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Pronounced "trwa-nix." I dream up meepy dreams full of meep.
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Sad to hear that you won't be participating, but it is understandable. I know some of what you went through last year, and your time will no doubt be stretched thinner this year. Early congrats on the graduation (I know, it's official in July, but still).

My final exams (the electives) take place in the first week of July, after that, it's out to work I go.

Well, at least this might help me brush up on my mixing skills and on my bodhran playing. : )

I don't think I'll be doing NGADM this year either, so that makes two of us haha.

Oh? How come?

It's sad to hear that you won't be competing this year, but I empathize with where you are coming from.

Don't count on another tie in 2014 though. I plan to decisively defeat you. >:)

Strength to strength oppose! I want to see a Battle of the Believers in the 2014 final. I never got to see it in 2012...

I feel like joining but...I'm scared I might be put up against some master composer of some sort and get trashed before the actual contest even get started.

I remember FairSquare v Waterflame wasn't the most balanced battle...... Although: only 32 get past the audition, so that's something to be concerned about too.

Thats sad to hear but understandable..
Good luck with this new stage in your life :)

Thanks <3 I'll be needing as much moral support as I can get from everyone -- job-hunting so far has been demoralising, but I trust that there are many who have been through that stage.

I didn't know there was such a contest going on, interesting. Congrats on last years third place btw!

Thanks <3

I think they held the NGADM since 2007 (regulars, please correct me if I'm wrong). The renown is there: when I went to the NG London Meet earlier this year, and they saw my username, a number of people recognised me as the third-place winner for last year's ADM. If there's one audio competition which people from different portals would be watching, I think this is it.

Composers of songs I presume, not lyrics.

Ha, snooping around as always, I see. Why don't you go prod Kor-Rune too? He's a lyricist; and he was champion of last year's NGADM. You'll probably like him. : )

Blast! It's a shame you won't be competing, granted this will be my first NGADM coming up. :) I'm hoping to place. We shall see if time permits!

I'm counting on *you* to stand and place! I told Camoshark, I'm counting on someone to stand in my stead, and then I mentioned you. There needs to be at least someone with the AMDG spirit taking part.

And, if you should choose to take part in the 2014 one, I'll be looking forward to that. ^_^ Might I add..... I have a few ideal final round opponents, including Bosa and BlazingDragon, but I think top on the stakes goes to you.

Goodness. I hope I don't disappoint... haha

Regardless of what you do: I trust you won't! If anything, it'll be down to the judges and what they have to comment about each individual piece, but your production levels are much higher than mine, and you have the added strong musicality to go with it. At each round it'll be a matter of how one fares against the other, and that's the only thing to worry about.

wow, i never knew about this.

I might give it a shot, if I know everything about it and about it over time.

Sounds fun. I'm think some nice piano playing enhanced with other stuff in Fl studio. Maybe vocals too.

If you do decide to join, I wish you all the best! The pairings for each round will be random, so the key is to learn what your opponent can do... unless he has the tendency to surprise everyone. But also, come up with a track that you can really say is *yours* (I know you can do that ^_^).

I shall carry on the legacy and appear out of nowhere, victorious.

All the best to you! ^_^

I at least have the consolation of knowing that bassfiddlejones is going to be a *judge* rather than a participant.