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I'm really sorry that you went through all of that. You followed your dreams and never gave up and that's beyond amazing.

Wow, 3 - that's a strong story. It's good to see who you're set to overcome whatever held you back in the past, or so it appears to me. You come across as a strong woman and my money's on you finding your peace eventually, if you haven't already done so. Looking forward to hearing the fruit of your labour, and if you ever need a hand or an ear, drop me a line.

Thank you. I hope I do find my peace -- I hope I find the chance to truly shine.

I'm thinking of having a proper conversation with you, if you're willing and able -- though I suspect that this'll need to wait till after the holidays. Would something like this be alright with you though?

That was a small novel. Can you make a bullet-point monosyllabic version of this for people with ADHD? This was some very deep material, was exciting to read through. Only problem was that my cat kept screaming for attention, so I had to read each paragraph four times. I could recite your life story right now ;D

I'm building a small recording studio in Colorado next Spring. Probably won't be "finished" until 2022 but the soul of the studio is built around a drum kit. I'm glad to read how important percussion is to you. It's good to know that a kindred soul believes that the heart of music is in the rhythm.

Have you ever noticed how children seem to crave the things they are refused? Cultures need to reevaluate what they hold most important. My parents refused getting us instruments because they were loud, not because of our genitalia.

I might add a TL;DR at the end; I am suspected to have ADHD as well but I didn't think of it being a thing. Thanks for suggesting it; I'll measure what to write and then do that.

I'm glad to find a kindred soul as well; I would be glad to talk rhythm and things with you at some point. ^_^

As for cultures needing to reevaluate what they hold most important, I agree. It's arbitrary at best to assign an instrument to a gender or genitalia, and hypocritical and controlling and abusive at worst. Now, a concern that it's loud is legitimate.

Just say when.