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Du calme, Troisnyx, du calme...

Posted by Troisnyx - May 19th, 2014

Being on the forums has made me a bit high-strung of late. Perhaps I ought to take a break and just concentrate on the art-making?

I understand that there are many of us who are passionate about what we stand for, some perhaps more than others. That can often manifest itself in highly-strung behaviour, often through the choice of words in responses. And I will openly and gladly admit that I haven't had the most clement choice of words either. This highly-strung nature is one of many things I'm trying to curb, and I really, really think I need to give the forums a break, say until June is over.

A quick note to Audio Forum regulars: when the auditions for this year's Audio Deathmatch or any other contest start, please do let me know -- I'll gladly post then. Until then, I'll only be responding to direct replies, or not responding at all. And I won't actively browse the forums either -- I think it best for my own good, and for others' good as well.

I do not mean this in offense towards any specific forum user -- in fact I think whichever side we're on, many of us are susceptible to this kind of nature.

Also, some of you may be wondering when the Sacred Moon cover will be out. I can't really give a date, I'm afraid. In fact, I can safely call the music 2/3 done, but the lyrics may need revisiting. Who knows, they may be entirely scrapped over and rewritten. Regardless, I'm slowly chipping away at it. Some of you have been seeing more drawings filling the gaps in my lack of audio submissions -- I do hope you enjoy them.


For 5 months I was helping on Flash forums with ActionScript-related problems.
As soon as I asked for help myself, people told me that I don't know anything about programming.
I decided to stop spreading bad advices and practices, and now I help people no more.

Well, in some ways being helpful can be a thankless job. Fact still remains that you did help. And that you've never let it slip from your mind is good.

I'm blessed to have been able to help and be helped in return, especially in a recent thread I made where I asked for help for me to patch up the shards of confidence I have left, and start performing in public. Many people have shown me an outpouring of compassion. Deo gratias. But there are those threads where when we express our opinions, we sound like we're about to kill each other...

I loved Little Thespians. It's colourfully pleasing, playful and reminiscent of an illustration I would see from one of my books when I was like five or six, haha. You'd really shine as a children's illustrator, y'know.

Can't say much about the forums since I just float around and rarely comment. Although the front-page blog post today by Insanctuary in which he slams one of the moderators on there (BFP) is probably what happens if you overdose on the NG forums, haha.

I eagerly await your upcoming cover, whenever that arrives: it was a glistening vocal rendition of a game soundtrack that first brought me to your profile, after all. Hope this recent flow of artwork continues, too! :)


I suppose I should try doing a children's picture book at some point! :-)

As for Insanctuary, he was doing what he felt was right on that thread. Still doesn't excuse him from going ballistic on Purgy. She made a point for the legal implications of he Creative Commons licence, and while she was fundamentally right, I could say the choicest of words were thrown about. As happens on many threads. Naturally people want to express opinions or stand up for their rights, but sometimes it can get terribly juvenile. And I've fallen down the same trap too.

I should hope to continue producing-- this talent ought to be used for the good Lord and His people -- everyone here!

It's sometimes hard for me to take the BBS seriously... a lot of these kids haven't lived life yet, so whatever opinions they have, will undoubtedly change in a few years time. 98% of it's just hot air, the other 2% is actual facts (hopefully not junk science).

True, but at the same time I don't want us to be fazed by the pessimism of some who claim to have 'lived life'. I find there's been a lot of negativity on the boards these days, it really has gotten to the point of being unsettling.

Ideally a balance should be struck, but when posting off the top of one's head, it's easy to let it slip. One thing I've noticed, however, is that there's a sort of ebb and flow between good and bad posts, good and bad posters. When the next tide of good posts will return, I don't know -- but for now it's best that we step back.

Most of the posters, like myself, live in the States... should there be any doubt why we're down in the dumps? They've been playing the same rigged game for almost 40 years, and we the people, are apoplectic.

Plus it's been colder and wetter than usual, except in the places it's not... Texas and California are wetting their whistles with an eyedropper.

I could say the same about doom and gloom for politics, the dearth of courageous and upright men, the consrant rain going about. Except there isn't. It's been sweltering ans we've been blessed with sunshine.

But I'm not going to sit around and moan, because that is for the feeble. There are few who do want to do their little bit to help make this place a better one, and I wanna do something productive with my time and talent.

Ouais, calmos, bon sang de bonsoir!!! :D

Bon sang de bonsoir, mouais... J'ai parvenu à jeter une argumentation dans l'immense univers des forums. Quand tout le monde réagit comme on s'apprête à se tuer, ça importe peu. En fait ça importe pas du tout dans ce cas.

Ahh, that's why I've only stuck to NG since 2000. Tom believes in freedom of expression and respects the privacy of NG's members... wish I could say the same for all the other big sites |: NG always felt like the America I remember as a child, with soda fountains, diversity, real food, a free press, and a lot less invasive socialism.