn't make me want to dock points but I just feel... Flounder looks awfully like Flotsam and Jetsam. I'm not really a fan of that. That being said, just how Ariel looks after having taken Triton's place is imaginative. I don't know if for good, or for evil; I wouldn't be able to tell by her garb, her pose and her seeming enjoyment for all things scaly and bat-winged.

Anyway, props to you. Well done!

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Djoresh responds:

Thank you for your lofty words and feedback. Personally I feel the proportions could be better and I was clueless about the lighting. (nice pun btw ;)

I felt the same way about the look of Flounder, It was a choice to keep him somewhat prehistoric and evil looking, as he would be like a pet/protector for Ariell. My mindset was the level one cute baby versions of dragons in games in contrast to their bad ass full level evolution.

I see what you mean with the bat like garb, I was aiming for a see trough fin-like protection, but I guess I failed that part, I didn't really had in mind if she was good or evil. I wanted her to look powerful and someone to not get on bad terms with. If she is good or evil I wanted to leave up to the imagination of the viewer.

Thanks again, and good luck in the competition with your kingdom hearts piece.

Dark side of the moon Dark side of the moon

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I love the symbolism of this piece, just thought I'd get that out of the way first. Also, the rosary up top was a nice touch. An important note about the symbolism though:

Pop culture can be an ill, but there isn't enough of it for the person to be drowning in your drawing. It feels so, uh, Captain Planet-esque. "Move into a new neighbourhood and you become a drug addict!" And this is what it feels like here. There isn't enough visualisation of context. It's like, oh, she's listening to Pink Floyd and playing with a Fidget spinner and so she must be lost in pop culture. We know that that IS NOT ENOUGH to make someone an obsessive type.

The picture actually brings out more questions than it does answers. What is she going through? Why isn't it visualised here? Why are we getting a namby-pamby, less-than-honest version? Alcohol and drugs are social ills but how did she get there? There are so many things that ought to have been put onto that drawing, that haven't.


But for all its symbolism, it's not striking, and it's not artistically competent. And I really cannot stress this enough:

1) Proportions. Every artist on Newgrounds will tell you how important anatomy studies are. It seems you have done some -- the hand up top looks far better than any other bodily part in this drawing -- but you still need to keep at it.

2) Shading. Where is the light coming from? Top right? If so, your shading doesn't reflect this. Light and shadow can make a very important statement in and of itself, and it's lacking here. Everything looks porcelain. Even things that aren't supposed to be porcelain, like the lady's hair or even her shirt. For a piece titled "Dark side of the moon," I don't see actual physical darkness -- which can actually heighten and enhance whatever symbolism you already have here.

3) Perspective. I know this one is a hard one to achieve; every artist struggles with this. Even I do, so I feel your pain with what I am about to say.

We look at things just by what they're supposed to represent, not a photographic memory necessarily. But if you tried to put this on a photo, for example, is this what you would see? If you had an actual lady doing what she was doing on a photo, is that what she would look like, her body squished like that?

This is where perspective comes in. Our eyes see things at different angles, but even front view has a perspective all of its own.


So what do I recommend?

Tutorials, and studies, and lots and lots of practice, for one. Ask any artist on NG and they'll tell you that to get from meh to great, they did precisely this.

I cannot stress this enough to you because I know that with a lot of practice, you'll turn this into a much better drawing.

PROFA21 responds:

First of all thank you for your input. I will work on other aspects and more, but i think you went way overboard with the rant !!! The project is about how teens are lost in the modern day, and i have witnessed a lot of them reaching out for help. there is high suicide rate n my city. This piece is God reaching out. I looked at your work, and it's average at best buddy. I'm not dissing you or nothing, but if a person was to judge our work. I'm pretty sure mine would stand out. I could pin point your driffty line work, and low color schemes into the same basic anime style, but i won't !!! I will thank you again for your input.

Yosemite Blam! Yosemite Blam!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Right off the bat, I love the idea of the smoking guns. Also, his proportions look amazing. As far as drawing (not colouring, drawing) Yosemite Sam goes, you've stylised him well.

And now this brings me to the meat of the piece, the reason why I've docked a number of stars: shading.

You seem to have gotten a hang of hard and soft shading, but it still feels flat. It still feels like it lacks contrast. If I didn't know better, his hat would have looked like a massive egg sitting on his head. Those guns are chrome, man -- and they NEED hard contrast. Especially if you're intending them to be shiny. You see some really well-defined dark and light places on metal surfaces, so why aren't they here?

I mean, I talk about the guns and the bullets and things but the lack of contrast goes onto his clothes as well. I couldn't even tell that his shirt and trousers had creases until I zoomed in. For something to pop, it must be visible from a distance as well. Had I not zoomed in, I'd have thought his entire body was made out of porcelain.

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Tom-Par responds:

Cheers for the review. I'm still getting my head around contrasting shades and that, it's something i'm working on. I usually have hard outlines on my work so I thought i'd try a bit of artwork without any lines, but you're right the contrast isn't there. If I get time i'll work on it a bit more taking on board what you said. Thanks for the feedback, really helpful.