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ok maybe

Eh, if you'd like, give it a go and see what happens. I like your poetry, so this could prove interesting.

I like when things are announced two months prior because then I might not totally miss it. :P

I'm not sure if I'm in a creative dry spell or not because I've been too exhausted every day to even bother trying to be creative. Exhausted for no reason. It's probably related to my depression and stuff. Doctor says I should take antidepressants, but I reaaaaaaly don't want to take antidepressants.

On the subject of totally missing my post, I posted this weeks back and it seems that you just chanced upon it. I feel the same is happening with everyone, and I wonder what has gone wrong.

As for taking antidepressants:

What are you afraid of? The stigma associated with taking them?

I was very much in the place you were in just months ago; I refused to take them for fear that people would see me as some sort of invalid. Thankfully here in Britain this stigma has largely diminished, but it's not completely gone... there are still going to be people who want to see my kind locked up in a mental asylum.

Depression, like any other mental illness, is due to chemical imbalance in the brain. I hold the view that if something is going to help me positively, and the greater end is going to be beneficial to me and to everyone around me -- if it's going to help me serve others at my best, I take it. If it's not going to kill me or anyone else, I take it. I'm on antidepressants now, and I'm trying to take them regularly.

If, of course, you have a heart condition or something else that is going to be adversely affected by the tablets, then tell the doctor. He's meant to be there to listen and help, not to be condescending and judgmental.

The problem is that I've only been checking my Newgrounds feed once a month. I guess the only things I check regularly are email and facebook.

I don't care what people might think about me. I've been the odd one all my life. People already know I'm crazy. :P

I'm just afraid of antidepressants. It's bad to forget a dose, and the effect it will have on you is unknown until you start taking it. For some people any particular antidepressant can have the opposite effect. I was even warned to be sure to contact somebody if the medication gave me suicidal thoughts. One of my neighbors (I didn't know her) had a really bad reaction to antidepressants and committed suicide.

I have a number of health problems, I'm a very sensitive person, so I'm naturally afraid to try things like antidepressants. Supposedly there are less risky alternatives, though. I do plan to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist again soon to re-evaluate my options. I'm not opposed to medication in general.

Also, the whole "Don't you dare miss a single dose!" thing scares me, especially since I'm the most forgetful person south of the arctic circle.