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On the upcoming recording

Posted by Troisnyx - January 15th, 2014

This is what happened within the last two weeks, which has led me to decide on the idea of my first recording of the year:

  1. My original tipper (the beater for the bodhrán) broke! You've noticed how light-coloured it was; it was one made of pine, so it was relatively soft. When I went to Stonyhurst on a conference not too long ago, the second night was a dance night -- a céilidh night -- and I brought the bodhrán. To avoid it being abused, or to avoid huge amoungs of people finding out that the bodhrán belonged to me, I took the tipper with me, and had it with me when I went dancing. Sadly, it fell... and someone, I don't know who, accidentally trod on it. It snapped in two, and Seán tried gluing it back together, only for it to come out again. I still have the "halves" of the tipper, for lack of a better word.
  2. I was given an 8" bodhrán. It really sounds quite high and tinny, but I can still play it alright. Thing is, that 8" was a souvenir. The minimum recommended size for a performer's bodhrán is 12". But hey: if I can still get a sound out of it, it's worth using!
  3. I've got a new tipper... a rosewood one. It's heavy, it hurts my middle finger if I don't hold it correctly, but my word, it makes a marvellous sound. It's bringing out the bass more than ever.

So let's see what I've got for this recording.

  • 18" bodhrán, rosewood tipper, for the bass.
  • 8" bodhrán, pine tipper (I THINK), for supplementary rhythms.
  • The two halves of my first tipper, which I can click against each other for supplementary rhythms.
  • Bells. You've heard them in one of my previous improvisations.
  • A guitar. I have a good mind to learn a few chords, to begin with. If I can't, I'll use a few notes.
  • Voice.

Sounds like fuel for a medieval-sounding piece, eh?

With all these, I would like to bring to light a composition from one friend here on NG, who has loads of potential and wonderful ideas in his head. Bardash's first ever piece is Dance in the Emerald Forest -- and I'd long wanted to make a rendition of that piece and share it with all of you.

I'm not sure when the recording will be out. But I'll try and get it out by January. I have to accept the prospect that sometimes, it may not even come out at the time that I hope. However, I want to do my best with it.

So, I hope you're buzzing for it as much as I am! ^_^


Ta for now,

T. x


How can you play multiple instruments at once in the recording?

Record one, then record another over the other and time it the same. The same way I do vocal layering for all my pieces. It's long and cumbersome, but it works.

A snapped tipper, more bodhrán-playing, bells, guitars (didn't know you played that, sounds nice) and an upcoming recording. The fun never ends in Troisnyx Town!

I quite enjoy mediaeval-sounding pieces and such, so this seems like a great idea.

As for Bardash...the man deserves a lot more fans and general recognition on here. Dance in the Emerald Forest had a real jolly, elvish atmosphere to it, although my favourite is his most recent submission, 'The Night Song'. Again, it's quite delicate sounding but it has this music-box kind of feel to it, which apparently was originally intended to be harp-based (or something like that, he told me in a review response.)

Anticipating this still! Take care and I look forward to what you have to offer.


TBH: I have a guitar, and knew three chords, but I have to re-learn them. And for the purposes of Dance in the Emerald Forest, I'll need to learn possibly three more. Who knows what this'll bring? I've wanted to learn the guitar properly but hesitated because of the hurt it would bring my left hand, holding down those strings for the chords...

It seems I'm taking a general direction with a lot of these pieces -- the fun never ends indeed!

I ought to recommend to Bardash that when he gets better (and believe me, he will do!) -- he ought to try for the NGADM, or if not, another competition that goes on in the Audio Forums. Or heck, even a Game Jam. :D I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. So far, nothing yet, but we're only barely two weeks into the new year.

Well, I hope I get it done soon. <3

I've been making use of a fretless zither to replace guitar lately in live recording. The only trouble is unless you build your own they're darned hard to come by in playable shape. There was literally only one decent one on the entirety of ebay when I got mine.

Here's hoping it goes well; I hope you will also find the Time to write Back once you get what I've sent you.

With broadband being installed, I trust I will!

Thank you for your kind comments. I must admit I am rather looking forward to hearing a performance of an old composition of mine.

Eh, I'll do my best! ^_^

Buzzing like a blowfly!