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Frightening, and otherwise well done. Reminds me of the Realians in Xenosaga and how they've been used as objects and ill-treated by the human population, and how they're fighting for their rights. This could easily apply to anyone, but I'm kinda glad you went with what you did.

And holy wow that was done BY HAND? That is some immense dedication. Respect.

Coutto responds:

Thanks! Yes, done by hand, was very hard, because of i don't have a professional scanner, but i did it! haha

Amazing animation, and I'm aware it's a stereotype. Rating it 5 anyway, knowing that the animation is "exactly what it says on the tin." The Dublin accent on some of the supporting characters is also fairly spot-on.

Though I can pretty much imagine why the Irish got so angry when your character in that animation said "I can't imagine why they left." The famine is still a very, VERY touchy subject to the Irish consciousness. Having an Irish fiancé makes me especially aware of it...

I think what would have been *more* stereotypical to start a riot is when you're a Green person or supporter in an Orange area. Probably just as tasteless, but more accurate.

WooleyWorld responds:

Yeah people seem to be forgetting the title after clicking on it...
Glad you liked it. Thank you.

Half a year after this film came out, I realise it is there and I remember the little conversation we had about What Child is This, and it's usage. It's making me all misty-eyed right now. This film is beautiful on so many levels.

Well done, and late congrats on your Daily 2nd Place. "Can I fly that high?" is every child's question, and encompasses every child's dream. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Black-Crystal responds:

Thank you for allowing me to use your song :) it contributes to the overall mood.

I would normally blam test animations because often, the test animations found on NG are just utter crap. But this... this is BEAUTIFUL. The running animation is so smooth, the lighting is perfect, and the shuriken movement is just decently fast for it to look like Yuffie is handling it. And for some reason, the music fits that test level of yours.

It's a short test, and I'll be giving it an 8/10 in the hopes that one day, I may see the full version of this. Or a game, or what have you.

Taigo responds:

thank you very much
I need practice more sure! ^^

This is my story right there, except in this case, with drums instead of the ukulele. Heck, even my parents made fun of me, made jokes that (they probably didn't realise) insulted me rather than encourage me, and at one point, told me to the face that I'd never be a good drummer, or worth anything. The same hurtful things were said with regards to my dream to become a musician, in general.

There are many others who go through the same things that I do and would love to hear at least one encouraging word. While the video is well-animated and has some little gags, I hope that at least some of us can draw comfort from it. At least in our hearts, we can hope for someone to give us the little lift that we need.....

I have favourited this video long ago, but I just want to let you know still that this is well done.


WooleyWorld responds:

You cool cat, thank you so kindly.
I'm glad you can dig it.

Kudos, you've also shown ME (as a girl) the reasons why I absolutely hate clubs.

1) The music is not only loud, but also very very repetitive, even for months on end! You can't even appreciate anyone or anything with it.

2) I just want to dance -- and I cannot bring myself to dance for one-night stands.

3) Most mainstream EDM, chart and cheese played in clubs is NOT MY KIND OF MUSIC.

4) Drinks. Some people are just out to intoxicate the girls so that they can get notches for their bedposts.

As for the animation -- it was simple, but very well done. I like it quite a lot! I don't think there's much I can complain about here. The voice acting was hilarious, nicely done!


itsalexclark responds:

thanks so much for your wonderful review.

Now let me lay the record straight.

You don't have a render farm, okay, point taken. And so you show us a snippet of your talent by providing this teaser, which is just two images.

I don't have a PC suitable for making music -- it's literally FALLING APART, the screen hinge is gone, the RAM is low, the processor is awful, but I STILL churn stuff out that sometimes outdoes it, even threatens to blue-screen it.

I don't know what software you use (Blender? 3DS Max?) but if you're not willing to push that computer to the limit and exercise patience to make a full-length trailer, you haven't gone far in our books. A lot of people here have done the opposite of what you've done, sometimes even with very little on their hands. If it should take you years to finish this, so be it. Don't give half-hearted work.

I'm saying this to you because I've learnt this lesson the hard way. In the NG Audio Deathmatch last year it was so easy for me to be a bad carpenter and blame the tools. My PC was overheating, I had no mic, and it was insane for me to do something constructive in just two weeks (which was the deadline for each piece in this contest). I was up against Waterflame, whom I would have soundly defeated had I the skill that I have now. Now with more time on my hands....... more patience, and more understanding, I'm able to churn out much better stuff.

We're very welcome to provide a render farm? NO. You are very welcome to start giving that trailer of yours HARD, SOLID WORK. This, although it's two screens, is kinda pathetic, because it looks more like a fanart display which would be better suited for the Art Portal rather than an animation.

