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Comments (9)

Always :) I'm here for ya. Hang in there, hope things get better!

Thank you. I will.

God keep you, Troisnyx.
Also I bought a track called 'Declaration' last night, it sounded pretty cool so I downloaded it. :D

I noticed in my e-mail alerts. Thanks! <3 This will come as good news to the rest of Kingdom of Herts!

I pray He keep me. These are frightening times, and I want to retreat into my inner sanctum and find peace.

You'll get back on your feet, eventually. Just keep at it.

I pray that I do. Thanks for standing by me.

If somebody knows how hard life can be, then its me. But you always have to keep in mind that those bad times are limited and its always just a question of time when it will become better again. I think you can really believe in your future. You have so many talents you can be proud of. The most important thing is to keep standing and still be able to hope for the best. Believe in yourself! I keep the fingers crossed that there will be better times for you as soon as possible!

Fingers crossed and hands clasped together, I wholeheartedly believe. There have been many times where I've broken down by just how overwhelming and frightening it is, living each day or each hour as it comes. Yet I still want to trust, ever so much....

Thanks for standing by me!

You've got my support- you've got folks here who know you do good work.

Thank you <3

Yes, the flesh and blood in us would freely
Be compelled to bear this cross:
The deeper the marks that it leaves,
The better it is for our souls.

Come, sweet cross.
Come, sweet cross, I shall say.
My Jesus, always give it here.
If my sufferings ever become too great,
You yourself will help me bear them.
-BWV 244

Morale: be compelled to love the Pain.

<3 I will.

You will forever be in my prayers. May God give you the grace to bear your cross and the knowledge that sharing in the Cross of Christ allows us to participate in the redemption of Man. I, too, am going through a period in my spiritual life where I need to remind myself of this truth every second. Temptation weighs heavily on my shoulders and suffering has come to know me like a friend, yet I offer others the joy and peace I desire without pause. May God give you the strength of a lion and the peace of heaven.

Thank you, Bardash. I pray for the same. <3 It's scary, having to go through something of this magnitude (I dare not spill very many details), but I know God's hand is in all this. He will provide something.

Pax tecum!

I hope you are keeping well, wherever Life may take you, and remember, though it may be a Nightmare &mdash;

All Dreams must end
Naught could e'er be more true
When Dawn doth portend
Day must come e'er anew...