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All my files, lost...

Posted by Troisnyx - June 26th, 2014

Microsoft OneDrive made a complete hash of my backing up. Windows 7 was giving loads of trouble and the only way to go about it was to back up all files and reinstall the OS. So I backed them all up on OneDrive, knowing it to have been reliable in the past.

Guess what, bar one file (specifically, the music used in the NG film Mario Plays Flappy Bird), all my files -- including FL Studio projects, soundfonts, samples, all that I had worked so hard on making over the last three years -- all are now gone and unrecoverable.

Yes, that also means all the Kingdom of Herts stuff, the works in progress of classic songs including Propter Te, Terre des Hommes Libres etc.


Turns out that no matter how long was spent doing it, OneDrive just completely failed to sync them all.

I am now not touching OneDrive with the end of a blooming beanpole.


That's terrible! D: It must be so de-motivating to lost all your hard work. T_T Don't give up, though! It's a fresh start, is all. I remember some guy zero-bombed all my submissions right before I uploaded Embedded, my most popular song to date. ;)

At least with those, you have all the stems... I have nothing to start from. Fresh starts are NOT good when you've got works in progress. I was planning that Sacred Moon cover and a few other things, and now everything's gone.

I've kept every File you ever sent me, and, though I don't have any of the active Projects, I do have many (but certainly not all) of your finished Works; let me know if you ever need any of them.

As far as the Loss goes, I'm not sure what to say, or really if there's anything that can be said. Such a Loss is, in some Ways, irreparable, but you must push yourself to recover from it. I know you can recreate Music by Ear, and, though it sounds lengthy and painful, that may well be what comes next for you.

In Future, Dropbox is, I find the most reliable Means of File-Keeping (simply uploading whatever it is you want to store to it works best, I think, even if it makes redundant Copies of Things at times).


I've had things like this happen to me for individual pieces, but not an entire line of work!

If you want a good backup, consider getting a second hard-drive, internal or external. One of my friends has TWO backup drives, one of which he keeps in a safebox at the bank!!!

I have one, but even that seems to have gone corrupt... lemme try dig that out.

Whoah, this is a warning: all people must always back up their files and check that they are indeed backed up before trying anything, like reinstalling OS.
Thank you, M'Lady, for your experience.

Let's see this as a trial that God has set up for you.

I definitely agree with @samulis in having a back-up drive, because I've had accidental or unintentional wipes of my data. Good luck in getting your files and work reestablished.

thats horrble...

Not good at all. Sorry to hear that.

Wasn't it called SkyDrive before? I thought it seemed pretty reliable, although I only feel truly safe if things are backed up onto a physical device. Hope you'll make a recovery from this.

Also, I didn't realise your 'drummer girl' sketch until now, looks neat! D'you have a halo in real life? :P


I hope to have a halo, though now it stresses my yearning to be close to the Lord.

SkyDrive used to be reliable, I won't deny. But more people have been reporting problems with OneDrive now. At any rate, I don't know how long it'd take for me to recover... I struggle to think what good could come of this.

Very sorry to hear this sad news. Having gone through this myself, I can understand your feelings. However, AlbertStClare's news sounds rather hopeful in recovering your lost work. Please keep us updated on your recovery.

I tried using Recuva, which has often been known to restore a small number of files from a hard drive that's been recently formatted, but I've had no luck there. No sign of a single FLP!

Microsoft got back to me and told me about syncing (and the errors associated with it). That's probably what happened, and the files are proper unrecoverable. I just don't know what good could come out of this and a slew of other awful things that have been happening around this time...

Ugh, my stomach feels tight just reading about this. I'm sorry for such a great loss. :'(

I've lost files from internal drive failure, backup drive failure, CDs and DVDs failing to burn properly, and even a linux installer going crazy. I suggest making at least two separate backups on two separate physical media (and then checking some of the files to sort of verify that the backups worked) but I know that may not always be a viable option.

It wasn't viable thrice before -- Seán and I had hard drive failure on three occasions, it was a wonder that we still had our files intact on all those occasions. In hindsight I feel it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen, that I'd lose all projects -- not only did our hard drives fail us, but OneDrive too...

You must be feeling a prestigious feeling though.

Why would you think that? O.o