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I'm done being nice.

Whoever thinks that people like myself didn't work hard for our craft can fuck right off to the Sun.

I'mma say it louder for the people at the back: whoever thinks that people like myself didn't work hard for our craft can fuck right off to the Sun.

My anniversary approaches in a month and a bit. There will be hell to pay on that day — not just for people who disparaged me, but for people who disparaged my friends and most of the Audio Portal. None of us ever needed their permission to be seen and heard, and none of us ever will.

I love NG. You'd think, that as an audio mod having to deal with widespread audio theft and other kinds of fuckery, I'd be sick and want to leave. But my friends make Newgrounds. People make Newgrounds. Their songs, their camaraderie, and their candour, make it worthwhile. Whether the action happens directly on the site, or on related servers, I am often surrounded by friends from here.

And of course, anyone who bothers to listen in will know that we have gone from strength to strength as far as our music is concerned.

If defending that, and insisting on more love for the Audio Portal as a whole, makes me a piece of shit, well, have at me then. Actually have the courage to come and face me, and my struggling musician friends.

Many of us have argued that the Audio Portal, by nature of the craft itself, gets the least love. You have to invest time and energy into something that you can't see, and so there's a greater risk involved. In many cases the reviews on pieces of music come precisely from other musicians — because we all know what that shit feels like.

I am deeply aware of many of their struggles, being privy to a venting channel on my server. I don't want to hear the excuse that "X musician struggled, but made it, so all the other struggling ones don't matter."

I have zero respect for anyone who talks bullshit about us, our struggles, the Audio Portal, and our craft. That includes some big names on here, one of whom I have called out on Twitter. If you think you can fight someone who has persevered with her music for TEN YEARS despite not having the right to work due to being an asylum seeker, then by all means, come fight me. I'm waiting.

If you think you can fight people who are persevering with their music despite struggling to afford medicine or food, come at us. We're waiting. Our music is waiting.

But you won't, because you're a bunch of fucking losers.