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Off Newgrounds for Lent, again

Posted by Troisnyx - March 4th, 2014

The season of Lent -- the 40 days of fast and abstinence before Easter -- begins tomorrow, Wednesday 5 March.

I have a good mind to keep the tradition that I had been keeping over the last two years and stay off Newgrounds for Lent. This time, I am including Sundays as well, unless something really important needs to be announced. I have been on NG nearly every single day for months on end, and while I enjoy the camaraderie, and oftentimes the material that gets shared here, it's time for me to take a bit of a back seat.

I'm aware that this means not being able to take part in contests, game jams, etc., including RealFaction's Art-Inspired Music Contest. I'm also sad that I haven't been able to give you folks much of a present before my absence, unlike last year. So it's going to be painstaking, but I've got to try and see what these forty days will bring.

I will pop in on Skype to say hi to the Audio Portal guys every now and then.

Now, Easter falls on Sunday 20 April. That also means I'm celebrating my birthday off NG -- some of you may know when the actual date is, but I shan't say a word here. I'll be back on NG on the 20th, likely at midnight BST.

* * *

On a side note, thanks to two wonderful people, I have now access to not one, but two MIDI keyboards! No, I won't be greedy and use both; I'll stick to one, thank you very much. I am really looking forward to using it.

* * *

I'm really sorry for the sudden news about my absence. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


T. x


I wish I could simply lock myself in a room for 40 days and constantly pray, but I've got university to study in, projects to finish, I joined a movie collab... I will never see God if I keep living like this.

Even your studying and your projects AND your movie collab will be a prayer, if you intend it.

I've been going on NG without producing anything, at the expense of everything else that I could do -- meeting friends, being with them, writing, and not being envious. It's been counter-productive for me, and I need to detach.

How about not using a computer at all? Just NG isn't enough bro! You should also consider merely eating turnips and drinking brackwater. It's a truly enlightening experience.

Heh, I have much more productive time writing a volume of research on persecution (which is on a computer, mind you) than going on NG.
And by the way, I'm not a bro, I'm a sis. So mind your manners.

Longest 40 days... of my life :P

I take it I will be missed. If so...... thanks. I'm grateful.

And I thought you were going to say no composing for 40 days. I'm assuming no social media that is no facebook and twitter as well?

No, unless needed. There will be a few instances that I must get on FB, I imagine, because one of my friends is going to have her last few months on FB before entering the cloister. I've been off Twitter for yonks, but Facebook -- I must learn not to make it an addiction of sorts.

Composing hasn't come about for months now, and if it comes, it comes.

Aw. You could always do the contest criteria as a challenge rather than as a submission! I was hoping you'd be in this one too. It'll be the first contest I've done in a long time.

Good luck with Lent!

Thanks. : ) I could perhaps do it as a personal challenge, as and when needed. Thanks for the idea, too.

We'll miss you! Have a good Lent! :D

I hope I do. <3 Thanks, HFX.
Oh by the way, I managed to get hold of a relatively ancient MIDI keyboard and a MIDI-to-USB cable -- how do I start recording stuff on FL? (I've tweaked with the MIDI settings a bit, but I'm not quite sure if they're the right ones.)

O, my apologies! I thought there were only blokes on NG :3

Have a blessed Lent, Troisnyx!

You as well. <3

See you soon! Keep well! (See you on skype!!)

I will do. See you on Skype!
And there's nothing to be sad about, because soon, I will be back. :-)

God keep you during your time away from Newgrounds, Troisnyx. Great stuff on the equipment upgrade and you're always in my thoughts somewhere, I can assure you of that.

Don't know what else to say, so until the 20th of April, here's something to sum up the mood. :P



Aww Troisynx

Gonna miss seeing your posts around the forums for the next 40 days. Was hoping you'd would be a willing participant in the Jambange charity album I'm currently coordinating. If you would be interested upon your return, there will still be some time.

I hope you would consider it

Enjoy your lent


Hmm. Well, I'm sure when you come back you'll definitely have something great to contribute for us and that's all that matters. See you in 40 days! We'll miss you!

i'll miss ya