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A Breeze From Home + New and less new additions to the instrument family

Posted by Troisnyx - November 21st, 2018

This is a filler post while the loose ends of both the NGAP Audio Drama and Cosmocrystal II Side Red are being tied up. To update, the NGAP Audio Drama is missing a few lines both spoken and sung, so it's on its way to assembly / production after that point. Cosmocrystal II Side Red is on its way as well; there have been whisperings about it on Twitter and anywhere else where there are groups of Hymmnos and Ar tonelico enthusiasts.

But there is a big announcement in this post, so listen up!

So, remember this post I wrote some time back where I said that I did a vocal version of @Phyrnna's A Breeze From Home that is going into Epic Battle Fantasy 5?


EBF5's soundtrack is out! And the vocal version of A Breeze From Home with it!


Please lend as much support as you can to the game and its music! And if you do find vocal!A Breeze From Home in the game when it is released, or find it upon purchasing the OST, do let Phy and/or me know what you think about it. I did this nonprofit and the track being done is reward enough for me at this point.



So bit of a segue here, the title of this post alludes to the instruments that have in recent times become part of the family of sorts. Seán and I have gathered these over the months / years, and I want to start with the most relevant to A Breeze From Home first.



This is a cherry red Epiphone Les Paul Special, vintage edition, for those who do not recognise it by its trademark shape and colour. This is the very same guitar I used to pick the chords for A Breeze From Home. Sadly, Seán's camera had a flash on and the actual red is lighter than it should appear -- it's a darn sight deeper than this. Anyway -- with what little muscle memory I had I recorded the entire guitar sequence of A Breeze From Home on this, before then layering it with a MIDI guitar track.

In all seriousness though, I have played this as though it were an acoustic guitar (at least most of the time).



This is a mandolin. Doesn't look like one, does it? Looks like some Frankenstein's creation.

It's actually a Fender FM-61SE SB. Some people informally call it the 'Mandocaster' but uh, that's besides the point. It has an F-hole, goodness knows why, and it's electric. I am looking forward to using this in recordings, especially for doujin circle stuff. This is a gift from a friend of mine.

I've picked up a fair few chords on it since it had been gifted to me, and Seán is not doing too shabbily on it himself. He's found another instrument that he can pick up and enjoy.



This tambourine isn't new. You'll have seen it in the latter half of the music video to Mio/Homu when I announced it last year. However, it was headless for a while.

It originally had a head. Seán restored it to its former glory a few months ago, using an old bodhrán skin and some thumbtacks. I remember finding it with a head that was about to rip itself off, and it sounded decent then. Now, it sounds positively deep and sensuous. Expect to hear it in more doujin-related recordings -- I cannot say much about my solo stuff yet.




The second of the two tambourines I now have; this one has hand-hammered brass cymbals. It sounds like a cross between a tambourine and a rattle; it feels that ancient. The skin is also smooth, translucent even. I will be using this one A LOT in future.



And last but not least, Seán's baritone ukulele. He uses this more than I; I have one that plugs into an amp that I use for recording and performance. Occasionally I have a go on this one, but he feels more comfortable with the bigger frets and the deeper, less tinny sound compared to most ukuleles.

So, there we are. That's my filler update for now. How have you all been?


Comments (2)

beautiful instruments! And your robe looks so comfy. I want to hear some of your recordings

Lemme see what I can find...

These ones use live percussion + vox:

These are percussion only, and I've not done these in a while:

This one includes the harp, which I admit I should be using more:

I'm still learning guitar / bass guitar / mandolin at this point, so it'll be a while before I post pieces that feature recordings of these, or are fully live recorded.

holy... you have a huge collection of string stuff

It is quite the collection now, I guess. ^_^'