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Posted by Troisnyx - 2 weeks ago

Some bandmates (not naming which band yet) brought in cymbals from their stashes and suddenly, I have access to the hardest going drum kit I've played in my life??? 😮✨

I wanna emphasise for the record that none of this hardware is mine. It's either belonging to individual friends, or owned in common by the band.




Posted by Troisnyx - September 29th, 2023

God, this is a post I did not want to write, but I feel I have to, because it's cathartic for me and I feel like I (and perhaps others besides) have a lot to process.

I want to begin this post with this image, and I would like for you to keep this firmly in your mind as I write what I do in this post.


CW: gaslighting, suicidal ideation and attempts, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, sexual assault, rape, mentions of child sexual assault


In the weeks leading up to the creation of moonlighting, the most recent Two Meeps song to date, I was gaslit by someone in a position of authority. I was made to feel like I didn't have a functioning decision centre, or that I was crazy for insisting that I had done something that this person insisted I did not. The gaslighter in question happened to be that authority's regional manager.

Unfortunately, my experience is by no means unique: there are many who have reported similar instances to their instructors. What we have been dealing with, subsequently, is a system where the people running it are so convinced that they can commit no error. When you've got a system like that, it's ripe for abuse. If I dealt with gaslighting, for example, what's to stop someone from sexually assaulting someone under their care and basically getting away with it because cameras are not allowed, and no external vetting is allowed? The fox is guarding the henhouse. I think we know exactly what kinds of problems can ensue from things like this.

Gaslighting can kill. When an authority repeatedly tells you that you are something you're not, or that you did something you didn't, and they have absolute power over your life and liberty, gaslighting can kill. I should know, because I was gaslit by the Home Office multiple times during the asylum process. And, again, I'm far from alone; there are countless reports now about the level of repeated, enforced falsehood coming from the Home Office against many migrants, refugees, and those who came here with Windrush. And the Home Office are far from alone in thinking that they are above the law with regards to abuse, as countless reports have told us.

When I wrote moonlighting, and when Christoph and I recorded it, I was suicidal (again, gaslighting can kill). Already repeatedly disbelieved by the authority that gaslit me, I hoped that, with this song, the things I went through, my decisions, my intentions, my emotions, my musicianship, would matter.

I want to continue this post by stating that these are my feelings specifically, and not Christoph's, because if anything, he has great faith in my musicianship and my emotional literacy; we are still a band and he has taken everything on the chin. It's not the contest that makes us a band, nor is it the benchmark for our music, he's told me things along those lines. If anything, I admire his placidity in all of this.

Again, and I iterate, speaking personally, the only mistake I made with this song, which I will concede was a mistake, was ever submitting this to the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. Because, while four people checked in on me from the judging panel and treated me like I mattered, the way I was then, it really felt like I didn't. It really, truly felt like everything I poured into that song, and the circumstances behind it, didn't matter.

So what does someone who feels they don't matter do about their most powerful, most cherished craft? They toss it aside. They feel, "I'm not gonna be listened to, not really, not for who I am or what I'm going through. All they want is a mask." And that's how I genuinely feel about Newgrounds Audio right now. I know that there are many who do cherish what I do, and I'm grateful for that. But these events, and more of what I'm about to write, have cemented the belief that here, what I have to bring as a musician does not matter.


Let's talk, momentarily, about the subject of the image I placed at the beginning of this post, he who shall go nameless.

Because GOD, NOBODY WANTS A SONG ABOUT THE LITERAL CAUSE OF THEIR SUICIDE ATTEMPT TO BE PRESCIENT. Like, nobody wants what they went through to happen to anyone, even to a small degree. If anything, we want this world to be better.

He who shall go nameless, whose account is no more thanks to the efforts of Staff, was someone who, at least for a time when none of this happened, was a friend to many on this site.

I was an asylum seeker at the time all of this was happening. I want to state for the record that I was friends with this person from 2013, the year my asylum claim began. He was one of the people who led the fight to successfully DMCA claim Geometry Dash from Steam, even though I personally was the flashpoint of anger from many audio thieves of the time.

I know that my specific set of circumstances predispose me to being reticent to trust people. I have been through a specific kind of weathering due to Home Office abuse, and abuse from multiple other parties over this last decade and before. As such, I find it hard to endear myself to people, and I'm grateful for everyone who considers me a friend. So it really boggles me that someone would have so much energy to dedicate to so many things. At first, I thought, different strokes for everyone I guess.

