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700 fans, and a hell of a lot of other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - April 18th, 2018

To begin, I told my fiancé Seán (who had begged me to write something for months on end) that I'd write something once I reached 700 fans. That day is finally here, and follower number 700 is @Cyberdevil. Thank you for all the support ;_;

I'd been mentally shot for a long time, and past newsposts can explain why.



My birthday fell on the 12th, and it was a good one. An intimate party with Seán and six other friends in the house, having pizza and playing Cards Against Humanity. Outside of the chocolates and alcohol that I received, I also got a project book, a small case of art supplies, and a toy bow and arrows! (Adult-sized, of course, and with rubber tips on the arrows. Still gotta handle with caution.)

I'll be using the project book for music video projects and anything of a large scale. Speaking of music videos, there is one I'm planning right now. #ReReveris

I am also in the midst of reworking https://troisnyx.co.uk/ -- so you likely won't see any updates from there for a while yet. Those of you who have been following the progress on my Discord server and in other chats will have noticed that I've been drawing and trying to figure out what the new layout should look like. I've been heavily at work of late -- just unable to express it all in words, and it's been hard to write this post because of all the ideas swimming in my head.

Here, have a teaser of what it might hopefully look like. Yes, I use Wix. I don't think it's any secret, really.





Now, on to Newgrounds-related stuff.




The Newgrounds Audio Portal 15th Anniversary drama is plodding along; the music is coming along reasonably well for people mostly stuck with exams. The voice actors for Pico, Nene and Darnell have been confirmed -- namely @Raayo, @jessieyun0404 and @RealFaction. Work has begun on the voice acting.

The person chairing this project -- @Whirlguy -- and I, we both have been keeping track on all the workings of the project. Jessie Yun is still casting minor roles, if I recall correctly. @SourJovis is ironing out inconsistencies in the otherwise finished script, and I have been doing my best to assign music to people according to the script.

There are meant to be four episodes of the audio drama, each lasting about 40 or so minutes long. Hopefully, all being well, Act 1 should be up around the time of Pico Day. We'll release the others periodically thereafter.

OH BY THE WAY: Are there any female voice actors out there who can pull off, or have a native British or Irish or continental European accent? We are looking for one female VA with any of these accents to join us!


Second, moderating.

With everything that I've been involved in, moderating has slowed down for me. I do occasionally see the flags and remove what's on there, and sometimes I've been proactive and looked for tags containing potentially offending songs (e.g. NCS, Daft Punk) in the search bar. But of course, my priorities at the moment to go my bigger projects. One of them is the audio drama I spoke of above. The other is right below.



I have been taking part in a doujin circle called A Reyvateil's Melody. Which has something to do with the Hymmnos language from the Ar tonelico games.

Yes, after seven years of not touching Hymmnos and Ar tonelico with the end of a barge pole, I got drawn into it; I was actually invited into the group in January this year after its members had watched the Mio/Homura music video.

Now they're quite new to the scene if I remember this correctly, and the last thing they did was called COSMOCRYSTAL II ~ clalliss re leat, maya re pat - 奏響濫色 (Soukyou Ransyoku). The kanji has multiple meanings, but one of its sounds means 'reflective indigo'. Among Hymmnos circles we call this 'Side Blue' because through all the games, the soundtracks have been released in two halves with separate themes, Side Blue and Side Red.

I had no involvement in Side Blue, but the crossfade of what they've released so far is below.

I will, however, have involvement in Side Red -- I have composed, and am in the midst of recording the opening track to Side Red. It's called Ocurp Omnis, which in the Hymmnos language means 'the flow of everything.' You can hear a short, relatively unmixed preview of it here.

A Reyvateil's Melody are completely nonprofit. None of us individuals earn a penny from the distribution of this. Any and all sales are basically handled by our publicist in Japan, and all doujin creations basically get distributed at Comic Markets (or Comikets for short; you may have heard about those). They take place in a few parts of Japan and happen during the summer and the winter. We're hoping to get Side Red of COSMOCRYSTAL II distributed at the Summer Comiket. All the proceeds basically go into a kitty that allow us to produce more -- and again, the publicist handles the funds altogether. As for the rest of us? We do it for love of the music.

I do have one thing to say about the doujin culture: only in Japan will you get people making comics, whether for profit or otherwise, about Batman fighting Godzilla, and none of them will be slapped with a takedown request, DMCA, or any of that shit. Doujin is like self-publishing, but with a lot more respect attached to it -- and there's an immense grassroots movement for indie support. Doujin is either original or parody under Japanese laws, and this enables it to flourish. Look up "Comic Market" on Wikipedia and you'll realise just how immense the gatherings are; that's how much they're supported. If something like that were to happen in the West, it'd be slapped down immediately -- unless, of course, there's a big enough lobby that supports something like this and gets it going and makes it an annual thing.

