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The game looks great and the soundtrack sounds awesome :) good job! Yes, we need more good mods like you guys, kudos to them. Sucks to hear GD is becoming a worse issue than it already has been. I'm so sorry to hear about...well you know :( I'm sure that's hard to talk about. But I am glad you're doing better than you were an things are looking up for you. You're a talented person <3 keep up the beautiful work.

I was actually planning on doing a year in review post myself, but probably after Christmas. Be well! :)

Thanks, I'll do the best I can to help on keeping the audio portal clean (º- º )b

I've suffered child abuse, but I use it to my advantage instead of feeling sorry for myself.

Actually, having doubly been through child abuse and rape, I find @EDM364's response a lot more constructive. Talking about the pain helps me. If you are not that kind of person, it is well and good -- just don't assume what others are thinking or feeling.

So bittersweet, to see your smiling face with that long-drum and know that it, like music and the Lord himself, represents your only escape from a pain you will likely feel for a lifetime. I have no words that can make that better, but I'm here for you should you need an ear.

Re: GD and modship, if you make that petition, I will sign the fuck out of it -- at least to have the game rolled back before the 2.1 update or something. What RobTop has left us with is an absolutely irresponsible mistake -- letting such a cancerous, entitled community such as the young smartphone users of this generation abuse our portal, and we'll be the ones to pay for it. Used to be, someone who asked to be scouted wanted to be a part of our community. Now it's mostly illegitimate content and pirated music. And no one outside NG seems to see anything wrong with this. People are acting like we're YouTube with its lumbering content ID bots that make sure certain content isn't "monetized", or if it is, it goes straight to labels' pockets. We're not them. We're human.

Imo, if GD were removed from the Play Store, App Store, and Windows Store, that'd be great. The users on Steam in general don't seem to have this big entitlement issue, but we're fighting the bad apples out of 3 bunches of smartphone users, and @Zhenmuron rarely updates or comes around NG. He's likely unaware of the problems his 2.1 update has caused, if he even cares, and I for one am not comfortable with the fact that these custom levels download songs from NG (and serve up ads in between levels in the free version) without passing along any of the earnings to the musicians.

Oh, and before I go, @hyperrobotz16, this is probably the exact opposite of what she needs to hear and kind of a dick move to say. Child abuse =/= rape, unless it was actually rape, and even still, different people deal with pain in different ways. Let her talk about her pain if she needs to. You can just skip the paragraph. It's the internet, Christ's sake.

I'm so sorry. Child abuse is the worst crime. I had some minor abuse from the kindergarten teacher, and I was too young to remember it. According to my parents, he did something sexually to me. But to suffer it for long time is despicable. I hope you find peace now, and wish you have no more suffering. :(

The GD issue is problematic. I feel like the game author ignored this problem on purpose. He was deep pocket in making ad money from the game, no way he will pull it out now. And to the people who argue that GD brought new users to NG, it's bullshit. I'll sign that petition 5 times over to get rid of this shit.