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Frightening, and otherwise well done. Reminds me of the Realians in Xenosaga and how they've been used as objects and ill-treated by the human population, and how they're fighting for their rights. This could easily apply to anyone, but I'm kinda glad you went with what you did.

And holy wow that was done BY HAND? That is some immense dedication. Respect.

Coutto responds:

Thanks! Yes, done by hand, was very hard, because of i don't have a professional scanner, but i did it! haha

The stylised, rounded look you've got is charming, even if I'm not sure it works with the flames in this short.

Your camera work is spot on. There are some scenes where you have not only nice use of close-ups, but nice use of flashbacks, filters, etc. The music is alright, I wouldn't have chosen differently from what you did.

The content itself feels waaaay too cliché, like this is stuff I've not only heard of, but known to happen well since my early childhood. I mean, I grew up in an area where forest fires for the sake of palm oil plantations were extremely rife, and it's not just to me: to others, I feel like you're preaching to the choir. It makes me think back, the film that attacked this particular subject best was Bambi, and that was predominantly after a relationship was established with the animals and the surroundings, and in one small scene nonetheless.

For things to be impactful, they need to hit hard where, ideally, no one has done before. Otherwise, it'd have to be delivered in a new scenario that no one has thought would impact others before. Protecting the environment is one of our top concerns, and man has the capability to destroy it -- but perhaps a juxtaposition between the good, trying, environmentally friendly person vs the people whose actions bear far more weight and destroy the world?

If you claim to give me uncomfortable truth, then allow me to give you a piece of uncomfortable truth as well.

The animation, the typography, is well done. Maybe not as dynamic as RicePirate's 'Dot Dot Dot', but still clear, and eye-popping, and sombre for the tone of the actual thing.

I will thank you for the truth of Confucius having tried to right wrongs in the people around him, I will thank you for that. I will thank you for pointing out the inner 'comfortable' nature that we tend to slink into as persons.

Aside from that, it gets into some pretty incoherent rambling. I could make neither head or tail of the structure apart from a few glimpses into the subject matter. It changed so quickly between moments. I only got a few sections staying in my head: Confucius' death, governments claiming to be one thing but doing another, people being comfortable, and 'fuck you'. All that didn't even make sense when put together, of course, because there are meant to be things that join them, but they were joined so loosely.

Plus, it fails to take into account:

1) Confucius may have been a good man for his time, but there are many principles of his that are unconscionable in our modern understanding. For example, North Korea is basically a dictatorship BASED ON Confucian thought, and at the helm of it is a complete subordination to one's parents, because you don't choose your parents. That same logic basically causes the Kims to stay in power. That sort of logic, applied in a lesser extent, causes children to not be their own persons and I have had friends who were subjected to that sort of logic, obviously for worse. It justified all sorts of abuse in the name of parents being the 'bosses'. You aren't meant to speak out if they do wrong, because they're your parents -- and that's the long and short of it. And yet, what justifies Confucius saying 'obey your parents like that' and then, speaking out against his country and presumably the Emperor of China?

2) You forget the people who refuse to be comfortable, and go out of their way to make things better for people, only to get fired, murdered, or killed. You put a blanket blame on everyone without realising that some of the people watching... are *precisely* those people who got clandestinely fired, gotten rid of, abused, tortured. I speak as someone who grew up outside of the big G7 or G20 cities and experienced all this first-hand, who had publicly spoken out about things like this, and had to flee due to fear of what would happen to me.

I don't know if you're doing this to really make people better, or to just hurl blame at people for the sake of doing so. I cannot gauge your intention from just watching this. But the strawman in this video is so big, it's the elephant in the room.

Get the full extent of your facts right, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll be on to something at last.

Trite animation, trite humour. I know memes are meant to express what's going on in the here and the now but man, overused much?

That intro took way too long as well. It would have done a lot better if the animation was more lifelike, the music didn't so much determine how that boy was clenching his fist and putting the game into the console. I mean, if you're excited about a game, you wouldn't take that long to clench your fist while seated down like that, for example.

The video appeals to all of us who have submitted some content here worth something, indeed. Animation is fluid and gets the point across really well, and no voices were needed to convey it. Well done!

Music was a bit generic but to be fair, I think it *may* have been a good call doing so given the amount of musicians on here, I don't know.

Amazing animation, and I'm aware it's a stereotype. Rating it 5 anyway, knowing that the animation is "exactly what it says on the tin." The Dublin accent on some of the supporting characters is also fairly spot-on.