And for the part of A Reyvateil's Melody, we're quite new on the scene, having been only active for... is it two years? three years? and there's at least 1,000 Japanese fans, to say nothing about the scant few international fans scattered in different parts of the world. It's mind-boggling that we got that kind of support that quickly.



With regards to other things, like Une Nouvelle Chance, those are coming along. We're just having trouble mixing them. But hopefully, we should see some results by the summer!

I also have a few original things planned, but will go into them in more detail after some of the pressure has been taken off my shoulders.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. How have you all been?


Subscriptions: @Mich @ADR3-N @Akuaitance @ChazDude @RealFaction @BraydogNG @Cyberdevil


Comments (13)

im glad you've been alright and also the japanese comic (or manga) scene is very great, i read some online sometimes

Mmhm; I only occasionally keep track of it. Our affiliates at the doujin circle Stellatram are a good one to listen to, and they've been at it for far longer than we have.

Well that went fast! XD Was the main part of this maybe already written? Tagged twice in the first post since I subscribed... and it seems like I got myself a small space in history here too! :) Nice. Thanks. And Congrats! Again.

The new site mockup looks pretty good, and yes just the favicon does reveal the Wix. ;) Curious how the source code turns out with a site builder like that - back in the day it was pretty messy and slow, though I assume they've evolved a lot since then. Shall be interesting to see!

Good news overall, inspiring to hear bow big the comic game is in Japan (looks like 1988 was the year that market really started growing!), and regarding the AP's 15th anniversary: is it too late to join at this point? Pico Day seems to be closing in fast...

It was pretty messy and slow to begin with; they have improved but sometimes, cracks of the old habits start to come up again. With regards to the plugins they've got, they're functional, but you're going to need to code your own if you want something specialised for your own page. And this, of course, is where I struggle. I've been wanting to get into coding but I feel as if I don't have the mind to wrap around it.

With regards to the AP's 15th anniversary: what would you be putting yourself forward for?

(also, thank you meep~)

Good to know. Well if you need help with any simple specifics let me know, might be able to assist. :)

Regarding the AP collabo I'm not sure, possibly voice acting, unless there's some simple bit missing in other areas. There's still room/time then?

There should be, if you're wanting to VA, best ask @jessieyun0404 what's still available and how you can help. There's still time yet.

I'd like to have a much, much better music player than what I have on Wix already, and I could draw out a concept of how it'd work -- but having zero funds kinda precludes me from getting the help I need ;A;

congrats on 700!!
As for me, I'm helping out in the Audio Portal drama. Still figuring out which to do... elevator music maybe? Idk
I'm also breaking out of a digital-orchestra phase, so I'm happy that my old electronic style is making a comeback.

Keep your eyes open; I do post lists on the Discord occasionally and I've been quite mentally shot so I haven't been updating the thread. I need to.

A new list was released yesterday so it'd be nice to assign you something; what are your strongest genres? @Whirlguy Please can you help me update the thread? I wish not to ask this of you but my mind is slipping.

700. It's like 7 but even luckier!

(btw anyone wanna help me reach 400 lol)

I'll see if I can't put in a little word elsewhere...

Will do!

Well there are plenty of music player scripts floating around out there (many free), might be one that's similar enough; can be customized a bit further. :) No idea what type of scripts Wix allows but should be easy to find some info on... feel free to send a concept.

@ChazDude 397

Happy Birthday :)

Thank you!

@Troisnyx my strongest genres are: Dance, Ambient, and Strings and Piano ensemble-type stuff blended with electronic. I could try new things, though. Could help hone my skills further, which I'm always glad to do.

Right. I'll keep a lookout for things you can do as the lists start pouring in. Just because you don't get anything in Act 1, doesn't mean you won't get anything at all. I just need to see what the script asks of us at any given time.

Cool. Glad I can help out!

Sure, I guess I can do that.

Wix honestly is the cheapest option about budget websites for those who begin to design them. I mean you don't have to host them, and all you need is a domain. If you aim for cheaper option I would recommend you to get your own domain from Namecheap and continue to use Wix service.

I agree, they're also a fixed price no matter how many pages they've got -- my only problem with Wix is that if you optimise your site for desktop, it'll look crap on mobile, and vice versa. Methinks I need to mail them asking for two editors.

@I0TA I have recently found cause to correct myself. They finally have a separate mobile editor at last! :D