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Do not blame the game or Robert. Play the game first and then you'll change it all differently.

No, I have played the game before through my fiancé's phone. I still hold the exact same views.

So you played the game...

Would it better i've the game gets a new system? RobTop would be the one, who choose the songs, that are allowed.

Do you like the game? It would be better if you talk with Lord RobTop himself.

I don't like how it ends, so...

Yes, stealing other songs for Geometry Dash makes me angry, but hey. Please, Steam is enough, please give us the mobile versions, this end is just...i'm just sad :(

I could cry, but i have no person who talk with me, i could cry for my entire life... Unnecessary, please to with Robert Topala.

We tried. For THREE YEARS.
It finally took that petition for something to happen.

Just dont blame the game. I also feel angry to people upload pirated songs. If GD is a human, the the song pirates are the cancer cells.

The ridiculous responses you've been receiving even in the face of pointing all this out just sort of proves our point, doesn't it? Well done writing this post. All of this needed to be said, because some people just don't get it.

I'd leave the petition up until changes are in place. The game violates our rights UNTIL it no longer requires us to totally disable downloads to disallow use in GD despite ALREADY selecting non-commercial licenses. Without pressure I suspect there will be no change except for disallowing IDs of RealFaction's music, which is the lazy route that has been taken so far to "solve" any issues.

Oi... somebody remembers me. <3

((No, I'm not coming back... just a surprise hello))

Do you know that Robtop works alone in his game?

No, @BrentHeMan works with him.


Waterflame's response, in case you missed it

Excuse me but ya'll thinking about yourselves. Have you ever thought about the innocent kids playing geometry dash on their pc's not minding the issue about your music being illegally downloaded? Just because you're trying to contact RobTop for "three years" and not getting a reply means that you want to eliminate geometry dash for good. RobTop is an indie gamedev. If you don't know what an indie gamedev means then i suggest you search it on google. Being an independent (there i said the un-abbreviated word for indie) game developer requires A LOT of time to make your game. Making your game for 24/7. Even i myself can't get in contact with robert topala himself via email. Nobody else can i believe. And you're just here ranting about wanting geometry dash taken down? Geometry dash was born in 2013 if i can recall correctly. Robert himself and only himself has been developing it for 5 years. Imagine deceloping your game "for people to enjoy" for 5 years and until one day your game that you've been working really hard on gets taken down on a game store. And you guys want it down for not getting a reply on an email regarding illegally downloading music for 3 years? I won't even care about that.

Most musicians in newgrounds... wait lemme change that... around the world including non-newgrounds musicians make music because their fans enjoy it. Waterflame remained neutral to this situation, not picking anyone's side. Xtrullor is mad at the gd community because of Waterflame, not people illegally downloading his music. Maybe you're the one who's in it for the money, not them.

Speaking of Nintendo, maybe Cartoon network's next... ;) if there will be a hot fix, IT WOULD TAKE LONG TO MAKE IT HAHAHHAAH... like I said ROBTOP WORKS ALONE hahahaha... Keep it up Rub and NG

To rephrase everything that i said in my previous comment

It's not your petition that got gd taken down on steam. It's not even your website that was responsible. It's just robtop himself who took it down. Him and your website are just fixing the ways how audio works on geometry dash. So get that in your pretentious little head.

I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't like you after I saw the petition and how you responded to people in the comments. After reading this, though, I can see where you're coming from a bit more.
Like I said, I suggest a "usable in GD" setting. that artists can enable or disable whenever they upload a song. Honestly, I don't know why it wasn't like that from the beginning.

Ok. Sorry for being so hateful to you mods out there on newgrounds on my previous comments. But taking down geometry dash itself from steam IS NOT A VIABLE SOLUTION. Come on, you're mods. You can do more than just that. Not everyone uploads copyrighted songs.

Ya know what i'd suggest? Put a big fat warning for everytime they try to upload a song. But considering that (i assume) kids don't just read warnings, then I don't know what more i can think of. You're mods, you've got to be smarter than i am. Please reply if you can, i would like to know your thought.

All is well, all is forgiven.

Warnings have indeed been put in place but you are spot on: they ignore these warnings. There is even now a banner to be put in place but we are more than certain it will not work.

While I agree you have to go from the ground up, the 3 year silence and the ignorance led us to send shockwaves.

What is being worked on now is a hotfix by BrentHeMan and RobTop, but as of this point, it is being kept under wraps and we do not yet know what it is.

Read this point and had to laugh:
"5. MYTH: RobTop spent a year or so on his game and you musicians only spent 2-3 weeks on your pieces at most, therefore he should be getting all the funding and not you."

Even if it only took 2-3 weeks to write a particular piece, it took the composer/producer their whole life to write that piece. Without the knowledge acquired and years of practice to get to the point to writing that piece, it wouldn't exist. Those years before composing are vital to be able to get that voice and sound for their music. Time spent not writing does not deduct from one's composing life. Moreover, it is even necessary before a piece is even conceived. Music doesn't make the composer, but rather it is the composer that makes the music. Well, duh.

