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Woah,that's a pretty drastic step you're taking there.From what you've written,I am assuming that you're frustrated by the lack of support you've gotten for all you've done(which I say is a great pity) and the lack of a breakthrough(which I also assume,either refers to paid work people request from artists nowadays or that you feel your art style is same old,same old).

It's prefectly normal for artists to feel that way in this competitive world,in fact,everyone no matter what they're doing,there's always be some kind of competition or at least a need to be recognised.Just thinking about this is enough to kill the love one has for her/his work but are you really sure about giving it all up?It may sometimes feel like all the work and time you put into your work come to nothing but with over 600 fans and the reviews you got in your work,you came quite a long way.An artist puts her/his passion into her/his work and your artworks show that A LOT.Even if you don't earn anything for it,I think it's a real pity if you gave up doing what you love.I'm not really sure what really caused you to feel this way(I'd love to hear more of your story) but sometimes,maybe all you need is a break to refresh your mind.

I worked all my life trying to draw.
I had parents who abused me for getting last place in contests, something that I couldn't help. But from that point on, I never got a break.

My primary function on Newgrounds is to be a musician, not a visual artist. That's where I get the bulk of my followers. I mean, everyone loves what they hear but not what they see from me.

If you poured all your heart and soul into something and no one gave a shit, is there any point in continuing anymore? And so it is with my visual art. This needs to end.

"If you poured all your heart and soul into something and no one gave a shit, is there any point in continuing anymore?"

as with most things in life, if you enjoy it, yes.

My friend, I don't just enjoy art for the sake of itself.
I enjoy the act of sharing, baring my soul, with others. When reciprocated, it means the sharing, the act, is appreciated. When no one gives a shit, you're just talking to a wall. How can I enjoy talking to a wall?

I'm sorry to read about your childhood and the sad truth is that this still happens today.It's hard to forget those times.You have a point there-most artists(composers and artists) don't get recognised for their works during their lives and this can be a real downer.Given your tough childhood,it must be hard for you to relive happy moments in your childhood in your work or as S3C above wrote,if you enjoy it,just do it.Don't do it for recognition but do it because you want to.And this is not only about the love for making music,it's actually about who you are.If you want to be a musician,so be it.Try to see it as something that makes you YOU.Never mind about what others may think of your work,at the end of the day,you just made another idea come to life and that to any artist,is more precious than any reward.If you still get troubled by these thoughts,give yourself time off to not think about it(or anything that troubles you) until you're ready to decide your next steps.Take care and good luck!

See my response to S3C above. And for all I know, you probably haven't paid much attention to the stuff I've drawn anyway, so what's it to you? (Not trying to be nasty; just an honest question.)

I'm a subscriber to autotelism, so I believe that when something is done, the reward is the act in and of itself. of course, i'm far from perfect in following such an ideology so like you to a certain degree, I want my art to be shared with others. And yes, a major function of art is communication. But it's never been the primary motivation for me. but I find it hard to believe that there's never been points in your life where you've sat down and made a drawing for fun and/or just because it looked cool, or played your bodhran or whatever musical instrument because you wanted to express something or listen to something pleasing that comes from within.

There have been times, but with art it's been much harder to just do it for the sake of itself. Music, I can just get down to the beat, for instance (the bodhrán, the long drum), and it feels like an exercise in passion, meditation and self-restraint at various points in time.

hey there. maybe there wouldn't be a single person left on this world, but you still draw. don't draw for people because they are entitled and full of selfish, instead you draw for yourself. draw for your life. do it because you want to do it. do it to express, escape and embrace your own world. your paintings are your memories. it will not for competition, it will not for profit. just expression.

i never went to art school and i learned to draw from scribbling everything down anywhere i could draw on. i did mural in my mother's room 100x100 sq space, where my ass was never the same after every painting on her walls. I did graffiti and get chased by security because it's a way to kill boring time. I draw and paint, the same way I did music, is to relief myself of stress from the world around me.

if you want to collab on music or art, we could do it sometime. anytime you wish. get well soon. we can talk on skype, discord or just plain PM.

That would be lovely! I'll probably dash you a PM some point today.

Sometimes it feels good to give up. Maybe you'll come back to it later feeling refreshed.

Maybe...... I cannot say for sure...

Sorry to hear you stopping drawing. At some point I was planning on bringing The Interviewer to an end. I'm thinking about keeping it going some more though. Just a lot has come up recently. Sometimes you just need to drop something. You have the passion and the skill that is no lie, it will most likely creep back in with you.

Honestly I would suggest you get in touch with @Sabtastic here on Newgrounds. She's a great artist and an extremely kind individual. Even if you don't decide to draw anymore, that will be fine, but I think talking to her could help out tremendously.

I would like to. Can I PM you, @Sabtastic?

eeeeh don't worry about it, just do it if you like it, i can recommend a fantastic book that will make you improve like a ton ton tons in a week or less called "drawing on the right side of the brain" it's a nuka bomb for artists.

i wouldn't reccomend doing it to "get good or get recognition" it's pretty funny how less you care about impressing people more you actually do impress them in the end.

do what you enjoy and don't worry about anything. worked for me so far at least.

It's really up to you, but personally, I've loved what you've done in terms of visual art, even if I don't say it out in the open. Hell, you're at a level I can only dream of, but I'm happy just watching and viewing from the shadow left over me. I don't mind it at all. That said, when you're known for one thing, it is pretty hard to get noticed for much else. Most everyone knows me for my remixes (both good and bad), but not my art, not my YouTube channel, nothing. Sadly, the one thing people know me for is the one thing I've been struggling with the most.

If you feel it's the best step to take, it's not up to anyone else but you to make that decision. However, do know that some people will be quite sad to see more from such talented hands as yours, myself included.

I will think long and hard about this; looking to only do so in a massively limited state but even then, still asking myself questions as to whether it's worth it sometimes.

That's about as much as anyone can ask for, honestly. All in all, it's your call. You do what you feel is best. No matter what you do, I will still be rooting for you from behind the rafters.