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Yeah, I can understand why you'd be reluctant to proceed, without an accurate set of headphones. If you can't make the deadlines, don't stress, all good things will happen in good time :)
Have a candy bar, just before an exam, it's guaranteed to help your final score, and good luck!

That's a bit of a headless camera view, you need a bigger room! :P Nice dance though.

I agree, more space is needed.... The willow tree would've been nice, but it had rained and it stank. Thanks though. How did you find the drumming, out of curiosity?

Also, any idea what to do when Windows Movie Maker is giving trouble like I described?

There are drums? :/

I haven't had any similar problem with Windows Movie Maker, so no idea what that could be. Overall though it's a pretty buggy program, but still one of the easiest to use. I've started working more with Avidemux when I don't need fancy transitions. It's free, and that's really the only thing it's missing. It'll also export in better formats than WMV (which is Mocrosoft's own format, and rather old, so not the best size/quality ratio), but maybe it might take a while to get used to. What source files do you use btw? Maybe it's a format that it doesn't really support.

That thing is a playlist -- in some of the takes I actually beat the bodhran, so yes, there is drumming.

Well, the source files were MOV/MP4 converted to WMV. If I imported the MP4s in their raw format, Movie Maker wouldn't support it. So it's come to the point where I'm able to import, I'm able to make collections, but I cannot export the movie. (In addition, I've got a setting on Movie Maker that allows me to export in HD, which is why most, if not all my videos on YouTube are in HD 1080p.)

Does Avidemux export the video files as is, or are the video files watermarked?

Ah, well I only watched the first one. Smile. :) Will go through them some time, right now I'm packing to leave for... a three month vacation! :D

But it is exported as WMV, I guess? I remember exporting in high quality and still not getting that that great quality, but maybe the program has improved since I tried it. Avidemux lets you watermark videos if you like, but it's all completely customizable. The main task of the program is basic editing, just cutting and patching together, but it also has basic filters, lots of export options, etc. It's an easy program to learn to use, i think, but probably hard to really master. I only recently realized that I could cut my video size in half without really affecting quality by using Quantifier 8 on export, but that's an entirely different subject. :)

Alright, I'll look into it. I'm not particularly iffy about cutting my video size in half -- just so long as it's in HD as it almost always is. Hopefully, that bodhran/dance video will be out pretty soon...

And oooo, a vacation. Have fun ^_^