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Pronounced "trwa-nix." I dream up meepy dreams full of meep.
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You know that you also have shoulders to cry on, yourself. I honestly wish you were making this stuff up, too, because you and Seán don't deserve to suffer the way you both have. The well-wishes and good tidings need to come to you more than ever, and I hope in some way I can help bring some light to your otherwise darkened world. I just wish I knew how. You have me on Twitter and what not, so you can come to me at any time if you so wish, if ever you have need of me. I really hope for the best for you, my friend.

hey, there's always hope. don't forget that.
Also, I really loved Another Flippin' Christmas Song :D

Virtual hug reciprocated. Annette, very few people can truly understand and realize what you're going through and appreciate your origin story. Very few people have been through anything remotely as traumatizing as you've had it. Nonetheless, there's always a reason to keep on going. You're a survivor Annette. You're also, as you stated, a contributing member of your community in real life and on NG, Discord, etc. Life would be worse without you, so please keep fighting the good fight.

They say God works in mysterious ways and sometimes doesn't explain the atrocities he presents to us, his children. However, divine fate will be revealed in due time. There's definitely a greater reason for all this. Perhaps he realizes the only way for humans to learn, read the government to learn, is to have people suffer in order for them to see what they're doing to themselves and their people. It's not good, it's terrible, unfair, and insensitive.

Trauma sucks, and no one deserves it unless they've done to others. My Mother's in a wheelchair with diabetes, neurophothy, arthritis, amnesia, and a slew of other physical conditions she'll never admit to me. I know what it's like to have a loved one in physical disarray. You deserve better Annette, and if you keep up your good work and service to the world I'm sure God will gift thee with your righteous and well-merited reward.

I know I'm not the best at this whole social circle, feelings thing, but I love you, and I feel for you. If you ever need a prayer, drop me a line.

Ps, I /think/ I finished Re:Reveris if you wanna hear it. I'm still not sure if it sounds bad because I've been in the DAW too long, lol.

You know I do, always appreciate one.


I'll be on discord in a bit. It's lunch time over here. After that I'll hit the sack. Stayed up working on the song for ya

I don't get UK immigration law, so many fuckups, but now I feel really grateful that they let you stay.

stay strong, don't let the world stop you from doing what you love.

They haven't, not yet anyway. We're still fighting for it.