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Comments (8)

I just prayed for the best results for you and your loved ones.

Hope you guys recover soon from this terrible news.

I hope so too...

With you in thoughts and prayer. Stay strong!

We'll do our best...

I am so sorry troisnyx. . . I will send my deepest thought and prayers for you, seán, and his mother. . . I hate the fact that cancer can really hurt you in a lot of ways :'(

I know. And I can only imagine just what it's like for the families dealing with it, for the sufferers themselves.

I am very sorry for the sad situation you and your beloved ones are in right now. Keep being strong - i know how hard it is. My dad also has reached the end stage, sleeps about 19 hours a day, almost can´t eat or drink anything anymore (he refuses to) and also doesn´t tell us his current weight since a few weeks. Meanwhile he even says that he would prefer to pass soon instead of having to continue to fight a hopeless fight and giving concerns to me and my mother :( ...

It is really hard but i do think that the very best we all can do is just to try to arrange life as normal as possible and to try to involve our beloved ones as much as we can in positive moments (which is nearly impossible in that late stadium we are in but stil possible in your fiance´s situation) to at least give them a tiny break from all the despair and sorrow.

I really hope for you that - even against all odds - she stil can be cured. Miracles - at least sometimes - do happen and i hope one will also happen for you!

I'll keep the prayers coming for you and your family as well. Thank you.

I can imagine the low point it brings people to though. :( I mean, if I who am relatively healthy apart from mental issues have thoughts like these, I just don't know what the sicker sufferers deal with. Still, though, I gotta say, you're quite the fighter.

I wish you, Sean and his family all the best. I hope you guys can have as much time together as a family.

I very sorry to hear that...so much for someone like me. I will send all the positive thoughts i could, even if it's just a bit to what you guys are suffering right now ;(
@dem0lecule i didn't know that...guess you didn't want to tell that to me

I think dem0 mentioned it in his newsposts. You may not have noticed them, but they are there. He actually tells of his condition, his coping mechanisms and all sorts.

Sending positive vibes
Y'know, i have cancer too, but it's takes too damn long to develop, so it will take me around 30 years to die
But i understand how it is

Aye... Bet your family / friends are worried about this too. :(

My friends yes, but my family is dead

I remember you wrote about it in your newspost. Push comes to shove, consider your friends your new family. It's worth having one, especially made up of those whom you feel are close to you.

My family, I may as well consider dead.