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I like your animation style, and I ESPECIALLY love your expressions. I don't know how, but you manage to get people's emotions through ever so well, even with your cartoony style and blank eyes. And the lip-syncing, DAMN! That's some of the best lip-syncing I've ever seen in an independent animation.

The part where it goes 'Oh damn, it's a dude! It's a dude with diddly feet!' is a bit plain, and I think that was what could have contributed to the rating that this video currently has. I don't mind it all that much personally, but I can see it being an issue with other viewers.

The only personal complaint I'd have against this is that the fragment used here is a short fragment. As in, too short. The diddly feet did make me laugh, but it was not a long-running joke along the lines of ProtonJon's 'Death Water', for instance -- and there was so little to show. But for what you did show here, you did quite well.


E-fame as I understood it is far from this. I know this is meant to be a parody, but it's...... shallow. What standards of e-fame are we looking at here? Erutan, Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon? Or PewDiePie? If one's looking at the latter, this video is for you. Otherwise, if one wants to get to know the person behind the producer, then... well, nothing more need be said.

The voice acting, sound and animation were fluid. The dialogue was reminiscent of comments of a lot of ignorant people, whom I occasionally find in the comment section -- and the narration is similar to that of Free to Play, another animation of yours which I like a lot. A lot of it is sarcasm, beautifully packaged, but this time, I'm not buying it. Yes, commenters can be stupid, but I don't think I like what I perceive to be a strawman on Let's Players, musicians and other content producers, and intelligent commenters.


Thoughtful and well put together indeed, as someone said before me, but it's missing one more point: the whole point of a ship is to sail. The analogy is perfect, but missing one major step which ought to be explained: as a ship, you *want to sail*, this is something you were *born to do!* -- and yet you can't, because any further contact with water will damage you -- and you ultimately *have to* come into contact with water. It is not sufficient simply being pulled to shore; you want to set sail. If you were a bird, it is not sufficient that your clipped wings be fixed; you want to be able to take off and fly -- and you can't.

I'm glad you tackled the issue of depression; too many of us either deny it's there, or make like it's something people "get over." What I would have appreciated in this film, in addition to what you've put here, is to see *HOW* people get to that stage. Not every paper ship sinks, if that is the analogy you're making -- because not everyone goes through depression -- and as such, we need to let people know what brings about depression. It is not enough to say that so-and-so is suffering from depression; to fully understand the nature of the problem, you have to look at its roots.

Overall well done, but I would have appreciated even more muscle to the content, so to speak. Animation was simple and succint, Beth's voice was quite emphatic.


This is my story right there, except in this case, with drums instead of the ukulele. Heck, even my parents made fun of me, made jokes that (they probably didn't realise) insulted me rather than encourage me, and at one point, told me to the face that I'd never be a good drummer, or worth anything. The same hurtful things were said with regards to my dream to become a musician, in general.

There are many others who go through the same things that I do and would love to hear at least one encouraging word. While the video is well-animated and has some little gags, I hope that at least some of us can draw comfort from it. At least in our hearts, we can hope for someone to give us the little lift that we need.....

I have favourited this video long ago, but I just want to let you know still that this is well done.


WooleyWorld responds:

You cool cat, thank you so kindly.
I'm glad you can dig it.

Oh gosh yes. If us Britons want to be hired, we need a kick on our backsides, and we need to get our act together.

Whatever happened to the strong work ethic that used to exist? Got cheapened out by various things, including cheapening of manufacturing (wwhich meant it was all moved to China, bar a few things), taking the welfare system for granted, not being driven to achieve highly -- there's a lethargy in the air, and I can certainly feel it.

Animation was alright I guess -- not stellar, but you certainly hit the nail on the head. Up the quality of animation, and it would've soared.


I have no idea why this was not rated as high as it ought to have been. The humour is fantastic, the voice-acting is flawless, the animation is flawless, the light and shadow here are just right.

The music, which is a point of contention for a lot of people..... well let me be honest and say it's ear-shatteringly horrible. XD That being said, it's just so bad it's good! I watched this together with my fiancé and we both reeled in laughter.

What makes it especially golden is that you don't have to have played any Zelda games to understand this -- although you'd have to have at least an extremely minuscule knowledge of Link being the protagonist in the game. This can be understood and appreciated by everyone -- and as such, gets 5 stars from me!

You may or may not care for this one, but lemme give you my two pence regardless:

The sound is amazing, fitting of a talkie from the 50's. The voice acting is well done in the sense that it is very evocative of the period it's meant to fit.

And the animation, wow! Though parts of it may be more still than others, you worked this one real good. Every frame is hand-drawn -- and I find that impressive.

Now, on to the story. Dr Astronimo seems to be a man with solid morals who wants nothing more than to be a dad, a bit like Gepetto who created Pinocchio. Then you have the interviewer/bad guy, whatever his name is, who is ever willing to force his ideals. I don't think that his lines should be rated E at all, just for the nature of what he speaks. That is T at best...

All in all, a solid 4.5/5 out of me. I enjoyed this.

Yeeeeeaaaaah nope. Mario Kart 8 and a Zelda game for Wii U could save its skin a bit, but wait until Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 are released for PS4....... that's E3 in a nutshell.

I would've loved to see past E3 trends -- like for instance:

1) That game whose developers talked about "revolutionary collision detection, i.e. fish swimming away from you as you approach them" -- which was done in Super Mario 64, years ago...
2) The introduction of Kinect for XBox 360 and how it was received.
3) Fans' reactions to different titles, not just one.

I'd have liked the E3 collection to be a series of funny things, not just about a single Wii U release... it's nice to poke fun at E3, but this particular video (but more so its description) comes across as FANBOYISH. And ugh, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Animation and sound are smooth; no complaints there.


Big blatant note in all caps to those who don't get the point of the video:


There. Now that that rant is over, let me get to the video.

The animations and transitioning are smooth. Sure, it's in the style of an infographic. But so is Dot Dot Dot (to quell the wrath of the many hypocrites in the Review section here). I don't think double standards should be made simply because the video isn't a conventional animation.

The music is well picked for the clip. It leaves you in a contemplative state of mind, even if only for a short time. I say contemplative, because we are left contemplating figures that may or may not seem likely or accurate -- yet remind us of the fact that if we follow simple probability, there is no certainty or concrete proof that specific meetings are going to happen in future to create each individual. There is no certainty at all.

The voices were well done.

The whole point is that each individual is precious, whether we think so or not. Whether he has been born with a silver spoon, or not. I'm among the people who haven't been born with a silver spoon, and yet, I am here -- and I yearn to make my life holy, set apart. Although many may not share what I hold in life, they may have inklings of what to do with their lives -- and there is no cause at all to sit around and mope all day. We're just too precious for that.

I still find this superbly done, and I'm glad that this film went far ahead.


I relate to the message that you're aiming to express in this short.

I say so because I am a musician, yet I have suffered, and am still suffering from the abuse and discrimination my parents and other people around me gave me, particularly in order to discourage me from my calling.

The animation is a product of its time, and it is quite alright. Piano playing in some parts seems a bit unnatural -- the body is often rigid while playing, rather than fluid (as it should be).

The music is where I have to gash points, I'm afraid. It felt a tad uninspiring, and for something along the scale of a person's life story and mission, I always look for the spectacular. This wasn't. To me it gave the feel of something off a soap opera.

My mission is to inspire -- thoroughly inspire. Even with all the limitations I have, I yearn to capture hearts. The animation certainly did set out to do this, despite its few limitations. The music, I know it's no Meat Loaf or Enya or Howard Shore. However, it could still do with a lot more grandeur -- and this really threw off the balance for me.


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