To be honest, I don't know if others think similarly to the way I do. I hope I'm not alone in thinking so. When the desperation and the attention baiting happened with increasing frequency, I wondered what had caused the change. After all, there was a time when he who shall go nameless did not ever do an act so despicable. People responding to his Twitter posts were saying things along the lines of mate, your desperation is pushing your friends and others away, and perhaps they were right. But I couldn't bring myself to think that. On Facebook, where similar posts were being made, those garnered little to no reacts and few comments if any, except if they were concerning and verging on suicidal.

And why, you ask, could I not bring myself to think that? Because there are actual desperate people, Dave. At the time all of this was going on I was languishing for years on end without the right to work, the Home Office constantly gaslighting me and telling me that my talents and the things I had to bring did not matter, the Home Office constantly gaslighting me about my relationship with my now husband and telling me that our relationship is a sham when we'd been engaged for YEARS by that point. And you know what? That sort of gaslighting kills. Being sent back to danger is dangerous and often fatal for asylum seekers. And at that time, I at least had the freedom of forming a support network of people I could call my found family, simply because I rejected any financial support the Home Office offered me. That financial support is a poisoned chalice for many, for it means that they are lumped into dilapidated accommodation, given food not even fit for animals, given water poisoned with Legionella, cramped into houses with red doors and made into constant targets for violence and racist abuse. Oh, and did I mention? They have curfews imposed on them, unlike me. I could go to an open mic safely at least. Many of them cannot.

And of course, excluding the whole asylum seeker situation I endured, there are so many people in need of fundraising for health because of broken health infrastructure, or for mitigation of awful things that happened to them or their loved ones.

And so I thought, if this is the reaction being given to someone who is this well-known on NG when he's desperate, what's gonna happen to people who are actually desperate but less well-known? Are we gonna be treated worse? For a long, long time, I was terrified of ever asking for help, and when I did, on my own server or through DMs somewhere, I broke down. Trust issues made it that much harder.

It dawned on me that they got more frequent at the time the abusive action happened. I didn't know. I can only presume that nearly none of us did, until the victim bravely came out with what happened to her.

So why was moonlighting prescient? Oh, Frank, you're gonna love this. Douglas, sit tight. Abdul, you hear me?

It's because, after news broke about he who shall not be named, this guy tried to gaslight everyone into believing that this victim of his was just a person from his past trying to stir shit. Of course, it was a lot more serious than that. And then, this guy HAD THE GALL to create alt accounts pretending to be mutuals of both himself and his victim, while constantly trying to paint his victim, A LITERAL CHILD at the time that this was all happening, as an imperfect victim. Even more gaslighting. But this time, on an industrial scale, with the hopes that the entirety of NG Audio would be swayed.

It doesn't fucking matter. One, gaslighting kills. Two, the victim was a literal child.


I am one of a long, looooooooong list of women and non-binary people who have been sexually assaulted and worse at some point in our lives. The discourse surrounding a "perfect victim" is very related to rape culture. It's no different from what SWOOP said in that one video of hers about the culture that brought about the convicted paedophile Josh Duggar, about how "oh what was she wearing though" or "their skirt was one inch too short."

Nobody ever asks to be raped or assaulted, or sent unsolicited sexual imagery. Nobody ever asks to be gaslit. Those are boundaries that, once crossed, cannot be uncrossed.

And, in the midst of all of this, if you have suffered this and at the same time, are treated like you don't matter, it's gotta fuck you up so hard. I have been feeling nothing but empathy for the victim in all of this, for I can't imagine the pain she's going through.

The tentacles that her abuser spread on this site have been far-reaching and as such, everyone in Newgrounds Audio has been affected. Entire bridges have been burnt. Those of us who had projects that failed to be achieved with him were grateful that they never came to fruition. For my part, the NGAP15 Audio Drama not ever coming to fruition was a blessing in disguise... it would have been terrible to have something with so many names, and his name there as one of the main cast, something that I can only imagine would traumatise many for a long time to come.

But also, all the events that I spoke about in this entire post have soured my relationship with Newgrounds Audio.

To be clear, I know that it's only really a few people that have done their job, made their decisions, whatever they may be, that the prescient song did not make it to the next round of the Audio Deathmatch. And to be clear, I bear no slight AT ALL against LordAndiso; I feel he was one of the more imaginative people to take part in the Deathmatch, and if he does not finish this round, I'm going to be a bit gutted for him. (I saw the forum post that popped up today and I was starting to get concerned.)

However, put yourself in the shoes of someone who went through the same things that happened in this massive blown-out dumpster fire that has affected Newgrounds in recent times.

Is it any fucking wonder that I don't feel safe to express myself on NG Audio anymore? I was at my most vulnerable, having been gaslit and then this gaslighting doubled down on; I did what any musician would have done: I wrote from what I knew, and what I knew at that point was a total loss of my will to live, tethered to this earth only by my husband and by a few staunch friends. It got treated like it didn't matter. And then finally, when abuse was discovered to have happened to someone else, and then when we were all collectively gaslit and the perp was someone we all knew and who wielded considerable influence, I was like, "I told you so........"

