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Upcoming recording (read: bodhrán solo)

Posted by Troisnyx - December 27th, 2013

Two people have effectively requested, over FB, that I do a piece of music in response to all the chocolate, wine and whisky I received over the early days of Christmastide. Trouble with this, I told them, is that this piece is going to sound heavily Irishified.

Yep, there's going to be a bodhrán solo coming up.

Didn't think there would be one since April, now, did you?

.........yeah. I am really, really nervous.

Truth be told, I would like to have this done over video, but I don't know if it'll be feasible over the next few days. Reason as to why I would like it done on video is because

  1. we've got fine-looking Christmas lights.
  2. I really, really want to rock one of my intended stage outfits while sharing this piece with you.
  3. I would love for everyone to partake in this passion of mine, not just through what they hear, but also through the expressions they see.

I'll try, but if push comes to shove, it's going to be yet another audio recording. We'll see what happens.


Sounds fab. Question: if possible, is this going to YouTube? (like your 'Drum Improvisation' video)?

Stage outfit. My, that sounds...impressive! Can't say I know what to expect, but cool-sounding stuff still.

Like I said before in that comment a while back, it's better to actually SEE you perform: the improvisation video, for example, shows how joyful and musically engaged (if that makes sense, haha) you are whilst playing.

Last point: don't be nervous. You're a natural.

Christmas lights are always fun. Take care. Also..."Irishified"? New word for the Englishified dictionary there, pal. :P

I came up with 'Irishified' along the same vein as 'Frenchified' etc., thinking it was already there. O_O

The camera I've got, though it records HD, now has a broken screen and I have to do everything by estimation. It's annoying, really. But if I can keep the camera angle to one side, and from time to time, focus on the drum (or on the facial expression or feet tapping), that'll be awesome. I've also got to bear in mind that I've gotta get the mic set up for the solo, because the camera's mic isn't all that great -- it takes out the basses. And an 18" bodhrán will not sound like one without the bass!

I'll TRY put this up on YouTube as a Christmas/New Year special -- I do understand where you're coming from. Also, the stage outfit is what you see in the picture, with maybe one or two bells and whistles. x

Ohhh it is going to look awesome! Ohhhh! OHHH!!!

Eh.... I can't say much on that, until the actual takes happen. : ) But I'm looking forward to it as much as you are! x

I agree with Potent - it's nice to see someone perform for real when they're passionate about it.
Either way, I hope it goes well! ^_^

Bonne chance!

*is puzzled at the word 'haidar'*

Thanks, by the way. I'll do my best. I've found the mic, I've got the camera, but one of the battery charger parts is missing..... That being said, I might do it over tomorrow or the 30th, but it WILL be soon. x

UPDATE: If I don't find a torchlight by tonight, the recording will have to be postponed for tomorrow. Still: I am very, VERY excited.

Can't wait!

Also, congratulations on hitting the 250 fan mark! Considering you've been here a couple of years as a musician / artist, you should have more.


Eh, thank you! It's been mindblowing, really, because in April, shortly after my birthday, I reached the 150 mark, and now there are 250 supporters. I'm just glad... grateful. : )

The recording is finished but will only be transferred to me tomorrow, which means editing will be done tomorrow. x