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New additions to the ever-growing instrument family

Posted by Troisnyx - June 3rd, 2014

It seems that I am now not short of instruments to use. On Saturday Seán and I travelled to York. For the Yanks among us, this is the original York, in East Yorkshire, England -- just making it clear.

Our last stop was a music shop (because there are no good music shops in Preston *grumble*). Seán had been planning to get a djembe for a few months now, and we collected it Saturday. We were pretty excited over the new drum that he had it slung under his arm, and was jamming on it through the streets of York, among the throngs of people there, and continued even atop the city walls! -- and without a care to what people thought too. I did keep telling him to tone it down...

I had a go on it myself when I was on the city walls.


At some point, I don't know when, I'd like to do a recording of it. Just an improvisation, much like the one I uploaded last year.

I haven't yet been able to put the full instrument family in one picture, but I've at least taken the drums. This is all of them, right here --


Between us, we have four bodhráns (18" standard, 18" tunable, 20" standard and 8") -- and the one on the right with the triquetra on it, which you often see in my user image, is mine. The rest are Seán's. Then there's the djembe and the bongos -- and I can safely say that I've had a go on all of them now.


Just the bodhráns. The 20" one in the centre is on the upper end of the scale -- and anyone getting a bodhrán these days would struggle to even find one above 18". The 20" belonged to Seán's late father. For a while it lay around with a broken skin, but Seán managed to reskin it in January. (And I am privy to the process; this is not at all easy.)

The other addition to the instrument collection is one that we got last month. Seán bought it for me as a present. I did mention over the Audio Forums and in an interview that I play the organ... well, we've now got an electric organ.


I have access to a pipe organ as well........ naturally, I don't have one of these at home. There's one in the church nearby, and I do play it on and off. I hope to post a photo of it soon.

So in total, what have we.... 4 bodhráns, 2 violins, 2 keyboards, 1 accordion, 1 concertina, 1 guitar, 2 tin whistles, 1 djembe, 1 pair of bongos, 1 organ... crikey that's a lot. And there probably will be more to come!


On a side note, I have been working on a song, Tsukikanade (月奏) -- that's Japanese for "Chanting the Moon." The instrumental for it is nearly finished, and it's progressing really fast. The Writers' Guild is (and/or will soon be privy to) quite a detailed back story. I will leave it until the song is ready to be posted. Keep your eyes peeled.


Ah, more additions to Troisnyx's assortment of instruments. Now nothing can stop her from conquering the Audio Portal and beyond!

Impending domination aside, I like the bodhrán arrangement in the second and third photos, and how taken away and musically passionate you appear when playing the djembe in the first picture.

I look forward to Tsukikanade / Chanting the Moon, the title intrigues me already and I haven't even heard it yet. It reminds me of the title of another track on NG named 'Tsukinomori' by SilverPoyozo.

Also...where can I take a gander at your written works, Guildmaster? :P


The legend which got inspired by Tsukikanade is here --http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/9d80feb6af65348dfbdfb5754230f828

And there's another piece of writing here-

I'm glad you like the pictures -- and I'm hoping to get Tsukikanade finished some time soon. As for conquering the Audio Portal, I don't know... I suppose that has its time and place.

Are you sure it's possible to master all of those instruments?
Maybe, you could gather fellow musician friends and organize an orchestra, with you as the conductor and composer?

Perhaps. That'd be a great idea!
I'm able to master most drums and percussion, I'm adept with keyboards, so that covers most of it. The rest, I'm learning in my stride. : )

Ooh, links. Thank you very much. Take care. :)


Out of curiosity, how are you finding the writings?

The more Instruments the better!

I hope you're also feeling better than when last we spoke?

Yes, I've healed since we last spoke. : )

Your written works are imaginatively worded and a spellbinding read. I really enjoyed the concept of the body and soul being transported to different 'after-life' dimensions after death. The ar Shefariin world sounds Valhalla-like, I thought. Also the idea of the princesses' moonlight dances in the Sauveterre woodlands was charming. Great backstory overall.

The other piece of writing (poem or song?) was lovely too, the stanza beginning 'O Author of my heart!' stood out for me. Went nice 'n' Shakespearean with '...when all the world's a stage'. :D

I put 'O Author of my heart!' into Google and my good friend Wikipedia directed me to 'Be Thou My Vision'...was that an inspiration?

I look forward to your upcoming song and I'm glad it's progressing well. Keep it up!


Dang, them bodhrans. Makes me wanna visit Ireland, I was there ages ago and it's the only time I've been west of, I dunno, Germany?

Also, my browser froze with Capital of Soot and your improv going, haha. It turned out pretty cool despite the disparate elements - the bodhran made for a very foreboding presence.

Eh, thanks! I still find the bodhrán to be my favourite drum. Wait, you played both Capital of Soot *and* the bodhrán improv at the same time??

Personally speaking, I've never been west of Britain. But a friend encouraged me to pick up the bodhrán after I told him my disdain of having a passion for the beat, and not having access to a drum. So here I am. My fiancé is Irish, and if ever we get the chance to go to Ireland, and join in a trad session (or heck, even join a trad session close to where we live), that'd be great.