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A question on IP addresses and blocked accounts

Posted by Troisnyx - November 7th, 2013

Background information -- I haven't been doing too much on the internet of late, and the e-mails I've sent were very limited (in fact, limited to only two people at this point). Suddenly I get a notification that my account was blocked due to 'suspicious activity on my account'.

Perhaps someone tried to infiltrate my e-mail inbox, but it could be that someone's trying to monitor what I'm sending -- would it be possible to find out, at all, the IP address of the person who tried to do this and use it as evidence? If so, how?

I ask this because... well, I won't divulge much, but this is something very important to me.

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Do you pay for this email account? Keep at them, call customer service, see if anyone else online has been blocked for the same reason... wish you luck.
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a person with sooo many online accounts before!

Given how everyone tends to be on many social networks these days, there's going to be a lot of accounts in a lot of places.

Thing is, no, I don't -- I've been using said e-mail address since 2008, but between last year and this year, this is the third time I have been blocked for the same reason.

If you were sending e-mails, then it has nothing to do with Newgrounds, because you can't send e-mails from Newgrounds, so I assume you are using some mail website.
Back in the past I received notifications on my mailing service for my account being suspiciously active, but strangely that was not true and completely random, so you, like I did, should ignore that accidental accusation. It's done by machine. And since man made machines, machines are prone to errors. Just like humans....

I know, but my question hasn't a thing to do with NG in the first place actually.... just the e-mail providers.

For security and confidentiality reasons it's highly unlikely that Yahoo would divulge such information normally. But I guess if it's something to be ignored, I'll take that blocking with a pinch of salt. What's worrying is that this is the third time that this has happened to me...

D: !?
wow! That is very horrible and terrible at the same time, but do not worry, I will do my best!

Whatever for, Vinnie? I don't think this is an NG problem; this has something to do with e-mail accounts that we ordinarily have.

How can you worry about such a spammy nonsense thingy, if you don't know what it means in the first place: who is being suspicious - your accout is sending spam without you knowing, or someone is accessing your accout from a different IP address and Yahoo notifies you of that in riddles? Or is it just random spam, and an error of Yahoo server-side programmers. Well, you should contact administration, and I am absolutely sure that you already did.

Well, for starters, my account was actually locked -- and I didn't click any spammy messages -- which means that it could either be one of two things:

1) someone accessing my account from a different IP address,

2) or the suspicion has arisen from the e-mails that are being sent.

Ouch. If I had taken Ethical Hacking, perhaps I would have been of some use here.
I hope this is a problem that only involves a case of minor spam or some confusion within the system.
I'm going with what kkots says, he seems more... knowledgeable on a matter like this, haha.
Apologies for not being able to help here (pointless lines ahoy), but I do hope that you are well. God willing, everything will come together for you soon.

Firstly, I would do a computer virus scan on all known devices, including any external hard disks you regularly use; if the security breach is frequent then there may be a Trojan on your computer sending encrypted content to unauthorised users across the Internet.

Secondly, request a Password Reset for your Yahoo! account and make sure you use a different password than other services. I have to remember 10+ passwords for many different services, most of them complex so I keep a Notepad with keys in plain text, but it's safe nonetheless.

And lastly, if it is an email address you commonly use, and spam is a problem, it is good practice to copy and paste links in email addresses other than clicking on them directly. Hidden scripts in emails can be launched when you click a link within them which can give attackers some oversight on your activity thereafter, often known as cross-scripting.

Most email providers give you access to limited details on IP addresses that have been active on your account by default, some providers can give you permission to block said IP addresses, but this is often counter-productive and I fear this may be the case for you.

Yes, I would try to contact the email provider to find out what triggered the block.

Perhaps somebody is repeatedly trying to log in and failing. This could be malice or somebody mistyping their own address, instead typing yours.

Perhaps somebody is successfully logging in from a different location (country). This is the scariest possibility.

Perhaps your email account is being used to send spam, or spam is being sent from another account but with your address. This would not be a direct attack against you, but definitely an inconvenience.

I'm guessing you're not using Gmail (Google Mail) because I think Gmail provides more details on the unusual activity. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1144110?hl=en

The block could come from just legitimately accessing your account from different computers, browsers, or internet connections, particularly if the connections are regionally far apart.