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Asandir recently interviewed me...

Posted by Troisnyx - May 12th, 2014

The title says pretty much everything I need to say. At the time of writing, the interview is on NG's front page. Regardless, here is the link to said interview.

Enjoy. And I hope that this interview may strike a chord in many a heart, somehow.


it struck a chord...particularly Cminmaj7b5


good one!! that is a particularly sinister sounding chord if i've ever heard one...

You're saying this to someone who has at least some memory of complicated chords why?

no particular reason. my initial post was intended to be humor of sorts...there's not a lot of people around these parts who pick up on fairly advanced music theory, so I was a little surprised!!

I suppose so. But once you go on the Audio Forums, you'll find a lot. I can name a few at least: Deadlyfishes, Bspendlove, Samulis, Nimble, SkyeWinterest, Camoshark, Step... there's a host of others and there have been threads dedicated to the stuff. : )

I took theory exams, but these days I use it sparingly at best...

oh...I know of and have spoken two the two last NG'ers on your list. I haven't been on the audio forum in almost four years so I guess that explains it some LOL..i'll check it out some time

Please, do!

Noticed it yesterday, 'twas a terrific read. So much knowledge!

I only know of songs from three of the artists you've mentioned, I believe: Enya, since I own one of her albums; Erutan vocally revamped a piece from a game called Dark Cloud, and KOKIA sang an enchanting piece during the ending of Demon's Souls. Was worth playing a re-run of the game just to hear it again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqhqbsdpAXo

I'm sure I've at least heard of the others, of course, and I've probably heard something from them without knowing who the artist was.

Anyway it was great to read through and it shows how far you've come as a musician. Thanks for the mention and everything. :)


Interesting; I shall read over it when I have greater leisure later.

Looking forward to it. I've been snagged with PC troubles and have only recently got it to work again, so I'm gonna reply you when I come back on tonight.

Read your interview, thanks for the shoutout! We should catch up sometime, I miss our chats! Q_Q

I should hope I am able to come back on Skype soon... Not sure how well Vista SP1 takes it.