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Frightening, and otherwise well done. Reminds me of the Realians in Xenosaga and how they've been used as objects and ill-treated by the human population, and how they're fighting for their rights. This could easily apply to anyone, but I'm kinda glad you went with what you did.

And holy wow that was done BY HAND? That is some immense dedication. Respect.

Coutto responds:

Thanks! Yes, done by hand, was very hard, because of i don't have a professional scanner, but i did it! haha

If you claim to give me uncomfortable truth, then allow me to give you a piece of uncomfortable truth as well.

The animation, the typography, is well done. Maybe not as dynamic as RicePirate's 'Dot Dot Dot', but still clear, and eye-popping, and sombre for the tone of the actual thing.

I will thank you for the truth of Confucius having tried to right wrongs in the people around him, I will thank you for that. I will thank you for pointing out the inner 'comfortable' nature that we tend to slink into as persons.

Aside from that, it gets into some pretty incoherent rambling. I could make neither head or tail of the structure apart from a few glimpses into the subject matter. It changed so quickly between moments. I only got a few sections staying in my head: Confucius' death, governments claiming to be one thing but doing another, people being comfortable, and 'fuck you'. All that didn't even make sense when put together, of course, because there are meant to be things that join them, but they were joined so loosely.

Plus, it fails to take into account:

1) Confucius may have been a good man for his time, but there are many principles of his that are unconscionable in our modern understanding. For example, North Korea is basically a dictatorship BASED ON Confucian thought, and at the helm of it is a complete subordination to one's parents, because you don't choose your parents. That same logic basically causes the Kims to stay in power. That sort of logic, applied in a lesser extent, causes children to not be their own persons and I have had friends who were subjected to that sort of logic, obviously for worse. It justified all sorts of abuse in the name of parents being the 'bosses'. You aren't meant to speak out if they do wrong, because they're your parents -- and that's the long and short of it. And yet, what justifies Confucius saying 'obey your parents like that' and then, speaking out against his country and presumably the Emperor of China?

2) You forget the people who refuse to be comfortable, and go out of their way to make things better for people, only to get fired, murdered, or killed. You put a blanket blame on everyone without realising that some of the people watching... are *precisely* those people who got clandestinely fired, gotten rid of, abused, tortured. I speak as someone who grew up outside of the big G7 or G20 cities and experienced all this first-hand, who had publicly spoken out about things like this, and had to flee due to fear of what would happen to me.

I don't know if you're doing this to really make people better, or to just hurl blame at people for the sake of doing so. I cannot gauge your intention from just watching this. But the strawman in this video is so big, it's the elephant in the room.

Get the full extent of your facts right, and then maybe, just maybe, you'll be on to something at last.

The video appeals to all of us who have submitted some content here worth something, indeed. Animation is fluid and gets the point across really well, and no voices were needed to convey it. Well done!

Music was a bit generic but to be fair, I think it *may* have been a good call doing so given the amount of musicians on here, I don't know.

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Thoughts on playing this:

1) Movement is very unwieldy. It's fluid enough, but I've no real system where up really means up, left really means left, and so on. It's a twisty wheel thing where I've got next to no idea where I' m going to next and I'm leaving it all to chance.

2) What's that thing with the plus sign meant to be? An enemy? Or perhaps an upgrade to collect? Whatever it is, I pass straight through it.

3) The background gets hard on my eyes after a while. It might be worth replacing it with some terrain and walls, or a pleasing patch of ground.

4) That turret is nicely drawn; I hope to see more art along that line because I only have very little to go by.

5) The music is incredibly repetitive to the point of being headache-inducing.

At the current stage I would have classed this as *pre-alpha.* A beta would imply that the game is at least halfway done, there are enemies to shoot and there are bugs that need ironing out. The basic mechanics aren't even complete.

It would have been worth putting this in your Projects and perhaps PMing a few people you can trust to test the game for you, making the game visible to them. As it stands, I, and many others, feel the game is far from ready for public release.

