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@Lich here. I'm available for 'Power Fry' Vocals.

Noted. Also noted that death whistle of yours. <3

Haha, thanks for putting the Death Whistle down aswell! I'm actually using it for a Commander Terrorsekt song project which we should have uploaded at some point.

Another service I offer from time-to-time is 'Artifact Healing', which is where I can dive down into WAV recordings people send to me and manually 'heal' (remove) isolated artifacts such as unwanted pops, clicks and minor clipping. Just another thing to add me into if it's alright ;)

Thank you. I must add an extra section into this thing about mixing and mastering help.

Thanks for the shoutout! :D
I appreciate it :)


I'd like to forcibly include @raggd46 to the list of vocalists. He's got a fine voice.

Thank you.

And speaking about your singing, have you got any other language capabilities? 'Twill be nice to list, I thought.

I'm a vocalist as well, but I'm happy with not having that on the list since I'm rather careful about what I sing. In other news, I also play mandolin and octave mandolin (you might know this as a short scale Irish bouzouki).

Noted. Thank you!

I think Xtrullor can play Violin ! :)

Can he now? @Xtrullor? :O

I'll sign in as a violinist and as a person capable of mixing and mastering projects into life.

Lovely to have you on board!

It's posts like these that make you an awesome member of the audio portal

I certainly don't feel it, but thank you so much. <3

@jaysummers759885 is an excellent guitarist as well.

Both acoustic and electric, I take it? I put his name down in the electric section so far.

Well i think i have to correct something: I also played violin in the past and a few other instruments like recorders etc. I also had years of classical singing training. But i am mainly a pianist - thats what i would call my core competence :D

Ooooo. Do you mind me listing the whole lot down, or do you want to focus on your main instrument? (Thanks for clearing this up by the way. <3)

Lets just take the piano - the other stuff doesnt really matter IMO :3

Alright then! 'Tis done. :D

I think that @AliceMako and @etelik do have a good knowledge in mastering and mixing and in audio engineering in general. Vocals: @Hania . Guitar: @JacobCadmus , @Kor-Rune

I know Kor-Rune does electric, but Jake? Does he do both, or acoustic / electric?

Thanks for the name mentions by the way; I'll put them in right away.

Hm i at least think he also does electric. Not totally sure - but almost totally :)

I do have him on Skype; I'll double-check with him before I put it up. I'll be sure to do it in the morning though; I do know that he comes on around the time I attempt to get out of bed... ^_^'

I've been singing vocals for years, and while it's not a particularly musical avenue I've also done plenty of voice acting and narration jobs.

Incidentally, while headphoamz is a truly talented vocalist and pianist, Elspeth hasn't even been on Newgrounds in over a year. She's been really busy with various and sundry VA responsibilities and only posts to her YouTube channel about once a month or so. Just FYI. :)

Noted. headphoamz has been removed from the list for the time being. Have you got extra language capability that I need to note onto the list? It'd be nice for anyone searching.

Thanks for the shout out! Great to have made the list :D

Anytime. The more the merrier, I think. : )

@SoundChris @Troisnyx yes I do both acoustic and electric.

Noted. Thank you so much. <3

Can't have a vocal list without this hottie: @vgsongbird

Done. Thank you. <3

Thanks for adding me to the list. Yes, electric guitar, one of my favorites actually ;)
Ukulele too.
You may add me to the bass guitar too mentioning that I can record a fretless or a normal one. Soon to add a bass ukulele.

I was about to say, don't you also sing? In a few languages too?

Actually I only play piano. Not guitar. Sorry...

Whoops. Correcting that right away!

Excellent question! Besides English I can also speak (or sing) French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. My Mandarin is also passable, though - as is also the case with Japanese - there would need to be an English alphabet version to read from. Sadly, my knowledge of Asian characters is rather limited.

No problem. Should I put in Mandarin and Japanese as well?

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