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Keep it up, no matter what. That is your resolve, and it won't be nameless. Frankly, it already isn't. :)
We breathe legacies every day. Whether we choose to embrace them or not, in the end, it is only up to ourselves.

Ah, so this sums up what you said to LLT. Being weak and letting your dreams be crushed isn't going to help you ever pursue them. It was kinda sad reading this, but there's a powerful message behind it.

Things will get better as long as you push through it. Don't take shit from anybody. I sure as hell don't, and neither should you.

growing up for many young immigrants in a households that full of ignorant, in stranger lands, was the hardest time. i feel you. don't ever give up. no matter how fuck up life was, and is. every time you look back you saw pain and sorrow, but now you think about how much better your life in the moment. use the present as your leverage to get yourself better, and to keep a reason for fighting.

To many of those in the bottom, hope may seem to be contagious, but it's not. there is never a bad thing to have hope. it's the fighting mechanism in your body to cope with despair. don't let fear and pain consume your hope.

troisnyx, you are a very strong person. and i firmly believe you will have a better life. your lifemate and people around you care about you. use these as your reason to fight on!

Hey! I did what you suggested! :) Comic Strip comedy art!

A bit better. Try taking a look at @ChazDude's stuff for more pointers.

It is better that you can see actions one after the other, so that's something.

I find many important things in this post to learn and apply to our lives.
I don't know major details of your life more than the ones described in this post, but It feels that you have understood some of the essence of life itself.

I am not a strong person. Even though my life haven't been so hard, I have been dragged to an awful depression for years, and for a long time I thought there was no escape from that. That life would be just a repetition of a deathly cycle for as long as it lasts. That there was no reason to fight, or to stand for myself.
But here you say an essential thing that I have found,strangely but happily, in many people who have confronted horrible things. To stand up, tho believe in your own value, and to tell a mercyless world that you are there. To express that you are alive.