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Hey, an album! That sounds wonderful. Your music hasn't disappointed me, and I've listened to numerous tracks from yourself. Consider me an eagerly anticipating buyer...that is, when the time arrives. :D
I did try and answer to your Tumblr question, but I don't know if it has shown my response. In short: yes. A bodhran + vocal piece sounds like a winning combination.
Finally, your work-in-progress artwork is looking brill so far. I've always been intrigued and interested in the idea of the personification or representation of sins from a Christian perspective. I'm not as familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins, but a personal gaming favourite of mine was 'Dante's Inferno' (based on the Nine Circles of Hell from the Divine Comedy) and that was a very interesting experience, especially with the addition of its chilling score (look up 'Arphe - The Descent')
I kind of shivered when I heard Arphe when going into the Circle of Lust.
It's looking good overall, Troisnyx! Take care and good luck with your creations. :D

Those people need to be slapped in the face, you should never give up on what you love to do unless you feel your heart isn't there. They should be more supportive. Go as far as your heart takes you :)


Please, may I PM you?


I wish I had your motivation, because I view my game development endeavors as a mad race for greed and pride and therefore sinful. I'm going against my morals on here, while your morals are intact. How do you view your own ambitions from the religious point of view?

Let's think about this for a second: what is our ultimate purpose for making music, making games, sharing our stories? Making artwork of any kind? It is true that the inner motivations are necessary to determine how we are disposed towards making artworks. Are our works helping us draw closer to Him, or drawing us apart? If we want them to help us draw closer to Him, we pray hard about them.

I remember when I first had the idea of wanting to go to music school, I didn't have a preference for the sacred, but rather the secular. I wanted to be in the limelight. It was only four years later, in 2011, after hearing the music and seeing the devotion of World Youth Day and crying buckets....... I wanted to do something more with the music I made. After praying about it and sharing what I went through with my parish friends and my chaplain, it became clearer (through discernment) that the purpose of the music etc. is ultimately to spread goodness, beauty and truth -- things of God.

That, and my chaplain also completely rewired my musical understanding. Two things he told me about liturgical music, both hard-and-fast rules: 1) NO PIANO, 2) unless it is an organ voluntary, NO SHOWING OFF. Considering I lack the skill for organ voluntaries, it applies even more (but should apply regardless).

There are times where I am motivated by anger and rage, pride or something else which is not of God -- but you would be able to hear the difference. Take my last NGADM submission from last year, for instance: 'Mio/Homura'. You can hear the singing is angry, and certainly didn't befit what the singing was. These days, it's difficult to conceal my intentions for making music because they will be reflected in my voice and my playing. In a way, that's a blessing: it helps keep the music-making/artwork in check. : )

Thanks for sharing your experience. I realized that I make games to entertain people.
I'll try to deduce something from your reply for my own situation. But really, I'm just blindly rushing in an unknown direction, and I'll have to go through the same discernment myself, as you did.

No worries -- I felt the same at one point. Technically I am blindly treading to grounds unknown with the music I make, speaking for myself... but if we're as little children before our Father, He'll take us to frontiers we never thought we'd explore.

Wait wait wait, link for your album?

I can't preview it on Bandcamp when it's still in draft mode, unfortunately. (That's what I've gotta do when the album is 50% complete.) But it'll be on Bandcamp, and I'll share the link once it's ready. ^_^

Keep working at it- don't let those jerks put you down.

The 'jerks' in question, and sometimes people who are well-intentioned, are putting me down not just for the music, but what I yearn for the life ahead of me. This too, after I had prayed and discerned about it, and sought counsel from people whom I hold close to me. But it is in my weakness that He shines down His glory: I am not giving up.

Awww okay! :D Let me know! ^_^ I'm looking forward to it!

I certainly will. ^_^