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New song: longing (or, wedding song to a broken soul)

Posted by Troisnyx - January 22nd, 2021

Hey everyone, new release out, which I managed to finish in the small hours of the morning, and it is the culmination of 15 years of ideas, changes, experiences, and suffering:

I want to take this time to mention that ten years ago, when I picked up FL Studio 9 for the first time, I believed I could do things like this, but I couldn't imagine it, I certainly couldn't explain how.

I don't know if this song was done ten years to the day -- I don't even remember the date in January of 2011 when I picked up FL for the first time -- but I feel that I couldn't ask for a better work to sum up these ten years. Most of them were spent with my beloved Seán, whose support and love I am eternally grateful for. I couldn't ask for a better song for these ten years of music production, whose lyrics are sung from his point of view.

I also am eternally grateful for the support and small acts of kindness given to me by so many on this site and elsewhere. For me, this isn't ten years on Newgrounds -- that date will actually be 26 June 2021 -- but it's certainly a musical milestone for me.



FL Studio is an amazing DAW. Easy to use and learn. I can make so much from it. Try to go for 12 or 20. The new one comes with Flex which is an absolute must have for electronic artists but they also have a new section that you might take interest in with atmospheric and cinematic essentials.

I think you posted it in the wrong place ^_^;

@Troisnyx oof I sincerely apologize for that.

No worries; how are you doing?

@Troisnyx Very good! Was excited the whole day. It's Pixel Day! My favorite holiday on Newgrounds! Hope you've been well. BTW I saw your recent work on the threads. If you get a chance try to go for FL Studio 12 or 20. 20 has this new VST called "FLEX" and I know you would like that for all your cinematic needs.

I do use FL 20 for current projects, though I still keep 11 for legacy ones. Flex is powerful — perhaps a bit too OP for my refurbed 11-year-old ThinkPad ? Several instances of it do cause my PC to stutter horribly on playback, as has been the case with my recent release.

I don't regret it though; between Sytrus, Flex, VSCO2, BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover and soundfonts, I'm mostly sorted.

@Troisnyx Nice! FLEX is definitely a game changer for sure. I don't have it yet as I run on 12 but it is simply amazing. ImageLine really stepped up the game with this one. The features for it is like 5 plugins combined. Other than that I think it's time for an upgrade. I got myself an Acer Nitro 5 and had it for quite some months now and definitely a must have. Never slowed down at all. Up and running in less than 30 seconds, seriously.