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Pronounced "trwa-nix." I dream up meepy dreams full of meep.
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Comments (12)

Amazing piece!!!!! You're really brave and strong for what you're doing. I'm honored to be in your "skin" piece :) thank you. Would be cool if it became a skin. Beautiful song. :) You know, i'd be interested to make a song with elements like this with you but a hiphop beat, like sampling from you, with a vibe like this. Proud of you, be proud of what you've accomplished. You're an amazing musician, I swear that better get frontpaged. Amazing piece.

Thank you so much <3
Mio/Homura was as much a labour of love as it was a prayer, an outpouring, a battle to face demons. I'm really touched by what you've said. Thank you.

As for the skin, do you know of anyone else I can include, and what I could use to represent them visually? @F-777 and @Lockyn for example, they have glyphs but nothing that I could turn into a human representation, unless it was an above-face mask, like this one:


(I mean, the heart mask on Sora's face for example)

Maybe I should gather together images of what people might look like, or how they visualise themselves online or musically in general, and then come back to the skin piece...

(specifically 4:57, but more with a steady rhythm, would sound cool. If you're interested xD)

I don't mind!
(*gasp* Sacrilege -- what is Troisnyx getting into, hip-hop? :O)

Naw, but in all seriousness, I don't mind at all. I have a bit more of a Coolio feel, lush instrumentation but otherwise having a strong groove. ^_- So yeah, I guess I can slowly warm up to hip-hop, yeah.

NG skin potential looks cool and congrats on the engagement~ :)

Engagement anniversary, you mean~ Thank you, meep!

I love your new song! You always have such a cool ethereal vibe to your music :D

Glad to hear all is going well.

AND omg I'm extremely flattered to be included in your NG artist collage! I think some other good ones would be @midimachine, @windluxmusic, @sorohanro, @robsoundtrack, @KgZ. There's tons of others but the mentioned are some of the most talented people I've come across here

Do they have any human representations (avatars like yours), or photos I can base the drawings on? If you know of any, please send them over!

I've decided to do a more dynamic skin, having people actually DOING things, featuring A-Bot, Darnell who was also mascot for the Audio Portal, etc., etc. The idea is that next year, NG's Audio Portal celebrates its 15th anniversary. So I figured summat big was in store.

definitely include dem0lecule (known as @SnowTeddy now), and @ForgottenDawn. As for the hiphop thing, I mean like you could just do your thing like you did with this song with 4:57 something similar but with a steady tempo, and I could do the rest :P I'm magic like that. Seriously, would love to make that with you. :D would be an interesting experiment.

If you're interested though I'd have to wait till you did your part, so if you want to let me know when you finish it xD take your time. Your music is awesome.

oh and @Bad-Man-Incorporated

that jordi francis guy sounds like a hoot

Oh yeah <3 He is indeed.
Skin idea number 2 had the medieval instrumentalists together *coughcoughthatjordifrancisguywasnexttomecough*.

I'm not even set on how the skin looks like, though. : ( I want to discard idea number 2 and play around some more. We have a year to finish this.

You never cease to amaze me. What you're doing is great and I'm happy to see you excel in your life -- both professionally and personally :)

Eh, personally at least. I don't really have a profession yet, if recent posts are any indicator. I've just done it for love of the music, with no fiscal recompense. Still, thank you -- it means a lot to me that you say what you do.

This is so flattering! Awesome to see the audio portal is being given some love at last.

I should probably note that I have changed my official logo a good while ago.
I must admit though, the previous face was quite iconic for quite some time.

Congratulations on the milestone! Thank you for the mention - unfortunately I don't really have something to put towards a face as you said, but I appreciate your thinking of me anyways. I'm looking forward to how the NG skin turns out. Best of luck to you for everything.

hey thanks for the s/o @zstriefel

if you wanna draw me trois that'd be cool! check out theeeeeeese human representations: https://www.facebook.com/midimachine/media_set?set=a.1395505216296.2055957.1492192979&amp;type=3 also i have a drawing of my face as my avatar now so that's neat i guess!

That's quite something. Thank you! I'll decide on skin idea #3 and then actually fit everyone in, yourself too.

:O this is gonna be awesome.

Hmm, what is? C: