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IPA: /tʁwɑ.niks/ || Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, writer. Member of ARM Circle. Drummer with The Just Numbers.
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Comments (4)

Man, I wish I had a drum kit like that. That's really neat that you have it, I envy you xD

I know the feeling, Mithyx. I've struggled with it for 20 years. Keep an eye out for bargains, especially online where people buy a kit, hardly use it, and then sell it off -- that happens fairly often. A friend and I travelled to Leeds today to get the kit.

That's great that you have a kit. I might go somewhere to get some additions to my kit. Maybe something to support my stands or something I can attach a tambourine and cowbell to, which I have just in case. For now, I'll just keep the woodblock on top of the hi-hat.

I'd thought of a cowbell and perhaps crotales eventually. My dream kit has cymbals all suspended from overhead <3 But for the moment, this'll do.

that drum kit is rad! I wish I had one like that, but I live with the rest of my family, so...
for now, I'll just use the weak little electronic drum kit that I have...
It's actually not bad, as far as age and sample quality go, though

I started off on an electronic kit too, so I feel you. My fiancé and I happened to be really lucky with this; I know they've discontinued the Pearl Forum but we got it half price for what it would otherwise have been.

When you're able, I don't doubt you'd go acoustic. When you do, cherish that moment, because feeling the thump and vibration in your body on top of your playing is something so beautiful, I cannot even begin to describe.

I totally agree, cause I played my friend's drum set (which is acoustic), and I can't even describe it... the kick was so bass-heavy, the cymbals were boss, and even though it was like 20 times (exaggerated but you get my point) bigger than mine, it was glorious

It took me a while to summon up the courage to play an acoustic kit; the first time was in 2012 and I still have the video recording of it. When I did, I didn't turn back. I swore, no more electric at that point.

You will get there. : )