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So I've effectively had to miss every contest this season

Posted by Troisnyx - June 22nd, 2013

...My headset only arrived in the mail this morning, when it was too late for me to submit anything to the AIM contest.

The NGMT is almost over, the Game Jam is taking place during the exam prep period, and the NGADM is taking place at a time when I won't be able to write songs.

Why does this have to happen to me... All I wanted was to write one song!

I might as well disappear, if this is what circumstances want me to do.

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There is still the robot day : <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/robotday2013">http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/robotday2 013</a>

Maybe you can make something robot themed for that day

Have you even had a look through my submissions? Do you hear ANYTHING robotic there?

Bluntly, I cannot be a robot. And besides, after tomorrow I have to begin exam prep, which is why I've had to miss all the other competitions.

It's never too late to make your first attempt at making something robotic, i guess.

Save that I can't even think straight now because the song that I had long yearned to make, I cannot make it anymore because it's too late for me to make it.

That was an idea I cherished; don't expect me to switch ideas immediately when I've taken a fall.

I hate to be the one who is going to say this. Work for the learning! You will always have your talent for music, you need to lean the rest of the world. It can't ever hurt to learn.
You do realize that the man that wrote the avengers movie also wrote buffy the vamp slayer and now wrote a rewrite of &quot;Much Ado About Nothing&quot;(freakin' Shakespeare)&quot;??

You do awesome with what you want to do, but the more you know..... Yeah, give me an ABC promo here.

And what does that have to do with anything?

Don't look at these events you won't be able to participate in as a missed opportunity you wish you had been able to be in- rather, look at it as a chance to look forward to these events next year, but also the the other audio events that will be scheduled for later this year.

That is, if the AIM contest is going to be held next year. That's really up to RealFaction... At least I know some events will stay next year, but thinking of next year is really trying to throw our vision far ahead.

I'm sorry Nyx, hopefully something cool will come up!

Still, I wouldn't give up hope if I were you- we all have to put in time for those important things, even if they take away from what we might want to be doing.

In truth, I don't want to give up... but I want there to be a hopeful sign. T_T

Save up your powars and silently dominate all contests next year...

Before I can save up my powers, I need strength and peace. Badly.

I thought I was gonna be able to enter music contests for the first time, but I too have problems with headsets and scheduling. But think: so many people have to give up music completely to fulfill the obligations of their life. Be glad for the blessings you have, instead of despising not having more.

I've had to almost give up music completely; dude, I've been about there. Part of the reason why I'm stuck in law is because my parents never saw music as anything more than a hobby that could be brushed away. (Dad especially.) I hadn't yet reached the age of majority and my parents saw it fit to threaten to send me away penniless if I ever so much as insisted that I wanted to make music my whole life long. Knowing their temperament, they'd have done it! Even now, I'm making music in disobedience -- I'm expected to completely stay away from music, but heck no! Even if my work and my online activity is being spied on!

There's a very fine line between being content with what one has, and just staying there and not doing anything. And the reason I cannot rest easy is because I cannot bear a time where I'm sitting there, unable to do much because I'm trapped in the study room or in front of the PC looking for work, while anticipating what circumstances could do to the gift that I want to keep sharing with others.