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A secret song?

Posted by Troisnyx - July 9th, 2018

You'll hear it soon.

Long story short, I have finished it and the result almost moved me to tears.

I don't doubt there are among you who would likely ask me, hold up, what is this song about? -- well, I can't say yet what this song is about, or what it's for. I can tease that it is very much linked with a certain series of games here on Newgrounds that has received quite the intense following. That is all I will say for now on the matter.



Meanwhile, the progress on my other songs and things: The gig from early last month went spectacularly!

One of two Hymmnos songs that I have written for A Reyvateil's Melody is finished; I have begun recording voices on the other.

I can't really do much of an update because I intend the next post to be chock-full of content. First of all, I'll announce the secret song, then I'll put piccies of the gig that the fiancé took, then I'll share a crossfade of the finished versions of the songs that I've written for ARM. I'm still going to take some time yet.

All I can say is, for the past month or so I felt like I was drowning in music projects. And now, I'm only about ankle-deep. The tides have receded. Just one song left before I can finally concentrate on solo projects, audio drama, and continue reworking troisnyx.co.uk. I will indeed be happy once the pressure around me is released. Seán has been with me every step of the way and I cannot tell him enough how much I love him, especially when I find myself overcome by the amount of things I need to do.


Comments (3)

Oooh, secrets! O.O
I can definitely relate to the overwhelming feeling you get when taking on a lot of projects. I'm excited to see more music from you. :3

Why is your profile all black and white. It feels lonely.

Because there is a loneliness about what I really yearn to do as a drummer, or even -- how I actually feel when I play.

@Zophar @Troisnyx And do you speak chinese? I just watched your latest youtube video and it sounded like chinese.

I don't. I have very basic Japanese, and I speak fluent French. Any knowledge of Chinese that I do have is extremely minimal, limited to only a couple phrases.