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Another question... (On improvisation)

Posted by Troisnyx - April 15th, 2013

There's a little improvisation I made earlier today on bodhran and bells, in the style of a ceremonial dance. Admittedly, I love how it's turned out, but it's not the most polished.

...Should I share this thing?

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The main question should really be if there are any reasons to not do so immediately. =P

Um, embarrassment? o.O That's one thing I can think of, right off the bat...

If you truly are concerned about embarrassment (which you shouldn't be), then release it to a select few who won't gush all over your work or won't flame you just because.

You should never be embarrassed about anything (musically) you feel is good and that you are proud of. I understand that it may be unavoidable due to the nature of one's feelings, but to be outwardly embarrassed is certainly a mechanism that one controls. Even if it's terrible, yet you believe it to be good, do not forsake it for the dwellings of others, for you are the proud creator of an artistic piece so sullied with 'faults' that are of YOUR kin and in YOUR mind are but slight schisms in an otherwise perfectly useful road.

There are people who say they are very proud of what they've done and brim with joy over what others can only speculate to be fantastic, but when it comes to light they shrink into they're shells, retracting their lies and condemning their creation to abomination. This may be the opposite of what you have done here, but it serves as a stark warning of what never to become.

Thanks <3

It's just that whatever it is that I do musically, I often have the desire to share it. I've been hurt by people close to home, who told me to the face, among other things, that I'd never be a good drummer, and that my music was horrible. It seemed as though they were tearing me up inside, whether they intended it or not.

That having been said: the bodhran improvisation is now up, and I invite you to listen.

whats a ccm band

CCM = Contemporary Christian music. Some call it gospel, but the genre is properly known as CCM.