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Pronounced "trwa-nix." Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, writer. The girl who does not go silently into the night.
Speaks in various tones of meeps.

Annette Singh @Troisnyx

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Lancashire, UK

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Sounds like good stuff in the works! Would be fun to see some videos of those band shows if someone happens to record it too. :) Busy summer.

Yes, though I imagine I'd be pretty tuckered out from it all.

I hope we can get footage of our band; it'd be good to see.

I am glad everything is working out for you. You put so much energy into your work, whether you get paid or not I am sure everyone is moved by your sound and needing to hear from your band.

I sincerely hope so aaaa
I don't know how things are working out, but all I can do is pour my whole self in, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

Just stopping by here to leave warm feelings and words of encouragement. No need to be shy when it comes to music; it's better to play a live show than to give a speech ;)

Thank you. I will play with all the passion I have!

I look forward to it! Ps, if you'd like me to pray for ya along the way, I'm open

Please do, it'll all be appreciated. Whatever the context, I always play drums in prayer and so I hope it'll be acceptable to God, along with whatever is inside me.

Regarding deep breathing I don't think there's much advice I'd be able to offer, still trying to master that craft myself. :) But good to know I wasn't getting the wrong impression! Though really pushing vocals with asthma - sounds a bit more challenging! Do you ever get attacks while singing? Have you always had that?

I've had a couple, but not really made notes of when. I occasionally do get attacks when singing, which breaks my heart because the first thing I was ever known for musically was my voice, when I was three, and I certainly want to use it to the full.

Ah well that sucks. Guess training lung capacity/control's possible regardless, just harder... don't know any other singers with asthma as far as I know, but I do know this guy: https://youtu.be/MGczUUO8NnQ

...so you know everything's possible if he can do that. ;) Good luck getting to that pinnacle of vocal prowess and proficiency! Really cool to start that early.

Also just realized I totally missed the Aimee Mann part of the response. XD What an awesome voice... though I'm not sure I'm too fond of her occasional pauses, similar to the earlier piece I feel it disrupts the harmony/continuity/fluency a bit... great otherwise, but aha, that's what you were trying.