Though I can pretty much imagine why the Irish got so angry when your character in that animation said "I can't imagine why they left." The famine is still a very, VERY touchy subject to the Irish consciousness. Having an Irish fiancé makes me especially aware of it...

I think what would have been *more* stereotypical to start a riot is when you're a Green person or supporter in an Orange area. Probably just as tasteless, but more accurate.

WooleyWorld responds:

Yeah people seem to be forgetting the title after clicking on it...
Glad you liked it. Thank you.

Half a year after this film came out, I realise it is there and I remember the little conversation we had about What Child is This, and it's usage. It's making me all misty-eyed right now. This film is beautiful on so many levels.

Well done, and late congrats on your Daily 2nd Place. "Can I fly that high?" is every child's question, and encompasses every child's dream. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Black-Crystal responds:

Thank you for allowing me to use your song :) it contributes to the overall mood.

Just to say, I really thoroughly enjoyed the video, and I really liked that little addition of Phua Chu Kang in the list of contractors that go pok kai. (Yes, I actually understand all this; I once came from the other side of the Causeway and used to watch Phua Chu Kang episodes up the wazoo, and also had relatives in Singapore.) Lovely animation, keep up the good work. It's no wonder that matt-likes-swords likes your work; it's pretty neat.

Also, this may be a bit incendiary in the way of language but: for once, I actually agree with Singapore's historical reasoning that caused it to be expelled from Malaysia and become independent. The people behind Singapore's independence had the right idea, at least in hindsight. This sort of thinking wouldn't win me any fans (and would probably win me a jail term or worse if I were still in Malaysia, trust me!), but I think it's best to say what needs to be said.

I would normally blam test animations because often, the test animations found on NG are just utter crap. But this... this is BEAUTIFUL. The running animation is so smooth, the lighting is perfect, and the shuriken movement is just decently fast for it to look like Yuffie is handling it. And for some reason, the music fits that test level of yours.

It's a short test, and I'll be giving it an 8/10 in the hopes that one day, I may see the full version of this. Or a game, or what have you.

Taigo responds:

thank you very much
I need practice more sure! ^^

Thoughtful video, and a good way to deal with panic attacks for the vast majority of us. Thank you for sharing. I am also glad that you, in your own way, testify to Our Lord's love.

The animation is good, and the sound and mixing are wonderful. Nothing to complain about here. The advice is sound, and it is most certainly the kind of advice that I and many others would appreciate -- not only do I suffer from panic attacks, but I also know of friends who suffer from panic attacks.

My main point of contention, for which I might have to dock off one star, is that some of us deal with panic attacks because of things that currently are the case (I have not got the gift of putting things in words, so I beg your pardon). For instance:


Imagine someone who is desperate, homeless and on the street. He panics because while he may be used to such a life, he is scared that he won't get any food for the afternoon, or that people would see him as a scourge on their otherwise 'perfect' population.

The 21-second rule, when applied to him, will not work, because the source of his fear is going to be there -- and in 21 seconds, his fears are going to be realised. Someone would shout at him on the street or be aggressive towards him. He would still continue to starve.

This is a hypothetical situation, but it only goes to show what panic attacks can do when one is in a desperate situation, and really needs a miracle from God directly, or through the people He sends, in order to pull him out of where he is. I am one of perhaps a fraction of people who go through similar things -- I have publicly declared on Newgrounds that I am an asylum seeker, and not only is there immense stigma from people around me, but my safety is not yet guaranteed -- and my panic attacks concentrate around these things.

The mind is hurt because there is always cause for it to be hurt.

When you're a victim of oppression and you suffer panic attacks as a result of said oppression, what is there to be done? I pray God that there may be a solution to all this. I'll be visiting a counsellor this coming Friday, AND seeking spiritual direction -- a two-pronged attack against Mr Stupid Panic Attack. Hopefully, in due time, we may be able to find a solution to the kind of panic attack which is not addressed.

While in my case, I am reminded of God's love through my fiancé, my parish priest and those closest to me, I can see that many people are kinda distant from it. Those of us who want to be His saints could use this sort of confirmation from other faithful. And those of us who don't know God or for some reason or other, are distant from him, could perhaps use this comfort to know that they are indeed loved, and the panic attack will not triumph against His love.

Overall, wonderful work -- I just hope that in an update to this, we may see what is to be done to help people who are suffering from panic attacks as a result of things that are constantly giving them hurt and insecurity. God bless you and your work.


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