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Trying new things is always good. Working at a radio station sounds like something new for you.

It is, but it's right up my street because during my first two years in university I was involved in Students' Union Media (not the radio side, but I was a vlogger). Sometimes it can be a joy doing things like these! ^_^

This sounds interesting and would be a great way for you to release the 'Troisnyx' sound, were you to pursue it. I can imagine your 'Hey everyone, Troisnyx here!' catchphrase on such a show.
I see Terre Des Hommes Libres mentioned once again. Didn't I tell you that would carry you far? :D
Thank you for replying to my PM and may God keep you.

TDHL has been the defining track thus far -- some tend to prefer Sleep Wrapped in Love (or rather my cover of it, since the original was done by HalcyonicFalconX), but otherwise the slant goes towards TDHL. I haven't had a similarly driving track in my finished works other than this, just yet.

I pray God lead me through this -- I can't say what this might bring or what current circumstances are leading me to, but hopefully Preston will be set on fire pretty soon! x

Cool news.

Best of luck Troisnyx! May God guide you in your discernment.

Thanks <3 I pray He do the same for me. Media can be a tricky thing half the time......

Hang in there, hope all goes well for you :)

I will do. Also, Jay, over the next few days, expect a PM from me -- I've got some things I ought to let you know about.

That sounds fantastic! Hope things will get better for you.

Great news! Congrats!

Cheers -- though it is what *might* happen... x

It's very good if you can find some Work &mdash; most anything, really &mdash; in what you love, especially if it might lead you away from the less-agreeable Day-Job you may have to find. I hope all goes well with the Border Office &mdash; I know there is Justice in the Claim, or else you would not have made it. I find myself unfortunately limited in what I am able to do know, but I believe that there is an old Proverb or somesuch which tells us that the Night is darkest just before Dawn. I hope it is true in your Case.

Don't hesitate to write Messages now and again; though there isn't much I can do, I still can, I hope, give you Encouragement every now and again.

Speaking of which, I ought to write you a message over on NG right away. There's something I believe you ought to know. x

Praying for you, friend. Hang in there. Pax.

Thank you so much! :'( I'll need those prayers coming. There's A LOT for me to contend with.

Pax tecum <3