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In progress.

Posted by Troisnyx - December 16th, 2013

This is only the traditional half of it. Black Sharpie, magic pens, standard A4 paper. There's still quite a bit of editing to do yet on GIMP. I actually dread it, not because of how tedious it is -- but because of how much slowdown this will cause. Still, though, I enjoyed doing this WIP.

I have been listening to a bit of Genki Rockets lately, and hence the motivation for this piece came. I enjoy their music, but really can't stomach their lyrics. Japlish galore.



To see the rest of my WIPs and attempts at improving, do visit my art thread.

Comments (5)

That hand... please fix it. Cut out that piece of drawing, stick a new empty piece of paper on it, I dunno. Fix it in GIMP.
So you mean you did not use pencils to sketch before starting the drawing?

I did. But the pencil lines aren't all that clear anymore. The scanner has a habit of not picking them up. Are you referring to Lumi's hand on the right of the drawing?

Not familiar with Genki Rockets (to the YouTube-mo-tron!), but I can't ignore the immense amount of colour you've poured into this thing. Was this all from your imagination? (I'm assuming the answer is yes, and that must be one creative mind you have.)

This is one of those pieces which is an absolute circus to look at, so it took me a moment to notice the rocket-riders and that woman on the hoverboard / jet-board thing, haha. The helmeted rider's pointed hand on the left of the piece (the one on the front of the rocket) looks a little off, it looks more like anothet right hand from here.

The only other nitpick I have is that the TARDIS looks odd (perspectives wise and different sized windows and stuff), but I suppose that could be corrected digitally and is very minor.
Good that you put it in there, though. More people need to put a TARDIS in their artwork. :D

I didn't know you had an art thread. I'll check it out: you're a much better artist than me, anyhow. :P
Take care of yourself, and keep up the art / audio / otherwise!

It was ^_^ And I'm well aware this is one of those pieces that has us darting all over the place, I'm afraid, so I've gotta make sure the human characters really stand out.

Also, good on you for noticing the wrong hand on the guy on the left. I realised it quite late -- oops! *BLUSH* x

Who is Lumi?
I'm referring to the guy wearing a space suit riding a rocket, pointing with his right arm. The hand+index finder are drawn as if for the left hand. How did this mistake even happen?

I didn't even realise it, but I do tend to confuse the hand order.... a lot. *BLUSH* Thanks for the heads-up.

Lumi is the singing character from Genki Rockets, whom the girl on the right is based on.

Sorry, I meant left hand of the rocketeer on the left. It looks like he has two left hands, sorry! :P
Kkots knows what he's talking about, at least.

I figured as much. ^_^ x

Yep, I have no such problem, because I use my own hands as references. It may be a bit painful to twist them around and I can only use the left hand for reference, since I draw with right hand. But then again, I can draw any hand any time using 100% reliable source material.

Source material might just be what I need to remember how to draw a proper right hand... x