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Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Posted by Troisnyx - December 23rd, 2013

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I am very much looking forward to the great celebration that is Christmastide. It's just... I've been given great joy over Christmases in years past, and I do not doubt that it'll be the same this year.

It's been a wild, wild December so far. Carol services, crib-making, composing special songs, doing special drawings, handling my really important case, and meeting friends... oh my!

On the subject of crib-making... a friend received these yarn figures from his mother, and he and I decided to get together and make a crib for two young children who are very dear to us. Now my camera's broken and I have to take pictures by estimation, but this is what I've managed to capture...


See the full list of pictures here.

* * *

My Audio Secret Santa submission is near complete, and so is the Newgrounds Christmas/Holiday Art Worm. I'll be updating links to both when these get uploaded on NG. Once again, thanks a lot to TurkeyOnAStick for first asking me to come up with something for the project. The track for the Art Worm, In Anticipation, has been listened to by the members of the project (sometimes even for hours on end) -- I did it through hours of uncertainty, but I'm just glad it's touched you guys.

In addition to these, I'm uploading three bonus songs, all Christmas carols -- A Solis Ortus, What Child is This and Gaudete. As with the major projects, I'll be posting links when these are ready. They're not the best renditions out there, but I do know I poured myself out for these.

* * *

Those of you in Preston Centre, Lancaster or the surrounding areas: if you would like to meet me anytime soon, I invite you to come meet me at Saint Wilfrid's Church for the Christmas Vigil Mass tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Not only will it be the meeting to make this time of the year memorable. I'll be singing there too! ^_^

That's it from me for now.

A blessed Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

T. x

Comments (6)

I wish I could visit.
But (Make a "in Russia" joke process initiated) (please wait...) (process failed. Joke aborted) I live in Russia, so I cannot.

Btw, is it OK to think that angels, golden cities in skies, visions of saints - all this is insanity that is written in the Bible, and somehow unconsciously believe in all of it?

No harm done. : ) I know my friends are here with me in spirit -- you'll be there with me in spirit, especially during that Christmas Vigil Mass. We're physically distant, but not all that distant.

On your question, it's a matter of conviction -- I can't even begin to imagine what an angel looks like, let alone what Heaven looks like. I do know, by faith, that they're there, and the angels and saints are praying for me -- I've had many close calls, but each time, my life's been spared. Of course it's fine to believe in angels and saints and the Heavenly city -- You and I believe in Our Lord. All of creation is an outpouring of love from Our Lord, even every tree, animal, human being, inanimate object, etc. Would it not be the same for the angels, who are spiritual? And would it not be the same for Heaven?

Saints are people like us who have fought the good fight, and are praying for us. They lived just as you and I live... and some of them might just be living in our own backyards. All it takes is a desire and a drive to live a holy life, i.e. to be set apart as God's instruments. And then, we do according to that desire. We fall, and we fail miserably. But then we pick ourselves up and try again. G.K. Chesterton, I think it is, put it so nicely when he said that 'saints are sinners who keep on trying'.

I do sometimes hear a soft, gentle prompting whenever I am praying -- and the way you can tell apart the voice of Our Lord and the saints from others is this: the voice of Our Lord and the saints encourages you, confirms what's been said earlier, is consistent (especially with what Our Lord has mentioned during His life on earth), loves you, forgives you, and wants you to live. The voice of the enemy, which I have heard many a time also, condemns you, picks apart everything you say, and makes you look very down upon yourself, the kind of downness that Our Lord would not want. In addition, the enemy has been known to assume the look of a saint, or an angel, or even Our Lord Himself, but with discernment -- and this is a gift from the Holy Spirit -- we can tell who it actually is.

Ah, you're a little far from me, I'm afraid. It would have been nice to hear you sing. I'm sure all at Saint Wilfrid's Church will be touched by the performance.

I don't celebrate Christmas in a traditional sense (being of a different faith) but we all still get together and exchange gifts and stuff. Plus the atmosphere at this time of year is magic, and it really is a season to be enjoyed while it lasts.

I look forward to your upcoming trio of carols: In Anticipation was a great little loop. Oh, and I'm still looking forward to your album, too, whenever that comes out. I trust it'll be a winner. :D

Have a delightful Christmas yourself, Troisnyx, take care and I hope 2014 will be a prosperous year for you (God willing).


Have a good Christmas and I hope the singing goes well.

I hope and pray for the same too. <3 You have a good Christmas too!


Like the icon/ profile-picture revamp (again)!

You look so relaxed, and I knew that your signature bodhrán was going to make an appearance in there somewhere. I have to ask: is that icon symbol your own sort of logo, or does it represent something else?

Anyway, take care and enjoy the New Year. I hope it'll be a fruitful one for all of us. 2014 is Troisnyx Year, I know it!


Thanks ^_^

That icon on the drumskin is not a trademark of sorts, it's an existing symbol known as the triquetra. I am using it in the Christian sense, to represent the Holy Trinity -- eagle-eyed people who noticed the side of my bodhrán in the previous picture would have also noticed the acronym, 'AMDG':

On a related side note, the 'Trois' part of my stage name Troisnyx has been derived from 'Trinity' -- the first name, as well as the reference to the Holy Trinity. The first username I ever had, which never went online, was TrinityKHS. When I finally had internet access in 2004, I decided to come up with TroisNyxEtienne as my username -- Etienne being a clue to finding out what my actual name really was. This also used to be my NG name until I had the younger Fulp change it.

I hope you enjoy the New Year too. I have every hope and trust in my heart that it'll be great! I pray that it be fruitful for all of us. x

Ah, very interesting. So you must have put a lot of thought into forming your Newgrounds / general Internet alias. TroisNyxEtienne is a mouthful for me to pronounce, though, however pretty the name looks in terms. I wasn't destined for French. :P

Thanks for providing the links, too. Have a good one!

Troisnyx is simpler and also a lot easier for me to sign as. I could sign my name as TroisNyxEtienne but I found it a bit.... I don't know, off. It had the Kingdom Hearts crown on it, while I still signed as TroisNyxEtienne... but ultimately everyone preferred Troisnyx.

That being said, 'Troisnyx', with some trial and error, becomes pronouncable -- and AlbertStClare tends to say that my own Anglicised pronunciation sounds a bit like "trarnicks" O_O

Still wouldn't wanna sign my name as something that looks like Troisasngfjgsafsragvh. XD

You have a good one too! x