Multidisciplinary composer, drummer, keyboardist, voxslinger, and music director. Sometimes draws album cover art.
Meeps plenty. Especially loves drumming.
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Oughtta get a Yellow Submarine, then.

There actually IS one in Liverpool...... unfortunately it ain't a real one and people aren't allowed to board it.

We lost some folks in the south US to storms, probably more in the west thanks to drought...
How are the 20th anniversary collab(s) coming along? I signed up for the writing collab, yup.

The audio leg is actually finished -- I couldn't host it or even take part because of a lot of my concerns (including the asylum thing) but @Whirlguy did a wonderful job with the Continue the Song Game, and quite a number of people took part. CTSG is now at animation stage, as far as I'm aware.

Pretty heavy winds in my opinion but the temperature looks normal to me.

The winds are what deterred us from going.

It has been windy in the North West. What have I done to anger God now? Or was it you?!

According to my fiancé, the running joke is that the "Singh field" is responsible for various catastrophes around us. I don't buy that one bit, but you can imagine everyone putting the blame on me. :P

From now on you are the official scapegoat for weather based phenomena. O' the rage that shall be bestowed upon you come the next floods.

...... *sniff* I get it, bring along the hanging, drawing and quartering crew.

I was thinking more along the lines of elder priests clutching their chest with one hand and point at you with the other, livid to the point or tremors, backed by all the right wing media powers of darkness forcing you into a tear filled apology on Sky News with the anchor stopping just short of saying you're a slut.

It's like a modern capital punishment with a medievel, cultish twist.

Thanks be to God that right now, I'm safe from all that. Though I do not doubt there are some who want this sort of thing brought back..

UKIP only got one seat. It's gonna be alright.

Hohohoho, and now what are we seeing from them lot..... interesting to say the least.

They'll go the way of the BNP and descend lower then the joke vote they were to a forgotten casually racist acronym. I wonder what the letters of hate will be for the 2020 election. I hope it crosses over from the porn world.

Thing about UKIP is that it's the party where no one knows what it really stands for. Okay, you're gonna get us out of the EU -- and then what? A promise of prosperity sounds awfully suspect coming from ANY party. Also, Farage may be a clever man, but the people in his party have landed in scandal after scandal for racist, xenophobic and misogynist remarks. It's sad that people even think that way these days; it's just not right.