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I don't know you but hang in there, think of all the good things in your life, at least 5, that helps me. Just really think about it and even say it aloud. I appreciate this, i have that, i love this, etc. It really helps you center yourself and keep on pushing along. There will be better days.

Fxxk you,you're not alone.
You have over 500 fans man.

Swearing at me is only going to give me a turn for the worse. Please say what you actually mean, and mean what you actually say.

A person can feel quite distant from his fans, which also explains the many suicides that have happened. But I'm grateful that some of these fans are my friends.

Stay strong. As you said it's not something unique to you. Take comfort in a friend, if you can't open up to them who can you.

All my thoughts and hope you smile soon.

nonononononono! It doesn't have to go this Way, Just Think of Calm And Happy Thoughts or do something that would Keep you happy! Read a book, Play a game on a console, Cook something New, Or just watch a Horrible Comedy Show That you can Actually laugh at for being Horrible!

I have gone through this a thousand times And i don't even know why im still standing on my own two feet Alive! It would affect me Very Deep If something Bad Did Happen to you!

I know we have Only Talked once on Skype, And You haven't Actually See what my face Looks Like, But for some reason I know this would hurt me So Badly if something did bad happen to you That I don't even Know Why It Would!

Please stop thinking About it. . . And your not alone. . .

It comforts me to know you've been through this and are alive. I'll try to follow your lead.

What the ass? You're pretty, you can make music and you can sing. And you can play drums. That's more than can be said for me. You've got a lot more to live for than I do.

It's come to a point that, when these are persistently not recognised and I'm not given self-worth despite my efforts, I feel despair, and it's really strong in me.

It may not seem like it given my fan count on NG, but I am a small fry. Nothing wrong with that... Now imagine you have great imagination and great plans, but you can not bring them to life because no one will accept you. You're either too old, an outsider or something else, but they won't consider you. And that's how it's been for as long as I have lived.

I want that to change, but I find myself powerless.

I have suicidal thoughts and thirst to kill people, cause i'm a diagnosed sociopath and trust me, you must have a reason to have suicidal thoughts
Example: I have suicidal thoughts, cause i wanna hurt people, but i can't do that... so only solution is to kill myself
Your thoughts are not real, you have over 530 fans (I'm not one) and even if you don't have real friends, that doesn't mean anything
I have tons of friends in real life, but still i want to kill them and myself


Despair is a powerful enough reason for a lot of people. Don't be thick.

You don't need to worry about what other people think. Whatever you do, there will be people who like it and people who don't. To find the recognition you seek, I recommend spamming social media as much as you can.
Adam Young, also known as Owl City, started in his parents' basement using Reason and a microphone. If he can do it, anyone can.

Aah, good ol' Owl City. I'll do my best with it, at any rate... and if I ever feel this kind of despair again, I'll reach out again.

Yeah, you just need to keep your head up.
Also, Daft Punk started out on a Casio keyboard. If they can do it, anyone can.
And more advice if you're trying to get your talent recognized: try other channels. I heard that people look for both beats and vocal skill on Soundclick. Not sure if that's the right avenue for you, but it's worth looking into.

Hey Cheer up , you were by my side when i was through this ,I wont let that happen to u .It's just a crazy phase it will pass .Til then have something that'll soothe your nerves like dark chocolates. Watch some movies probably plan a tv series/movie marathon and watch it through out the day.In simple words just take a Break. It's quite necessary to clear out the block

Thanks. I owe it to you for encouraging me in these dark hours.
I'm watching Chuggaaconroy now, playing ukulele and just trying to unwind.

Stay strong, we all who got to know you (more or less) we love/ appreciate/ positively envy you.

Oh Mihai, I'm just grateful. *hug* Thank you. I know it's distressing to have these thoughts, but I often don't realise how far-reaching they can be.

How are your wife and child doing?

I still can't remember where I found this but...

Think about what your future will hold and how bright it is. You're defined by who you'll be in the future, not by who you are now.

We're all supporting you.

Thank you.

On a side note, since I'm currently not able to log in to Discord, have you received the project stems for Deep Blue?

I went through this, and I am kinda still. But I cut to calm myself down from stressful stuff. But I stopped for now.

The sad thing is that when I self-harmed, I didn't do so with the intent of calming down. I did so with the intent of opening up a wound so big that it would drain the very lifeblood out of me. While I have calmed down now, I'm still prone to thoughts like these. Let us encourage each other then, because I guess we kinda need it.

it's crazy how our online personalities can mask our real-life feelings. you don't face it alone, i've had these thoughts for the majority of my life and even acted on them once. you have a community of people here who appreciate you and would never want to see you hurt yourself. if you're not already, see a therapist, and if not that, open up to someone you can trust. expressing these feelings to someone and knowing that they understand can help a lot. i know it can be hard to do that, but depression is something that can be overcome or at least dealt with. PM me if you feel like it, i've been told by many that i'm a good listener. i hope things get better for you.

Are you Skypeable by any chance? PM me if you are. I may not be able to voice- or video-call, but I can at least put down in text (to a degree) as to what's going on. I think there's more than depression afoot, and many people from whom I have asked help feel out of their depth.

Yes, I got them. Sorry for not responding at the time, I got caught up doing other stuff.

Alot of people are here, and care about you during this hardship :).

Just so you know. My new version of my Portal 2 Remix is out.

I've only begun to dive into your music. As someone who enjoys music of this nature I say don't do anything rash, your talent is superb. But that's not the issue.

No words can help you from people on the internet. But people in your life can. Find it in yourself to talk to the people around you. Don't forget something: you are loved. Not your music. You.

Keep at it. And don't give up. Ever.

Whenever I feel like hanging myself. I think of all the movies and games I will miss out if I die. Gets me back on track.

Also, I recommend leting off some steam to regenerate yourself. Do something crazy, something that will cheer you up. :)