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A blessed Easter to all / I'm back

Posted by Troisnyx - April 20th, 2014

Hey everyone, Troisnyx here. My NG Lenten fast is complete, and it is Easter today.

This season brings great joy to me, and it is also a joy for me to be back. I actually logged in at midnight today, but on my phone -- and for some reason, Android doesn't support the Rich Text Editor. Oh well.

I spent Lent working on a cover of a tune from Kingdom Hearts II, writing, going out and about... I was away at Cumbria (which to us Britons is the Lake District) for the weekend of my birthday. I did log in once or twice on Skype, but then it just fell apart. The last three days before this -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- were overwhelmingly exhausting. This is what we know as the Triduum -- the three days leading up to Easter Sunday proper, and I sang during Masses and services for three days. A lot. My throat is sore, my chest is congested, and I am now in need of sleep.

Before I crash for the day, I'd like to share a few pictures.


Camping near Seascale, Cumbria. First time living out in a tent, with Seán no less! <3 Cooking was hard though. Everything we did was tepid, the wind was too strong, and we had trouble getting them lit.


One of my birthday presents, this one from Seán -- a glockenspiel. I've been playing quite a bit on this -- particularly Kingdom Hearts tunes, and someone thinks I'm living a rather sad life. On the plus side, for audio production, I don't have to rely on soundfonts anymore -- I have the instrument.


Those bongos are Seán's, and I had a go on them a few times. They're currently broken on one side, but we're trying to repair it -- Seán is optimistic he can repair it -- and hopefully after that, I may be able to use it for recordings as well.

By the way, you should see his workshop. Just saying.


This picture is the most recent -- this dates back to yesterday, before the Easter Vigil Mass. For the musically technical, those timps are tuned in C and G. I had three pieces to play, and let's just say, it was amazing. The first piece I did this was a setting of the Gloria (in excelsis Deo).

The drums resounded in praise, blood was rushing through my veins more than ever, my cheeks and neck were burning… and my friends sang in joyful chorus and the organ harmoniously blended in. Bells were rung, and it was an overall explosion of joy.


Side note, I can ride a bike now. Just about. I'm not roadworthy yet, but I'm slowly getting there.


Well, that's it from me for now. I'd better not procrastinate with my rest hours, now.


Welcome back!
Glad to see that Lent brought you wonderful experiences.
Great joy does not come without suffering.
I can't imagine being in heaven, where only joy is present.. how will I be able to feel it?

Life has ups and downs, granted, but imagine a kid going into a sweet shop, or a traveller visiting the beautiful outskirts of a place (it would be, for example, Cumbria for us Brits)... or a musician relieved of all stresses and freely allowed to play or sing knowing that everyone is listenig with love. It's an eternal moment in warmth, beauty and total self-giving. We won't know what it is until we get there, but that heightens our looking forward to it.

At least, that's how I perceive it... I want there to be great joy, even through my sufferings. Sounds paradoxical, but it's something I would like to work towards.

Welcome back, Troisnyx and may you have a Blessed Easter!

Aren't Timps the most glorious instrument ever? :P

Anyway, its sounds like to me that who had several wonderful experiences during Lent. Camping is incredibly fun and something I miss quite a bit.

They are indeed... I was just simply grateful to have the opportunity to pray through the drums, that was all -- and even now, I have the desire to do the same.

As for camping... you don't want to do it too long. It's fun, but in small doses. 3-4 nights, tops. We had strong winds coming in during the second-to-last and last nights of our expedition, and our tent was catching it and making such a racket in the middle of the night, until Seán got out and checked the tent pegs to see if everything was in order, and reinforced them with even more tent pegs and barbecue skewers. It was unnerving. Plus the camp owners had a farm... and on one occasion we went to bed with cows mooing all around. These were so well timed...

"Will those cows stop mooing already?"
"I just want to say---"

Ring the bells! Troisnyx has returned!

Great to hear that you're well and that Lent was enjoyable for you. I loved the pictures: you look like a natural on those drums in the 4th picture. They certainly looked like an exhilarating instrument to play.

Dat bike. Pop a wheelie already!


I won't be able to pop a wheelie until I've got some sense of stability on the bike, y'know. ;-) TBH, I struggle with keeping myself balanced with the cross-winds about the place.

And yes, those drums-- timpani, or timps as I shorten them, are exhilarating. I couldn't record myself that night when I was doing the drum rolls, I wish I could.

Things seem to be going fortunately well for you. I'm not terribly sure what else I ought to say, but I do have a few Things I might share with you, if you would care to see them.

Of course I'd love to see them. Share away!
I need an early night, but when I'm next able, I'll read it all.

Welcome back, and I'm happy you had a good Lent! Happy Easter, and I hope to hear some new music from you very soon now.

I imagine my next submission would be that Kingdom Hearts cover, until further notice. I'm still working on it, and I hope to get it done soon.