A little gift before we part, for a while

2012-12-25 20:47:49 by Troisnyx

It started as this....

...and now it is THIS!

From English to Hymmnos and back to English. Retranslations have never been more rewarding. Considering I have weaned myself off Hymmnos for good, the English lyrics are the final lyrics for Misericorde.

The new Misericorde is a gift from us at Kingdom of Herts to all our listeners, past, present and prospective.

And with that, I will see you in 2013!


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2012-12-26 07:14:45

Sounds nice. But i think you must overdo the volume-settings. Your voice starts to low and the result is that the rain-effect (?) stands to much in the foreground. You should try to edit the voice-track to sound more "dry" like a studiorecord. Dont use reverbs or something on the voice-track. This could dilute the sound-structure.

Another point: Take the male voice out. It really sounds out of place.

At 2:11 i think violine and voice should not be combined in that way. The melody is the same but the combination sounds a little bit strange.

Voice-part at 3:03 is much to loud / agressive.

After some changes it will be a very good song. Hope i could help :D

Best wishes

Troisnyx responds:

I want you to bear in mind that:

1) I don't have a working headset, so I can't tell all these things yet. The headset is coming in the mail, and until then, I won't be able to edit.
2) There are TWO male voices in this song. Which do you want me to take out? Merlyne's? I've had it with everyone insulting Merlyne as if he is out of place in the group.

I would be able to listen out for extra reverbs and whatnot once I get the things I need, but until then... I ain't doing anything.