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Happy New Year 2014! + Bodhrán solo

Posted by Troisnyx - January 1st, 2014

To begin, I wish everyone a blessed New Year 2014. 2013 has had its ups and downs, but we have pulled through -- and let us hope and pray for greater things to come.


The bodhrán solo I've been recording is now out! Oof, it really tuckered me out. I enjoyed it very much though, and I hope you do enjoy it as much as I do! By the way, no idea why it exported in 16:9 as opposed to 4:3, which was the camera size...

On that note, Seán (the friend who recorded this) is a fellow bodhrán player, and he and I talked about christening (in other words, naming) our instruments. I don't know if it's an Irish thing or not, but in his own words, "it's an inanimate object; it's meant to have a woman's name." To this point I only knew that ships and planes, and wreckages of ships and planes, were referred to as "she" or by some close-to-feminine name.

Technically my instrument has already been christened -- I had my bodhrán blessed close to the end of 2012, as I said in the video -- but I will gladly go through the formality of giving her a name.

The next time you see me ever mention the name 'Siobhan' (pronounced shi-VAHN), I'm referring to my instrument. Siobhan is the Irish form of 'Jeanne', a name I wanted to take at my Confirmation years ago.


As for updates, I will be posting periodically as always, so do stay tuned to hear, and perhaps see, new stuff coming from this low-key end. See you all soon!

Have a blessed New Year,

T. x


I got to the video nice 'n' early. In fact, I've only just seen this post now after watching it. :D

It was worth the wait, wasn't it? I'd give it some in-depth comments some other time, but know that I enjoyed it a lot, quite simply: the actual solo itself was fascinating, the way it steadily picked up the pace and the energetic vibe of the whole thing. The bells were charming.

I'm sure I could hear more of the thumping drum in this one compared to the previous improvisational video, bass-wise I mean.

Also, I feel awful about this, but I laughed out loud on the end frame: (Yes, I still use Windows Movie Maker). It's just something about how the sentence appears.

You nailed it though! Also, dat epileptic strobe around 4:40. Your laugh made ME laugh. Entertaining stuff still!


Thanks for watching <3 I'm really, really glad you enjoyed it! I was really quite tired after Take 1, that my final solo wound up at 1'20". When people say the bodhrán is a really physically exerting instrument, they aren't kidding.....

As for that Windows Movie Maker quip: I did put it in for humour purposes. XD I will admit, the way it came out in the recording was spontaneous, but Seán and I rewatched it a few times and we just couldn't help laughing at that line!

And oh yes, that strobe. XD

Don't know how I forgot to say this, but...

Happy New Year to you too, Troisnyx!

It hasn't been all eventful for me today, y'see. :P


Happy New Year! Sorry for the late reply; I was in a conference at Stonyhurst College over the last few days; I've just returned. ^_^

Gosh, watching you play it I can really see how it's quite tiring to play. To get those rapid movements you've got to work pretty hard.
Nice video, it was fun to watch. Oh and I like your hair. :D

Eh, thanks ^_^

And that's not even the full extent of what anyone can play -- I look at those people who do solos on that thing, and I'm like, how on EARTH did they get so fast??

Happy New Year!!

Thank you for the video. I enjoyed watching your solo.

Would I be correct to assume that you have named your bodhrán after St. Joan of Arc?

I have been playing the bagpipes for four years now and I have named my pipes Arianna.

Anyway, may you have a blessed year!

Happy New Year, Bardash. I'm glad you enjoyed the vid! ^_^

Yes, I named the bodhrán after St Joan of Arc -- I wanted my Confirmation name to be Jeanne, after her. Never wound up getting a Confirmation name; I just went bringing my first name. If I can't assume the name in the sacrament, I can at least hope to assume it in my musical calling.

Out of curiosity, what got you to take up the bagpipes? I am really interested... :D

I hope you have a blessed year too! x


I saw that you had your wondrously played 'Re: Reveris' included in that HetaHospital game. Great news. :D

I couldn't actually hear the track in the video that you linked me to (either I'm not paying attention or the commentary drowned it out for me), but I did hear the piece play around the 5:00 mark in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0EWuCY0wLI

The melody sounds a little slower than the version on here, but it is DIVINE. Really heartwarming.

A beautiful use of your music still! Like how it just sort of comes in after all that unsettling ambience.

Anyway, let's hope more people decide to use your music / audio, and take care.


The key Re: Reveris was in, in HetaHospital, sounds nice, and every credit to the person who used it. That game certainly is unsettling, and I would like to see what it looks like in full. ^_^