I'm going to be updating my post to reflect this. Our outpouring of frustration and suffering of digital slings and arrows is not for nothing.


I will update it when I get back onto my PC.

I got TRIGGERED because of all these myths.

Hehehehe, what did you expect, a trigger warning? I don't do trigger warnings mate. Maybe others do, but I personally don't.

Take your time. To his credit, Rob did basically tell people to STFU hating on us

And he was proactive about it from what I heard. Props.

idk how dumb most of our community is to you guys but i never believed any of those myths. hopefully you understand that even if you saw some dumb gd players commenting stupid stuff, we're not all the exact same and there are people in this community that aren't completely braindead. i dont care about anything else besides that you know that every single person in the community is not as stupid as the ones you see.

I did mention, there are level-headed, garden variety GD players, but in light of everything that has happened, they seem to be overshadowed by hatred.

Very happy an amicable agreement was reached, but disappointed with how the Geometry Dash community has handled this situation. It's a shame to be associated with the community in any way here, since any logic is eclipsed by the sheer immaturity of many involved. I stand by my claim that GD is full of decent people, but based on immediate material evidence, that's not a claim I can really back up.

I'm glad musicians' rights are being defended here, despite the drama, and proud to call myself a member of the audio portal.

Likewise, I am glad too. Hug?

Being in the firing line by many of these uncouth people, I cannot help but think that the decent people are a minority, but again, I am open to being wrong on this.

Alright, I agree with most of these points, although there are a few I would like to address.

First of all, yes. Music does make the game, and it would be more bland without it. The base of the game used songs that were approved by the creators. People would have been fine with using just those. They dealt with it for about two years before RobTop implemented the custom music mechanic. Now that there will be an option to choose for music not to be used in Geometry Dash, it shouldn't be a problem. I think your logic is a bit skewed when you say that the musician deserves their wages. Let's think about that for a second. The game is normally two dollars. There are 21 songs that are hardwired into the game, all of which have the artist's approval. There are also the game mechanics and art. Those three things make up the majority of the game. Now, if you do the math, the amount the musicians get would be minuscule, and I mean a fraction of a cent for each copy of the game sold. It's a genuine concern that musicians get something in return, but paying them that little would be close to doing nothing.

Now, the second thing I have more of a problem with. You, as moderators of this website, represent the website. Your actions and responses become the website's actions and responses. No matter how much Tom can say that Newgrounds is not responsible, the moderators, especially RealFaction, EDM364, and yourself showed that Newgrounds was responsible. You also generalized the Geometry Dash community and then proceeded to say pretty mean things about them. If this website got taken down, I'm positive some members of this community would be just as hostile as members of the Geometry Dash community were. You say you want us to make up to each other, and you have what you wanted, but I have yet to see an apology from any of the moderators, especially one from yourself. You've had your justice. Now it's time to say sorry.

You may ask why you need to apologize. It's quite simple actually. You acted on your own, and quite ignorantly for that matter. Just because RobTop hasn't responded to you in two years doesn't mean he's not trying to fix the problem, but you assumed that he didn't care. It's been made quite obvious that he was working on a solution. It's also been made quite obvious that TomFulp didn't hear about this, because he posted a couple things about it on his Twitter. Maybe you should have tried more than one solution to the problem you think you're having?

I mean no disrespect or ill will with this post. I feel that since you have what you wanted and you started a bigger problem with it, you along with a couple others should apologize. That doesn't mean the Geometry Dash community was justified in saying what they did. They weren't. In the end though, words are words and the posters are just kids hiding behind their monitors. You were the one that took action, and for that I feel you should at least let them know that you acted on your own. You, by doing this, caused the whole Newgrounds website to go under a lot of fire.

So if you'd really like recuperation, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Negligible ad revenue is STILL ad revenue, and Newgrounds is very strict about this sort of thing. I still get my few cents' worth from each song here where ads are enabled, and believe me, especially for a popular artist, it does add up. If for me, who has only 555 fans, it can get to about $10, how much more will it be for someone who has 10,000+?

I did not act on my own, by the way. I acted with a lot of support from EDM364, and a number of regulars. The other mods tacitly gave me their support too. And it wasn't just me who tried to contact him over three years. @EDM364 did. @NekoMika monitored his postings and tried to find a decent time to communicate with him, but no joy. If I recall correctly, @GDHexhammer and @BlueAlpha tried to contact others on the forums who would get in touch with him over the same issue.

It's nice to see that you raise these points -- but as far as I am concerned, I did what I felt was right. I, too, went under the line of fire, not just Newgrounds. In fact, I took most of the flak for standing up for those issues in probably what was the only way to get this resolved for good. Anyone who was trying to contact a person who had in his hands the key to the solution of one's problems would be desperate if their contact failed for so long.

Or put it this way: if you had an acquaintance, and only he could help you with a major issue you had, and no one else, because he had the capability, would you not go ballistic if he didn't respond for so long?

I take responsibility, yes -- but no way am I apologising for something which is effectively right.

ok, that is good enough for me. thanks for being aware that the community isn't all bad :)


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