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On the matter of collaborations

Posted by Troisnyx - January 1st, 2020

To anyone currently collaborating with me, or considering collaborating with me: I welcome collaborations, subject to the following important rules:

  • Personal projects, offline matters and doujin projects ALWAYS take priority. These include solo stuff, ARM Circle recordings, or matters involving the band I'm in, The Just Numbers. I have a loving fiancé I want to be with for the rest of my life. He has some health conditions he lives with everyday, and when he needs me, his needs come first.

  • I get involved in a collaboration with every intention of bettering everyone involved. I expect to be voracious in my learning and make sure to come out a lot sharper in my musical skill. I look forward to anything you folks have to teach me or share with me. The same applies in reverse; in my own turn, I will challenge anyone I'm collaborating with.


Comments (3)

Sounds like the right way to start a self-improving 2020 collabing like never before!

I don't want to ride on other people's success (and I feel like the least successful anyway), so it might as well be about give and take on both ends.

Priority still goes to solo work though, as I hinted in my Grounds Patrol interview from way back when, because I cannot lose sight of my own musicianship.

Hello! I recently actually put out a thing about collaborating because that's what Newgrounds really is all about. I'll shoot you a friend request!

Thank you! Looking forward to doing some creative stuff together with you some point soon!

Oh my goodness, you have such a beautiful voice! "Currently doing things nonprofit" -- that is *entirely* too generous! You're just too nice for this world.

Surprised I haven't heard you before (yes familiar with the username), but recently listening to @Phyrnna's music and your vocals in the latest track, and then checked out a couple more from your channel.

So you get an instant favorited after that.

Please don't let people take unfair advantage of you, because they probably will try. And if Singh is your last name (I'm guessing it is pronounced "Sing"), that is entirely too fitting because you've an angelic voice for sure.

Thanks for the kind words. <3 Yes, it is pronounced "Sing". ^_^;

Yeah, circumstances forbid -- and so I keep a strict tab on whom I do music with and for, and their attitudes.

There's plenty more of these atmospheric pieces where that came from; I'm working on a voluminous one at the moment.