MessagedGames responds:

This is my very first game I have ever created so I would not really expect much to be done for now,I am currently working on the background to be in front of the current rainbow background, muting the music will be an option soon, the moving mechanics are a work in progress.

Also, plus sign? What plus sign, please tell me how you got this issue, though you are most likely talking about the aiming icon.
Not too sure if the 1 star was very necessary though.

I am trying my very best at game developing.

I have made sure to change as much of the things you have told me to change and I hope it works better for you.

The game itself is decent. There are bits of it that feel disorienting (turns, especially within that really trippy rainbow-coloured level). A lot of it feels like I need to still get used to it. I did get decently far into it for my first few tries, at 1,000+, and I suppose that with a bit of practice, I could get further.

There are some controls that I don't find myself using -- the bunny hops, the drift mode. I feel I'm moving way too quickly in the level to justify using it; steering the craft feels like hard work.

I think the one thing that I would really outwardly call a flaw, a gash in the feel of the game, is the music. The level seems like a cross between F-Zero and Rainbow Road out of Mario Kart games, but the BGM feels anything but -- and there are parts where it's made my head hurt.

Quite a neat little dress-up game, I guess -- though I'd appreciate lots more inserts and options; it just feels still a bit too cookie-cutter for the time being. Anyway, I did my best with what was there and came up with these:



General appearance of a member of a tribe that goes barefooted and unarmed. The creatures of the land of the dead do not touch them. They wear a deathly green, and their hair is black from coal and soot.

They all bear medieval English names, like Aldus and Kinborough and Randel and Tenny and Wybert.

In the case of 2,3,12,2,2,2,62,30,2,20,2,2

As the masks whiten and bleed, and as they temporarily gain the ability to levitate, they interpret it as an omen that one of their own, or someone who associated with them, will die soon. In many cases, it is true, though sometimes, the cause of death can be averted. When Matt and co. venture into the land of the dead, the masks whiten and bleed not for members of these people's tribe... but for Matt and co.

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Drums are a touch dry compared to the rest of the piece, but that said: the growl of the subharmonic bit, the voices, the lyrics and the processing on these are *haunting.*

ADR3-N responds:

Oh thank you! You're absolutely right. I added a very light verb and didn't sidechain, as the majority of the drums are chopped dubstep breaks and hihats from various genres. I didn't pingpong a slap back for them either to conserve ram as the individual vocal chains demanded a lot. Other than that, it's a pretty cut and dry track with 4 vocal lanes and about 7 dubs at most

I only got to listen now; thank you for this. Parts of your piece almost brought me to tears.

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

You're very welcome! Thanks for letting me do this!

The feel's mostly on point, but there are some things that I feel could be done -- palm muting the bass and guitar in softer sections, or varying the dynamics of the drums. I think these would go a long way to helping the feel of this.

As it stands, there are sections where many things feel quite dynamically identical to previous sections (and, if your waveform is to be believed without listening, it does suggest that). So even in a rock track, dynamism is a sure-fire way to improve your pocket.

For what there is though, this is very tonally sound and it brings to mind extended versions of things that sound like TV series openers. I especially love that honky-tonk.

You also got me at that ragtime sound that you went with that honky-tonk; ragtime is one of my favourite things to play on piano and this one got me smiling.

Codefreq responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :) I’ll keep those things in mind. I made this for my YouTube channel in part to represent of the type of thing you could create just by drawing music on the computer (i.e. not recording live instruments). Everything is programmed manually, even the drums.

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I counted - 30.
Looking good by the way; I've been keeping track of your progress screenies and I'm looking forward to playing the game when it releases.

I have only one word to describe all of this, and that is Schadenfreude.

ChazDude responds:

On a related note, congratulations to Qatar for being the first WC host to lose their own opening match!

This feels like a parody for the English stereotype of the "gammon."

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