Yeah. I fucking told you all so. And you didn't listen.

And my voice joins a long litany of voices of people who have spoken up about similar issues before today, but were not listened to until shit hit the fan.


P.S.: In one final act of... rebellion? defiance? I don't know what to call it anymore... when spoonman420 was feeling very anxious about his Round 3 submission, I encouraged him to tap into that anxiety.

Because our emotions and our intentions matter, and we have every right to channel them and, crucially, feel safe to do so. I go on about emotional literacy in my craft because, for a long time after much of the abuse I faced, I built walls around myself, as anyone going through similar would. My friends, my found family, encouraged me to lean into my emotions and understand what I was feeling and why these emotions were there.

This helped me process many more things in the years to come. What I believed was a happy side effect of this help I received from them was that it helped my musical expression.

And quite frankly, I'd rather that intentions and emotions mattered in someone's music, after what I went through.


Posted by Troisnyx - September 29th, 2023

I don't often talk about my art, let alone in frontpaged posts, as I am primarily a musician. Today, given the recent commissions I've had, I want to talk about them, and about the banners I did for myself and Two Meeps. Seeing Quarl's post about the illustrations for her new EP, Spare Change, prompted me.

It feels a particular kind of surreal, being able to lend your penmanship to people's aesthetic and musicianship. For context, I draw many of my own album sleeves and socials banners. For a long time, I had this two-monitor wallpaper I drew for myself double as my own Bandcamp banner:


Being one half of the band, Two Meeps, I am also the band's artist:


This banner was not intended as a socials banner, but as a two-monitor wallpaper for my desktop computer. The aspect ratio made it double up as a socials banner pretty well.

As @Quarl wrote, I did her banner image for Bandcamp:


I'd not done chibis in a good while, and it felt fun to come back to this art style and these colours after having trained myself to draw figures, backgrounds, etc. The things on this banner were things that she requested, and two of the elements in this drawing actually come from a work that immediately predates it, a work that alludes to recent events:


The burning bridge, the burst fire hydrant, the cracked road, are all symbols of a cascade of events that I feel deserve their own, separate Newgrounds post, if I ever get around to making it. I borrowed the fire and the burst fire hydrant for Quarl's banner image.

At around the same time that Quarl commissioned me to do her current Bandcamp banner, @DisOmikron commissioned me to do the YouTube banner for his second channel, one he recently set up. This one was full of referential humour and nods to friends, including myself.


I'm only glad that things like these have seen me become a lot more confident about my artwork. Above all, it's shown me that there are people out there who place confidence in my work and the way I deliver it, something which sobers me and makes me want to keep doing what I'm doing, and somehow find a way to do it that little bit better each time. For me, I can work on personal drawings and they are a good way of expressing my emotions or thought processes surrounding an event. Commissions hit differently. They aren't just a means of putting food on the table, they are a sign of trust in my work that I hope to be worthy of.



Posted by Troisnyx - March 17th, 2023

Everyone, I present to you, submission number 300. MÉTÉORE, featuring @DisOmikron!

Release on Bandcamp and streaming sites will happen on a later date!

I figured I'd upload it now, given the fact that soon, I'll be added to other people's projects, fragments that they composed for the collab, and I am keeping the 300th audio submission as something extra-special.



Posted by Troisnyx - January 15th, 2023

Time to share a fragment of something that I have been dreaming of for a long time. Enjoy.

As it stands, I have finished three tracks, and I am still in the process of recording others. But I am pleased to say that this, which I hope will be my first full vocal album, is taking shape.



Posted by Troisnyx - October 23rd, 2022

Hey everyone. I'd like to talk to you all about a little indie game called Revita. And, specifically, about the soundtrack, done by one @DisOmikron (Christoph Jakob). You won't regret a moment of it.

Love what you see and hear? Because I certainly do, and this is one of the games I'm currently playing.

It is currently in Round 1 of Grammy® voting at the minute, and this entails that y'all spread the word about it far and wide in order for it to get a formal nomination. This is going into the newly created Video Game Music category, formally "Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games & Other Interactive Media," fought for by many people, but especially by one @winifredphilips. I'd appreciate if y'all spread the word about the Revita soundtrack, especially on Twitter!

Retweet Christoph's original tweet, share it, talk about it on Discord, heck, blast it into hyperspace! I'd appreciate if y'all did that for Christoph; I feel he's very much the underdog of the Grammy® round 1 voting and we all would like to see an underdog win.


