Entry #275

New work in progress, fighting through everything

2018-01-22 08:19:19 by Troisnyx

Seán believes in me, so I will believe in him. He wants me to not give up my solo work even if I feel I have to put a moratorium on things. No. That's not the way for me to live, of course, just putting a halt to everything because of whatever trauma is there.

The next song to be posted here will be another little project for the indie game in development hell, Song of the Firefly. I got in touch with @Hoeloe and another of his teammates last night and told them about it, and I also mentioned that I'd drawn some fanart for the project, which I will scan in due course and hopefully, with some pointers here and there, turn it into a PV for YouTube. While Hoeloe and co. work on smaller projects to raise funds for Song of the Firefly, I will wait patiently and carry out my New Year's plans of singing songs related to this game, songs that I've put off for years on end.

Seán and I are still fighting, and together we will emerge victorious. Of that, I have little doubt. No draconian law in the universe will stop us.


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2018-01-22 08:30:05

I hope this goes well for you, you can do it!

Good luck to you and Seán!

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you. : )

I take it you have seen the previous post and what led to me doing this?