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Concerning writers

Posted by Troisnyx - May 28th, 2014

I've recently been seeing to the formation of the NG Writers' Guild (or as I should properly call it, Writers of Newgrounds, or WNG).

In the interview by Asandir I wrote saying that I wasn't ready to contribute to the Writing Forums yet -- but something compelled me to start contributing to writing projects all of a sudden. My abstinence from actively seeking out the forums still applies until the end of June -- but it's still wonderful to be able to work with others on literature projects. It's been a while since I did stuff like this.

So what am I doing in the WNG you ask? I last wrote part of a horror story project hosted by Krash17. There are five of us working on it. With it I decided to not only rehash some story ideas I previously had, but also put it open for scrutiny and see how others would interpret them. Partly inspired by one of my previous songs, I wrote. There will likely be other pieces of lit coming from me in future... mostly along the lines of lyrics, as usual, but also prose, since I tend to enjoy spending my time writing long paragraphs about things.

If you're a writer of any kind -- poetry, prose, song lyrics -- and you would like to give any creative input, or reviews, or any other help possible, do join us here at the WNG.

(And I can honestly say that in keeping with my abstinence from the forums, I haven't visited that thread yet. But I have visited the profiles of the members involved, especially those of @Tremax and @Krash17. But there is one writer whom my eyes are set on for a project like this, someone who can bring some much-needed whimsical flair to this site. You know who you are.)


Can I be a writer?

I can feed people's egos so well, they call me the boast-writer.

If you so desire.

I desire ever so greatly, your majesty.

So greatly, that this guild is too small for me.

Desires need to start as embers before they can be fanned into huge flames of action, my young padawan. Let go of pride and let friendship be your guide. Or you can choose otherwise, of course.

I was wrong.

The guild is not to small for me.

It's big for you, that's what matters.

Being small is only for the ignorant: "A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things, but cannot receive great ones."

So would anything, my dear friend. But I wouldn't know how to handle it till I try.
The trifles of everyday life don't affect me as much, but they're meant to be endured. And so I will.

Thank you again for this post.
I am appreciative of your presence in the guild. Every day.

Oh, anytime! I'm just glad to be a part of it!