3/5. Courtesy stars for effort.

KiWiArts responds:

I really appreciate that you took your time to write this.
I know where you coming from. But I have to disagree with some things you’re saying.

First, you can't compare audio with 3D production. Anyone who seriously did 3D before knows how time consuming it is. If you render decent quality imagery it would take around a day to get a final image/frame out (all the tweaking and test rendering not included). Obviously if you working on a single middle to high-end workstation like myself.
I'm not the biggest audio guy, but I know that with audio the process is much more straightforward.
You don’t have periods where you just let your computer work by itself on 100% capacity over the period of weeks to months. And that if everything wants smooth with no errors.

Second, sometimes we forget that some people have other things going on beside just one project, real life, jobs, other projects, etc. This started basically as a study for myself in the first place, which I could see having more potential. I tried new techniques out and learned a lot in the process, so for me it was a done project. I was just sharing it. I hope the people who know who things are behind the curtain can appreciate. Little things might seem effortless for the uneducated eye but have in reality a lot of work behind it.

I would be the last one to make excuses by just blaming my hardware. But it’s a fact, that in the world of 3D, things don’t come that easy if you’re aim for a certain level of quality with limited resources.

Nevertheless, again, thank you for giving a such an extended review!

I have to agree with the many other reviews that say this video bleeds pop culture. But here's my take on this:

1) You've got a sales pitch for iPhone CUPS which doesn't really *sell* the brand. It just states what it is. Commercials these days tend to hit home or be shocking, but this really wasn't. This was more..... like an 80's or 90's kind of descriptive commercial, which just doesn't fit.

2) The voices and music sounded alright — SexualLobster did an alright job with this —but beyond that, it did nothing much to impact me. The idea behind it was simply flat.

3) The animation was fine, but it's ultimately going to beat a dead horse. No amount of bells and whistles can make a bad idea look good. AT ALL.

For starters, whoever wrote this needs to make a more catchy, MUCH MORE APPEALING ad, if he's to get this thing across. None of this plain stuff. If you were pitching this in The Apprentice, what would it take for you to PASS the test? Surely something better. This, on the other hand, is dull, dull, dull.

And as a post-scriptum, considering what I saw in the end, this is CERTAINLY NOT rated E.

1/5. Courtesy star because of the alright animation and sound.

ADASport responds:

Thanks for your feedback. We are always looking to evolve!

Alright, let's break this down section by section.

The animation was quite alright -- not the most fluid (with the water splashes at times), but largely believable. I like how there's an orange hue to the animation in general, with the setting of the sun (or so it looks like).

I find that in this case, the sound is the hook for anyone watching this film. It's so serene, it's so natural, and it can give inspiration to just about anyone listening. Beautiful work! Also, kudos on giving the poet emotion even when he doesn't have any spoken lines.

Now this is what I call an effective plot. Many important things were said in a very short span of time --

1) If things get to you, stop, breathe, take time to not overwork yourself.
2) Inspiration comes where you least expect it (as was already said in the description).
3) If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

In the span of just under two minutes, you showed us a man who wanted to dedicate himself to writing a beautiful piece of poetry but found it difficult to do this, and you effectively related to all the artists and musicians and writers and movie makers here who are in need of inspiration every now and again.

Also, great tribute to Matsuo Basho. : )

Okay animation... I guess. Great sound, and especially solid plot. I honestly, honestly believe this should've scored higher than one or two things I found on the portal, but what's done is done, I guess. Thanks for sharing this with us, and thanks for inspiring us.


RPGsrok responds:

Thank you sir for such a well thought out and detailed review! It's always a pleasure to receive one of these from someone who didn't merely enjoy the film, but took the time to explain that enjoyment, that I might improve further in the future.

This animation is about a year old now, and I feel my drawing and animation skills have improved drastically in that timeframe, but as an aspiring storyboard artist and director above all, it is heartwarming to hear that the story itself stood out to you the most.

As I said to one person below, it's thanks to people like you that these movies, even if they don't score as high as some other ones, find any welcome on Newgrounds, so many thanks to you, for watching, for enjoying, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Isn't that the animation that Chuggaa liked? I kinda liked it, though I thought the ending was..... sad...

Horsenwelles responds:

yep, he liked it and he flooded the video with hundreds of people through influence. my god what a fun way to start the day.

anyway, the ending is a humor deflection. an anti-joke in essence. its all about what just witnessed and how you are handling what events occurred on screen. its not as sad as it is emotionally conflicting, and thats why i chose it. eh, thats all fancy shmansey biz

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