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The ordeal is not over, and other stories

Posted by Troisnyx - December 5th, 2013

The ordeal which I spoke of in my previous post is not over, and I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers. Meetings and interviews to attend, and loads more other things which I won't disclose. It would be so easy for my spirits to be broken by fear and worry. But in the midst of all this, I'm doing my best to remain cheerful.


Now let me take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Advent!

In other news, I am preparing three tracks, and may even consider completing more depending on the situation I've got. But these three take priority--

  1. A track for the Newgrounds Holiday Art Worm. At the moment, I've got a buildup section of sorts, and that's all. But I'm psyched to see what the entire track will be like. On that note, I've also taken a look at the art pieces for the art worm -- and so far, so good.
  2. A track for Audio Secret Santa 2014! The request has been well in my league but the pressure is mounting, too, because that runs on a deadline close to Christmas Eve.
  3. A singable English version of Terre des Hommes Libres! Truth be told, it is finished, but this computer is slow and I can't put my tracks up without me knowing of the progress. Special thanks to Usagiflower for coming up with these lyrics. <3

I have a few other Christmas carols I would like to record, namely We Three Kings (backlog from last year), What Child is This, A Solis Ortus and Gaudete -- but whether I get to them immediately or not depends on what I'm up to this month.


I want to ask something real quick -- just how old is Newgrounds? And I don't mean the initial efforts of Tom Fulp, I mean this site proper. Would it be right for me to count from 1998, or must I take some other date?


That's it from me for now.


Dominus vobiscum,

T. x

Comments (6)

As always, thoughts and prayers are with you, Trois.

As for your PS-like question, I found this on Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/about-newgrounds/history

Hmm. Well, hopefully the situation will untangle itself soon. God willing, you will overcome it all.

Sounds like quite an exciting setup of tracks there. I really liked Usagiflower's translation on YouTube: her accuracy to the original was great, and the lyrics clicked well with the original melody too. Another vocalist favourite of mine. :D

I always thought that this site was up since 1998/9, although the 'History of Newgrounds' section on this site said that its earliest form entered the web around 1995 or something. That's probably a question best directed at the staff themselves, since I only discovered this site around 2006/7 time. :D

Nice to see you're using the new RTE well. Dat right aligned Latin phrase.

Take care, and peace be with you.

Oh yeah, Happy Advent to you too. The Christmas spirit has really flooded the UK quick this year. :D

Flooded is an understatement. Christmas lights were up as early as November, which technically is the month of All Souls..... :/

A lot of people are going to want to take their deco down on 6 January because of this, but the Christmas season technically doesn't end till 2 February -- and with the lights flooding our way, I wonder XD

So Church is not as separated from politics and social communications as I thought?

Social communications, no -- I chose to sign off with Dominus vobiscum. Politics on this end, it's the Church of England that gets part-way involved.... I'm the kind where, if I'm in love with someone, I shout it over the rooftop -- and the good Lord is a good person to shout over the rooftop for! x

Like the drummer girl pose on your new picture! Even better if it was taken up high somewhere, like you were gesturing to the Heavens with your bodhràn. Epic stuff still!

Eeeee, thanks ^_^ I might change that icon though, but we'll see what happens. x

We three kings of orient are,
bearing gifts we traverse afar,
field and fountain, moor and mountain,
next time let's take a car!

XD It's not Epiphany yet, but that's hilarious!