Entry #132


2014-06-07 11:35:41 by Troisnyx

Tsukikanade and another secret audio submission are in progress. I am stoked to hear both of them.


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2014-06-07 13:49:46

Oooh, secret audio. Like a hidden B side?

Troisnyx responds:

Not quite. I'd say more like a Writers' Guild project whose title I won't announce until release.


2014-06-07 14:24:51

Excitement! I eagerly await what you're going to conjure up this time.

If it wasn't evident from my comment on your last blog post, I enjoyed your writing and read through it multiple times. After making the comment I clocked that the poet's name was derived from 'haiku', haha.

Anyway, take care and I'll be here waiting to add Tsukikanade to my collection. :)


Troisnyx responds:

Roughly derived from "haiku" and Japanese "heika", roughly "Your Majesty".

Krash17 has come up with a poem, which he set to spoken word with the help of a friend of his. I beat the bodhrán to it, because of how primordial it was.

I'm only a quarter of the way through Tsukikanade, and I'll be recording the rest of it soonish. : )