A bunch of us in the VGM scoring community, including @ClementPanchout and myself, got session work off of this game thanks to Christoph's many ideas and plans for the sound of this game. For my part, I got session vocal and voice acting work, and it was the first gig I got as soon as I was emancipated by the Home Office.

Yes, I have a bit of an interest in this because this was work Christoph gave me out of the goodness of his heart. But, even if I were not part of this, I want to at least let y'all know what a solid, solid composer and musician he is. Do with that information what y'all will.



Posted by Troisnyx - July 26th, 2022

Next time anyone complains about how little ZGameEditor Visualiser can do, show them this absolutely serendipitous image.


Yes, this particular screenshot is for this song. There's too much bloom effect on this, but aside from this, this blew me away so much that I couldn't help but share this.

I was doing this while attempting to come up with snippets of video for a reel of my vocal stuff, requested by several friends and contacts of mine whom I met at Develop: Brighton. Seeing this makes me super proud to showcase my work -- and it also makes me feel like I've barely even scratched the surface with what this little plugin can do.

If you're wondering how the peak effects have stars, I clicked "Enable Bitmap" and substituted it with a bunch of stars that I drew. All images you see here are my own penmanship.

I've recently come to learn that image composition means a lot -- whether it's a swirl, a larger element looking at a smaller one, two elements of the same size standing at opposite sides of the image, rule of thirds, etc., etc. The key is first drawing according to that composition, and then finding the effects that would complement the composition of a given image. It's not easy to do at all, and it does take a lot of trial and error, but when we do get there, the results tend to be pretty spectacular.

I'll write more about Develop at a later point. I'm still in the midst of recovering from illness (again).



Posted by Troisnyx - July 7th, 2022

Ayo folks, I'll be attending Develop: Brighton (or at least, the networking events thereof) between 12 and 15 July. I might meet some of you there.

At any rate, I hope to have a good time, and I might try and document this encounter for the website. Let's see how it goes.


Posted by Troisnyx - June 2nd, 2022

Hey folks, this is a public service announcement to inform you that all the cock jokes that you may have encountered on Newgrounds might have been helping you do character design. See appendix A.

Anyway folks, I should hopefully be back to some modicum of "normalcy" in the second week of June. Hopefully.


Posted by Troisnyx - April 26th, 2022

A few days ago, I posted this entry for the Epic Battle Fantasy 13th anniversary contest on NG:

Seeing as all the progress images will clog up the already long description, and I've not got the energy (physical or mental) for anything else right now as I've received a slew of bad news of late, let me at least cleanse someone's timeline with some WIP screenshots.









There are many missing steps between the images, but to put a long story short: I did the whole artwork as an attempt at a therapeutic exercise. (I'm still feeling abysmal, but at least there's some artwork y'all enjoy.)

I drew individual enemies and coloured them on Sketchbook, and I also did the same with the huge red and white birthday candles. Then, I drew some rays and crumbling stones — also on Sketchbook — before going to PowerPoint and making a XIII stencil by just putting outline only WordArt into an outline only frame. Went back to Sketchbook, filled in the colour of that stencil, then back to PowerPoint and assembled together the basics of what would become the stained glass. Once that was done, I used the Reflection tool on PowerPoint, and cropped accordingly.

In a separate Sketchbook file I sketched, drew, and put flat colour for the various EBF characters and staff. Posture and gestures were very important to me; I wanted there to be some form of movement, life.

I combined that file with the stencil stained glass, and then began adding some light and shadow to the characters. I filled in the shadows first, then proceeded to do the glowing edges. The stained glass light felt brilliant and glorious to me; I wanted to convey that — I brightened the stained glass quite a bit, by adding layers of orange and yellow in front of and behind it, and then adding glow edges to our characters and staff. I also drew two layers of shadows beneath the characters, one completely opaque, and the other fairly translucent.

I don't remember where in the process I did this, but I drew the "lead" in between the glass fragments with the default black pencil tool.

I know that it can be, or it often appears, difficult to do something of the sort if one is only just getting into art. My intention behind this post is to demystify the process as best as I can. Getting an understanding of what went into a piece of work could inform our own thought process, and art (or music, etc.) may not feel like this Big and Scary Thing anymore.

I don't want it to be a big and scary thing. I want it to be accessible, and I recognise that there are many aspects to my two crafts that are simply not accessible to most.

At least let me start here. Hopefully there may be some things in this post that you might like to implement in your drawings, if you haven't thought about them before. I sincerely hope to see more of you being FPed who haven't had that chance for a long time; regardless, I am proud of you for your perseverance.

I'm not able to PM just now due to trauma, but when I'm better, if y'all wanna talk art, especially the finer points of how to draw things that I haven't mentioned in this post, feel free to drop me a line. I'll post again when I'm ready to talk again.